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State considers apology for Eugenics then refuses to declare a viable unborn baby “A person” !

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Some Vermont lawmakers say it’s time to apologize for a part of the state’s history.

It’s the so-called eugenics movement, which was carried out in many states in the early 20th century. The selective-breeding program sought to sterilize citizens labeled feeble-minded or criminal.

A University of Vermont professor conducted the so-called “Vermont Eugenics Survey,” which led to the state passing a sterilization law in 1931. The law resulted in the sterilization of several hundred poor, rural Vermonters as well as Abenaki Indians, French-Canadians and others deemed unfit to have children.

The House Human Services Committee takes testimony Tuesday on the measure, a nonbinding resolution expressing the state’s regret about the so-called eugenics movement.

Backers of the resolution say its harms fell disproportionately on Vermonters of Abenaki and French-Canadian heritage, as well as poor Irish and Italian immigrants.

Vermont was one of many states that passed so-called eugenics laws in the 1920s and ’30s to try to prevent citizens labeled feeble-minded from having children.

But while they make this decision- Planned Parenthood whose founder, Margaret Sanger , was a member of the American Eugenics Society – has pressured lawmakers to not passing a bill which would make the killing of a viable fetus a crime.

According to this article in the Bennington Banner: Sears: Fetal homicide bills won’t be heard
Posted: 02/08/2010

Bills addressing fetal homicide won’t be considered by the Vermont Senate this year because neither has strong consensus backing within the chamber, according to Bennington County Sen. Dick Sears, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Proponents of adopting a fetal homicide bill in Vermont say they will, however, seek a path through the Vermont House.

The pronouncement Monday by Sears, a Democrat, follows a months-long push by a Bennington woman who lost twin fetuses in an Aug. 10 crash on Route 7. Her effort provoked lawmakers to introduce three bills — two in the Senate and one in the House — to address Patricia Blair’s concerns.

But the Senate bills will not be heard this year, said Sears, who was afforded the final word by Democratic leaders in the Legislature.

“I spent a lot of time in the past few days thinking about this and how to approach it. Each time I tried to find a way to deal with this bill, or bills, each time I came back with the same problem, and that is that I don’t have consensus,” Sears said. “These types of bills need consensus to move forward. I have not seen that consensus.”

According to police, Patricia Blair’s minivan was struck head-on by Kelly Cook, a 22-year-old Pownal woman. Cook has been charged with felony counts of driving under the influence of drugs and gross negligent vehicle operation resulting in injury. But Cook is not being charged with the deaths of Blair’s 6-month fetuses.

That’s because Vermont does not have a fetal homicide law, unlike 35 other states and the federal government. And legal experts say that under criminal statutes in Vermont, fetuses are not considered people because of precedent set forth in the 1989 Vermont Supreme Court case State vs. Oliver.

After the crash, Blair said she was devastated to learn that Cook would not face charges related to the death of the fetuses. The state forced her to fill out paperwork when the fetuses died, but does not consider them to be people. “The very first question they ask you is the baby’s first, middle and last name,” she said. “And yet, they’re not considered children in Vermont.”

Sears sponsored one of the Senate bills. His legislation would have boosted penalties for three existing crimes — aggravated assault, gross negligent vehicle operation and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs — when they are committed against a pregnant woman.

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, co-sponsored Sears’ bill. He expressed disappointment in Sears’ decision, but acknowledged the bills had little chance of passing.

Blair quickly rejected Sears’ approach because it would not have recognized that her unborn babies were killed during a criminal act.

On Monday, Sears acknowledged that he underestimated the passion on both sides of the fetal homicide issue, and it’s relationship with abortion rights. “I was maybe a little naive to think that we could do this without touching abortion. There’s a real sincere fear from many pro-choice advocates that anything we do, including my bill, would result in a slippery slope that could impact people’s right to choose,” Sears said.

He also acknowledged that his critics would blame Planned Parenthood and the Vermont-ACLU groups for the decision he reached. “I was urged by ACLU and Planned Parenthood not to do anything and I’ll be accused of caving to them. That’s a little frustrating to me,” Sears said. “Quite frankly, there is very little support for the Illuzzi approach. There is some for mine, but not a lot. Anything I say is going to be seen as an excuse by some.

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Does it surprise anyone that the organization founded with Eugenics members like: Margaret Sanger ( Founder) and Planned Parenthood Prez , Alan Guttmacher ( Former Eugenics Society Vice President) among many others would try and stop this legislation? The truth about Planned Parenthood and Eugenics can be found in an extraordinary documentary based and researched from the files and papers of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood called: Maafa21.

View a clip of Maafa21 below: