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Pro-life overpass demonstration “We Remember Gosnell”

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Pro-lifers in Waco, Texas have begun a monthly overpass campaign where they expose abortion off a busy highway in the city and this month their focus was the conviction of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

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The group,Pro-life Waco, has had a lot of success in their town exposing Planned Parenthood as well as their connection to the Girl Scouts and Susan G. Komen.

In this high speed traffic situation, short messages with huge lettering appear to work better than images,” said John Pisciotta, a spokesperson for Pro-life Waco, which organized the overpass campaign said.

This past weekend the group set up their “We Remember Gosnell Pedestrian Overpass Demonstration” where they displayed pro-life messages to thousands of motorists across Interstate 35.

Gosnell Waco

Gosnell was convicted in 2013 of several murder counts after sniping the necks of babies born alive at his house of horrors abortion mill in Philadelphia, Pa.

Overpass demonstrations will be a fitting way to recall and remember a sad chapter of American history,” Pisciotta said.


This chapter featured a heartless murder rampage of a Philadelphia abortionist, government regulators who looked the other way for years, and a mainstream media that shielded the abortion industry by refusing to report on the Gosnell murders,” he said.

Gosnell Waco overpass


Pisciotta said that in addition to the motorists which could see the pro-life banners hanging from the highway, the Waco event had a significant flow of pedestrian traffic which allowed the group to share about the abortion holocaust.

In addition to Waco, pro-lifers in several other states also used the 2nd anniversary of Gosnell’s murder‬ conviction to expose abortion as well.

This picture was posted to the Facebook page, Home Town Pro-life Action by Chris Iverson, where pro-lifers in Lombard, IL., took part.

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And activists in Albuquerque, NM set up over Interstate 25, posting these images:

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According to Pisciotta, pro-lifers in San Antonio also took part in the overpass demonstration.

“The pro-life community MUST maintain the memory of the Gosnell murders of the adult mom and born and pre-born babies. We must do the work that the pro-death mainstream press refuses to do,” Pisciotta added.

This blog has posted several times correcting the media about the false claim that Kermit Gosnell was an anomaly. Good for those who continue to keep Gosnell out front as an example of what abortion on demand means in America.