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Planned Parenthood teams up with Ford Foundation to “teach” Parents about sex

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It is called :Real Life. Real Talk. and is described on the Planned Parenthood website as:

is a bold, nationwide, social change effort. Its aim is to positively change the social climate in communities by creating more open, honest, and balanced talk about sex and health. A more positive social climate will, over time, help to ensure that people — particularly young people — have adequate information and services to enable them to make healthy sexual choices. As examples from social movements show, getting people to talk openly and publicly about an issue — particularly a sensitive or stigmatized issue — is a critical step in making social change happen. Once people believe they are allowed to talk honestly about sex, and once they question the consequences of silence, we believe a cascade of positive behavior change in sexual health will follow.

In Typical Planned Parenthood / Ford Foundation fashion, the abortion giant and pro-abortion philanthropist thinks PARENTS do not know what to say to their kids about sex and they are all the more willing to help: the Planned Parenthood website states, “It is unlikely your parents sought the information to be able to offer you the same support. But the world has changed…The course provides parents with useful information about teen development, teen realities, and parenting strategies for guiding a teen’s sexual maturity in a fast-paced, confused, and sex-saturated culture.”

But- Planned Parenthood is the one who HOOKS kids on sex – as reported in this vid by American Life League:

But in Vallejo, California a local paper reports that Planned parenthood’s Real Life Real Talk initiative is Funded by the Ford Foundation and that Real Life Real Talk was initiated by Planned Parenthood Federation of America to “reframe sexuality as a component of healthy relationships, instead of as a commodity, the way it is often promoted in popular media,” organizers say.

Real Life Real Talk started unofficially in April.

“It was tested in several settings, mostly on the East Coast, looking at communities of various income levels and ethnic makeup,” Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Jewel Fink said. “Our affiliate (Planned Parenthood’s Shasta Pacific) chose to try to replicate this initiative in Vallejo because of the community activism around substance abuse with Fighting Back Partnership and because of its diverse population, making it a nice petri dish.”

One program element is Sex Ed for Parents, ads in movies, programs in schools, health fairs, PTA meetings, churches Fink said.

Real Life Real Talk admits they are funded by the Ford Foundation: Under this title on the AboutUs Page:

What is is the website of Real Life. Real Talk., initiated by Planned Parenthood Federation of America along with a broad coalition of diverse community organizations and funded by the Ford Foundation, who have come together to do something we all think is necessary: reframe sexuality as a component of healthy relationships, instead of as a commodity, the way it is often promoted in popular media. Partners include local and community public health organizations, faith organizations, schools, civic leaders, media, and public libraries. aims to create a safe and interactive online community of parents who are seeking guidance and support on how to have those conversations in their families and communities.

Here is one of their ads: