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Abortion and Planned Parenthood Halloween tweets

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Abortion ostume


Cecile Richards Lena Funham abortion costume

Planned Parenthood Halloween

Planned Parenthood superhero

Planned Parenthood witch

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood slobbers over baby dressed as Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg

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Last week, I reported that abortion giant Planned Parenthood, founded in racist eugenics suggested girls dress up as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Halloween.

The shocker is that someone actually listened to the abortion giant.

Planned Parenthood called this picture of Ruth “Baby” Ginsburg the best costume ever.

Best Costume PP Ginsburg

So much is wrong with this beginning with the fact that Planned Parenthood kills thousands of these cute babies each year and Ruth Bader Ginsburg supports it.

Ginsburg once said , “I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”


I suppose that nothing pleases Planned Parenthood more than to see a baby which escaped their abortion grip imitating the most eugenics oriented Justice on the court !

Planned Parenthood uses condoms to promote Halloween

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Leave it to sex-obsessed Planned Parenthood to find 101 uses for a condom.

No sooner did I blog about the abortion giant’s recent condom fashion show that I discovered another way to use the “safe-sex” tool.

Ghosts !

That’s right, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas used two condoms as ghosts to celebrate Halloween on their Facebook page.


Pretty Frightening !!

Pro-choice Halloween party mocks pro-lifers outside NY abortion clinic

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An abortion clinic in New York which also houses a birthing center was the cite of a mocking pro-abortion Halloween party planned to silence pro-life protesters.

Buffalo Womenservices is likely to be the only clinic in the United States which houses both a birthing center ans a killing [ abortion]center.

Buffalo WC

Buffalo Womenservices is located at 2500 Main St. in Buffalo, New York. They are members of the National Abortion Federation and NARAL, and perform surgical abortions to 22 weeks early surgical abortions.

Buffalo Womens Halloween 2

Buffalo Womens Halloween

During the pro-life protest, 40 Days for Life outside the abortion clinic, abortion supporters counter protested in Halloween garb.

In fact, one of the signs supporters of the abortion clinic held mocked the God that the 40 days for Life pro-life group stood for by saying, “Mary was Pro-choice.”

Fem Majority Buffalo WOmens

Sally Heron, services coordinator and office manager of the Buffalo Womenservices abortion clinic told RH Reality Check Blog that, “We get this feeling that they own the space, the sidewalk in front of the clinic. It’s easy to feel frustrated by them taking up that space every day.”

According to the Blog, supporters of the clinic found out that pro-life leader Steve Karlen was to arrive on behalf of 40 Days for Life and hold vigils outside abortion clinics across the country.

That was their moment to highjack the pro-life prayer event with their mocking Halloween party.

The Feminist Majority a pro-choice on abortion organization tweeted, “We were reminding them that we are the majority.” #ProChoice protests launched in Buffalo.”

Buffalo WC Abortion

Amidst the pro-choice chaos the pro-life group stood prayful.



In an ironic twist, the abortion clinic is run by Dr. Katharine Morrison and also offers a freestanding birthing center called the Birthing Center of Buffalo.


I see a connection between respecting a woman’s right to decide to end a pregnancy and her right to determine how she has her baby,” abortionist Katharine Morrison, told the Buffalo News.

Heron laughed as she told the Bay Area Doula Project, “Buffalo is a conservative, Catholic town, so it’s been mixed…People have said things like, ‘what if a woman walks into the wrong room and accidentally gets an abortion.”


Planned Parenthood suggests population control advocate for Halloween costume

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Planned Parenthood is promoting a Halloween costume by a woman who who wanted to “Get rid of populations we do not want to have too many of.”

NYT Ginsburg Place of Women Court

The quote comes from a 2009 interview Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave to the New York Times with Emily Bazelon and she stated, “…I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”


That statement was so outrageous that it made it into a powerful documentary on eugenics called Maafa21.

Justice Ginsburg’s remarks appear to align her expectations for abortion with those of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, and other prominent members of the 20th century’s eugenics movement. Sanger and her eugenicist peers advocated forced sterilization and the use of contraception, sterilization, and abortion to reduce the numbers of poor, black, immigrant and disabled population.

