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Fetus Soap to display in bathroom when friends are over

Posted in Fetus Soap with tags , , , on January 29, 2015 by saynsumthn

Hat tip to The Stanek Blog for tipping us off to an interesting product: Fetus Soap.

Fetus Soap il_570xN.297110583

Yours In Soap creator explains, “As a sculptor, I believe in making art that allows us to think about deep conceptual ideas on an accessible daily level. Great ideas come to all of us without time and place restrictions. The reception of someone else’s idea should be given as fluid and serendipitous considerations.

“The embedded fetus is made from goat’s milk soap. The outer embryonic sac portion is made of melt and pour clear glycerin soap.

Fetus Soap Yours in Soap

“Each soap is created one at a time using a fetus mold made by yours truly. Casting mimics gestation and birthing with its long production process and patience in curing.

Fetus molds for Fetus Soap

“At 12 – 13 weeks, the fetus is averaged to be around 2.5 inches, which is the size of the fetus in this soap – we were all this size once.”


Lily Su, spoke to VICE on what motivated her soap, “At the time I was working with the idea that through birth we were all connected and the idea of infinite comfort visually. I researched more about birth and I found this encyclopedia of birth deformities. I saw a few that really interested me like the “cyclops baby.” When I started to make the deformities through soap, I realized that through the casting process there are a lot of ways to imitate deformities very naturally.

Su said she gets criticism for the Fetus Soap. “In general, people like it because it is different. But, I have had people who are really freaked out about it. When some people think of fetuses, they automatically think of abortion. I just think it is something cute. I had people who messaged my Etsy shop and told me to take it down because it is offensive to portray humans in this form. I like the idea of just being in the comfort of your own home and taking the soap in your hands and realizing that we all came from this, we were all this size,” she said.

Brooklyn residents got a chance to “sample” them:

Fetus SOap Tweet

One man said it would be a great thing to have in the bathroom when your friends are over, another called it creepy and eye catching and one person said she felt “born again” when she held the soap.

I also found this Fetus Soap on Tumblr:

Fetus Soap Tumblr

The creators have just cast a clear Fetus Soap according to their Instagramaccount.