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Dead Navy Seal joined because he saw threat of radical Islam

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>> mr. vaughn, i was reading about your son. and, boy, he was an impressive young man as a child, as a young adult, as a son, as a father, as a husband. he was a young man who stood out. why did he want to be a s.e.a.l.?

>> matt, i can just tell you that after 9/11 aaron told me and his mother that he wanted to be a s.e.a.l. and he said that he had wanted to ever since he was a little boy. and aaron, if i can just say it, god bless him, he loved his country, he loved god, he loved kimberly, and he loved reagan and chamberlain, and he honestly believed and saw black and white that what we were involved in, and he told me this, is a war for survival of our republic. aaron knows that the war, islamic fundamentalism, radicalism has gone on for hundreds of years if not thousands. and it can be traced through history. and he felt, and so did the other members of his team, felt that the very existence of our republic is at stake. and because of that, aaron was willing to give his life. and what i have to say is that s.e.a.l. team six, i just know those men felt the same way and they see it clearly, they see it black and white. so many of us don’t. aaron told me right out of his own mouth that he had a class where he said, dad, there’s three kinds — the man told us there are three kinds of people in the world, sheep dogs, sheep, and wolves. i can honestly say that s.e.a.l. team six are the desheep dogs. sheep dogs always see the warning, black and white, clearly. most of us are sheep. we don’t usually see it.

>> karen–

>> and there are some wolves out there —

>> go ahead, sir. i’m sorry.

>> there are wolves out there, and aaron explained it to me. and, you know, it’s really strange, matt, that — that 90 some odd days ago s.e.a.l. team six had a big victory and possibly sheep in higher places said things what made many of us very uncomfortable. and now some 90 some odd days later s.e.a.l. team six has suffered a terrible tragedy. i just pray that during these last days, these next days, they will allow s.e.a.l. team six, the wives, the children, the families to grieve, to bury their dead, and not make it political.


An American Hero’s gracious and forgiving father

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A 26-year-old Marine Corps reservist from Arlington was killed in action by friendly fire in Afghanistan during a drone airstrike, U.S. military officials tell NBC News.

A Defense Department statement issued Thursday said Staff Sgt. Jeremy D. Smith, of Arlington, and Navy Corpsman Benjamin Rast, died Wednesday in combat in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan.

On Monday, NBC learned the soldiers were killed by a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone.

Smith and Rast were part of a Marine unit moving in to reinforce fellow Marines under heavy fire from enemy forces outside Sangin, NBC News reported.

The Marines under fire were watching streaming video of the battlefield being fed to them by an armed Predator overhead. They saw a number of “hot spots,” or infrared images, moving in their direction. Apparently believing that those “hot spots” were the enemy, they called in a Hellfire missile strike from the Predator.

It’s believed that this is the first time that U.S. service members have been killed by a Predator in a friendly fire incident, NBC News reported.

In Arlington, Smith’s father said he forgives whoever made the tragic mistake.

“There’s some kid working a joystick that pulled that trigger, and he’s going to have to live with that the rest of his life,” Jerry Smith said. “I, for one, if I had him standing here, I’d hug him. I’d tell him, ‘Man, that stuff happens.’ And I’m proud of him, because I promise you, he didn’t go over there to kill my son. He went over there to save my son. And if he made a mistake, he made a mistake.”

Smith served three tours of duty in Iraq before returning to North Texas to attend college. He continued in the reserves and arrived in Afghanistan about a month ago.

Smith’s father said he’s curious to learn more about the circumstances but said they won’t change the tragic result.

“As far as I’m concerned, Jeremy died serving his country, and he was doing exactly what he wanted to do,” Jerry Smith said. “He wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Jeremy Smith was assigned to 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Marine Forces Reserve based in Houston.

His funeral is will be held Friday at DFW National Cemetery.

American Idol hopeful Paris Tassin tells of unplanned pregnancy and birth of disabled daughter

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“Good Samaritan’s” takes a bullet to save pregnant women from robbers

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BATON ROUGE, (WAFB) – The 23-year-old Baton Rouge man hailed as hero after saving a pregnant woman from an armed robbery is expected to make a full recovery.

Charlie Cangelosi is the son of David Cangelosi, the owner of one of the city’s best-known construction firms named Cangelosi and Ward.

David and Carolyn Cangelosi said the past two days have been an absolute nightmare. They have not left their son’s side and they remain optimistic.

“We’re so proud of him,” said Carolyn Cangelosi. “So happy he’s alive and everything is going to be fine and we’re just so proud that he’s our son.”

She said it’s hard to think back to early Sunday morning just after midnight. That’s when her son he was shot in the chest after helping save a pregnant 20-year-old woman during an armed robbery. It happened on Earl Gros, just outside Stadium Square Apartments near Tigerland.

“Not surprised. I would be surprised if he had not helped her. If he had walked away and stayed healthy, he would never have been happy for the rest his life. This is what he was supposed to do and he did it,” she explained.

