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Deaf man brought to tears after his neighbors learn sign language

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An emotional video documenting the day a neighborhood showed a deaf man that they learned sign language has received over 5 million hits.

hearing impaired deaf man reacts 2

The video shows the man walking through the streets making a purchase and taking a taxi where he is spoken to in sign language.

As he travels he is greeted by pedestrians who also speak the language of the deaf.

hearing impaired deaf man reacts 3

hearing impaired deaf man react Samsung neighborhood.

According to PC Magazine, it all began when a team of people from Samsung and the Leo Burnett ad agency spent a month setting up cameras and teaching people throughout his neighborhood sign language. On the appointed day, the deaf man, a young Istanbul resident named Muharrem, went for a walk with his hearing sister and was stunned to meet so many signing people in a world where those who can communicate in sign are often few and far between.

hearing impaired deaf man reacts

The ad, called “Hearing Hands”, was designed to raise awareness about Samsung’s new call center for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in Turkey.

It’s nice to see advertisements that can both raise awareness and make the world a better place,” the magazine wrote.