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Police captain plots to burn abortion clinic in creepy short film posted to YouTube

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CreepyFilm on YouTube This creepy film titled, The Abortlitionists, and posted on you tube shows, begins with an Anonymous Type character who announces that they are planning to burn down an abortion clinic in Sandy Hook.

Creepy Film Anon

There are a few twists to this plot.

On the day the incident is to occur, police in the film note that their Captain is out “sick” that day and they will have to go it w/o their leader.

Creepy Film SH Fire

They put surveillance on the abortion clinic when a car filled with four masked gun men sets fire to the abortion clinic.

Creepy Film Police

Creepy Film Attackers

As the police chase the suspects, they run into their Captain who says the attackers ran away. But it is obvious to viewers that the police Captain was one of the attackers.

Creepy Film Captain

As he watches the news he realizes that upon killing the 13 people in the abortion clinic, they also killed the very unborn children they claimed they wanted to save.

Films like this are not funny nor entertaining and do not represent the way the non-violent pro-life movement believes.