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The Hobby Lobby burger?

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A Burger joint in Boston with a sense of humor has created the Hobby Lobby Burger which they will top with “whatever your boss wants to put on it.”

The image of the new menu item at Mr. Bartley’s was tweeted out by a reporter/producer for WGBH, Boston’s NPR and PBS station.

Mr Bartleys Hobby Lobby

The burger establishment appears to be cashing on on the latest news if a look at some of their menu items is any indication:

Mr Bartleys Menu

THE VIAGRA (rise to the occasion!) with blue cheese dressing, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and french fries

THE GAY MARRIAGE (they can’t be worse @ it) provolone cheese, peppers, jalapenos & black olives w/onion rings

THE BARACK OBAMA (keeps droning on) with feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and french fries

THE PUTIN “attack your tastebuds” bbq sauce, bacon, jalapeno pineapple relish & grilled onions w/ baked beans

THE JOE BIDEN (LONG LIVE OBAMA!) with bacon, american cheese & BBQ sauce with fries (add mushrooms .85)

THE TAXACHU$ETT$ topped with Boston baked beans, sriracha, bacon and a fried egg with fries

THE OBAMACARE (NOBODY KNOWS WHAT’S IN IT! ….ask the liberal sitting next to you)

Mr Bartleys

One restaurant reviewer at TasteBuds described his experience with Mr. Bartley’s as humorous, “Scanning through the menu, I could see that Bartley’s had a personality, and a funny one at that. Their gourmet burgers are named after current cultural icons, such as “The Mark Zuckerberg (Richest geek in America)” and “The iPhone (Siri-ously delicious, ask her).” Our favorites were “The Eliot Spitzer (Try comptrolling yourself!!!!)” and one that might be a joke entry priced at trillions of dollars titled, “The Obamacare (NOBODY KNOWS WHAT’S IN IT… ask the liberal sitting next to you).”

“I was in the mood for something with bacon so I ordered, “The Joe Biden.” Our waiter was courteous and was interested in helping us pick the best burgers, something I didn’t expect at such a casual place.”

So far no one on either side of the Hobby Lobby case which struck down the ObamaCare mandate requiring that most employers pay for contraception and abortion pills of their employees, has commented on the new item as far as I can tell.

I guess a little humor is nice for a change !