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Ridiculous eugenics plan to breed top “stock”: artificially inseminate women with “gifted individuals”

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This was Margaret Sanger’s buddy – Julian Huxley’s plan for breeding the top stock – nutty people these eugenicists were !!!

Julian Huxley Artififcial Insemination

Religion of Eugenics: The State is god and will take the place of organized religion , per Eugenics founders

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Religion of Eugenics: The State is God, posted with vodpod

In the book Evolutionary Studies published by the Eugenics Society, author Julian Huxley writes, “Eugenics capable of becoming one of the most sacred ideal of the Human race, as a race: One of the supreme religious duties. “

Huxley said in his 1936, Galton Lecture, “ Once the full implications of evolutionary biology are grasped, eugenics will inevitably become part of the religion of the future or of whatever complex of sentiments may in the future take the place of organized religion.”

Is eugenics alive and well today? YES – Watch Maafa21