So…it is no surprise that Planned Parenthood, founded in racist eugenics is suggesting girls dress up like Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Halloween even calling the SCOTUS judge “Princess Ruth” on their Pinterest page:

Princess Ruth bader Ginsburg PP Halloween

Ginsburg, as with so many of her ilk, never stop at limiting the births of the poor or the feeble minded as described by many in the early days of eugenics. They also believe that everyone, except their small circle of elites, should be subject to population control limitations.

As displayed in a more recent interview with the Justice.

Ginsburg Elle

Ginsburg was again asked about abortion by Jessica Weisberg for Elle’s September 23,2014 edition, “Fifty years from now, which decisions in your tenure do you think will be the most significant?”

Ginsburg replied, “Well, I think 50 years from now, people will not be able to understand Hobby Lobby. Oh, and I think on the issue of choice, one of the reasons, to be frank, that there’s not so much pro-choice activity is that young women, including my daughter and my granddaughter, have grown up in a world where they know if they need an abortion, they can get it. Not that either one of them has had one, but it’s comforting to know if they need it, they can get it.

“The impact of all these restrictions is on poor women, because women who have means, if their state doesn’t provide access, another state does. I think that the country will wake up and see that it can never go back to [abortions just] for women who can afford to travel to a neighboring state…”

Weisberg then asked Ginsburg, “When people realize that poor women are being disproportionately affected, that’s when everyone will wake up? That seems very optimistic to me.”

Ginsburg replied, “Yes, I think so…. It makes no sense as a national policy to promote birth only among poor people.

Promote is the key word here. If this is all about choice why does the government need to “promote” birth control at all?

Ginsburg hit on something that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger once admitted, that birth control must become a national policy to control populations.

Sanger 1965 Population Control

In 1964, Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger said she believed that it would take the US Government to accept “Population Control” to convince other nations to do the same.

I just don’t see how we can control the birth rate until we get the government to agree that this is something which should be taken seriously. Other countries feel that if our government is against it, it must be bad. Americans would be much more acceptable when they go abroad to work on the problem if we get our government to approve it- perhaps under some such term as population control,” Sanger stated.

And so they have….to be continued…..

Hideous Feminist Halloween Costumes

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Women in America used to promote themselves as intelligent, hard working, and worthy of respect. But, today, the left-leaning Feminist movement has redefined a feminists as someone who advocates sex and abortion.

This stereo-o-type is evident in the 2014 Feminists Halloween Costume list for girls.

On a pinterest page we have these spectacular suggestions for Feminist Halloween Consumes. Are you ready? They are pretty scary and endorsed by the nation’s top abortion lobbying group NARAL !!!

NARAL Mic Halloween

Dress up like a Nuva Ring- well…okay?

Nuva Ring Halloween

PP Halloween


As if that is not frightening enough- how about an abortion barbie costume?

Wendy Davis Halloween

____________________________________ suggest the feminists costumes: The “Hobby Lobby”, The “Notorious RBG” a/k/a Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and of course the standard “Slutty Vagina”

Identities Mic


And..if you really want to scare those little goblins – you could wear the Hillary Clinton costume:

Hillary Clinton Halloween


Hillary appears to be in vogue this year and has been selected by Buzzfeed‘s feminists costume list as well:

Hillary Buzzfeed Halloween


Not to compete with Vagina – but over at Liberal America Blog we have The Uterus Costume:

Uterus Halloween

The Birth Control Pill:

Birth Control and Egg Halloween

And..of course…the all famous RBG:

RBG Halloween


Not to be outdone by Planned Parenthood who suggested the Trojan, Pussy Riot, PillLena, and of course, population control SCOTUS judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg: :

Trojan PP HalloweenPussy Riot Halloween PP

PP Halloween2

Ruth Ginsberg PP Halloween

Previous Planned Parenthood’s Halloween costume suggestions can be found here (here)


And finally…a costume I doubt was created by liberal feminists a blogger over at Boozey has found the abortion costume:

Abortion Costume Halloween

Jeremiah Films, Halloween- “Trick or Treat”

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