The Cangelosis stated Charlie’s room has been flooded with visitors, all hoping to catch a glimpse of a person being hailed as a hero.

“As far as responding to being a hero or a ‘Good Samaritan,’ he just shakes his head, no. I think he’s feeling that’s not what this was all about,” his mother added.

For almost two days now, his parents say he’s in a medically-induced coma, but did wake up on his own on Sunday, which is a good sign. He had another surgery Monday and faces yet another surgery Thursday.

“We’re in the middle of the woods. We’re not out of the woods, so we still have a long ways to go, but he’s doing great,” she said.

Carolyn and David Cangelosi said they are praying for Charlie’s shooter and have found it in their heart to forgive him and give them help.

The suspect remains on the run.

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Nanny Hero – Rescues boy from fire

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A 22-year-old Ky. nanny is being hailed as a hero after risking her life to pull a 5-year-old boy from a burning home. Whit Johnson reports.

Alyson Myatt said her own safety never crossed her mind.

After waking to a loud boom and realizing smoke detectors were going off in the Shelbyville home where she worked as a nanny early Tuesday morning, all she knew was she had to get to the 5-year-old boy she cared for.

And she did, after walking barefoot through a flaming hallway and carrying the boy to safety from the house on Goldenrod Court. “I didn’t even think about me getting burned,” Myatt said. “I care for the kid a lot. I really do.”

She was new on the job — she’d only been working there two months, reports CBS News Correspondent Whit Johnson.

Speaking from a bed in University Hospital’s burn unit Wednesday evening, Myatt, 22, said she had been working as a live-in nanny for the family only two months.

Both her feet and her right hand were heavily bandaged after suffering severe burns, and she said it was too early to guess how long her hospital stay might be or what her recovery might entail.

Still, looking back, Myatt said she felt lucky. “I feel very blessed, it could have been a lot worse,” she said.

The boy’s father, J.B. Hawes, who was out of town, rushed back to Louisville.

“We went to the hospital from the airport, to see Ali,” he told CBS affiliate WLKY-TV, choking back tears. “When someone sacrifices, takes a chance with their life, for your son, it’s pretty amazing.

“He had about a minute to live. Most people wouldn’t have done what she did. I’ll owe her a debt for the rest of her life, because there’s no way to ever repay something like that.”

Myatt said she’s spoken to the boy on the phone long enough for him to tell her that he misses and loves her.

She downplays any heroics that others attribute to her. “I just did what I would hope every human being would do,” Myatt said.

But Shelbyville Fire & Rescue Chief Willard Tucker disagrees.

“She did it and I bet a lot of people wouldn’t,” he said.

He added that in his 20-plus years as a firefighter, the courage Myatt showed stands out.

“To physically run through flames is heroics to the nth degree,” Tucker said. “To make a choice to charge right through flames is kind of above what are normal heroics.”

After waking up around 6 a.m. Tuesday, Myatt raced from the basement bedroom, where she slept, to the main floor of the house to check on the boy.

She found a hallway bathroom engulfed in flames, and the fire had spread across the hallway carpet leading to the boy’s bedroom.

She called his name and the boy answered, shouting that he was in the room hiding under the covers.

Myatt ran barefoot across the flames into the room and snatched up the screaming boy.

Though she didn’t feel any pain, she said, something felt wrong, like she was “walking on goo.”

“It was all the skin, my feet were just burned off,” Myatt said through tears.

Myatt carried the boy back through the burning hallway and took him outside, where she jumped into a van and drove them both to a neighbor’s house, telling the boy on the way that he would have to run to the home and ring the door bell until someone answered.

A neighbor came to the door, called the fire department and drove Myatt to a Shelbyville hospital.

When Shelbyville Fire & Rescue arrived on scene minutes later, the attic of the home and entire front bedroom where the boy slept were engulfed in flames, said Tucker.

If the boy had still been inside, it would have been too late, Tucker said.

Tucker said the fire started in a ventilation fan in a hallway bathroom that Myatt said had been smoking three hours earlier when she first heard smoke alarms.

At that time, Myatt went to see what was going on and said she threw water on the smoking fan, which seemed to put out any fire.

Cat saves pregnant woman from fire

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Joshua Ornberg and his girlfriend Letitia Kovalovsky — seven months pregnant with twins — slept quietly in their new home near Wonder Lake, IL on Sunday night. Their home was on fire.

Their lives were saved, they say, by their 13-year-old tabby cat, Baby

The 13-year-old tabby saved her owners early Monday morning by waking them up and alerting them that their far northwest suburban home was on fire.

Letitia Kovalovsky, seven months pregnant with twins, and her boyfriend Joshua Ornberg, made it out of their Wonder Lake home safely, along with Baby and their 4-year-old dog.

But Baby was missing in action soon after.

“We’re hoping she was just scared and will come back,” Kovalovsky said.

According to the Sun-Times report, the cause of the fire is thought to be a lava lamp in the couple’s bedroom. They were sleeping on the couch at the time of the fire.

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