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Responding to the Christian Post’s Planned Parenthood drivel

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This is a response to an article the Christian Post publish!

The Christian Post, an online Christian publication has published what amounts to me to be a promotion piece for Planned Parenthood.

In my opinion, their article entitled, “Christian Planned Parenthood Exec Challenges Misconceptions About Nation’s Leading Abortion Provider,” it reads like a promotion for the abortion giant.

CP Christian PP worker

Author Nicola Menzie’s journalism career has included:

Faith & Culture Reporter / Web Show Host at The Christian Post
Publisher & Editor at Churches in NYC (NYC Churches)
Assistant Editor/Reporter at The Christian Post
National News Producer, Online at CBS Local Digital Media / CBS Television Stations
Associate News Producer at AOL News
Assistant Producer at CBS News
Online Editorial Assistant/Intern at Vibe Magazine

Menzie’s article title gives the appearance that you can be a “Christian” and work for a child killing center.

That was my point when I sent Menzie a series of tweets. Below is our short dialogue:

Nicola Menzie

Menzie calls the abortion employee , Alexis McGill Johnson, “a self-professed Christian” and says that McGill asserts “that many Christians don’t believe that abortion services were accessed by only 10 percent of the nonprofit’s clients and that decisions to terminate a pregnancy should “be left to a woman, her doctor and her God” and not a politician.”

I waited for the journalistic challenge from Menzie or The Christian Post- something like- former Planned Parenthood employees claim that 10% figure is false.

Or…do you count every condom you pass out as a service which would water down your figures?

Or perhaps, would killing any children be enough reason for people – especially Christians to oppose Planned Parenthood?

But…instead I read even more Planned Parenthood dribble:

Menzie continues, Johnson said she became an activist in 2011 in reaction to a controversial billboard which claimed the “womb is the most dangerous place for an African American to be.”


The billboard, which featured a young black girl wearing a sundress and a bow in her hair, was meant to highlight the higher rates of abortion in New York City among black women compared to women of other ethnicities, according to the African American pastor who helped found Life Always, the Texas group that launched the campaign during Black History Month.

“I feel like it’s an assault on black women’s ability to make a decision,” Johnson said of her outrage over the billboard, which had been placed about half a mile from Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s offices.

Tonya Reaves LDI Brochure img406

I waited again for the challenge from Menzie or the Christian Post- after all there are plenty of stats on the high rates of abortion in the African American Community – this blog is full of them with links to the CDC reports. Why didn’t Menzie or CP ask Johnson how the billboard was an “assault on women?” Or ask how targeting blacks is NOT an assault? Or perhaps, how leaving an African American woman by the name of Tonya Reaves to bleed to death at a Planned Parenthood was not an assault on that woman? Or ask how naming Planned Parenthood’s top award after a Klan Speaker is not an assault on Blacks?

When Johnson told Menzie, “We all recognize that abortion and terminating a pregnancy is a very complicated decision, but that issue needs to be left to a woman, her doctor and her God, not a politician. I felt that it was a very insulting way of trying to suggest that we’re not capable of grappling with the implications of the decisions that we make.”

Where was the challenge on the basis of religion or the Bible to that statement?

Instead Menzie writes: As for women of faith potentially grappling with matters related to abortion, Johnson, who told CP she is a Christian, said, “That’s a very complicated issue.” She added that Planned Parenthood has a “wide variety of support” from women clergy and ministers who are “members of faith.”

One last note – upon visiting the Christian Post website since the article was first uploaded and a screen image was taken (above) I noticed that they now feature a picture of this Planned Parenthood worker praying:

Christian Post new

The caption reads: (L-R) Alexis McGill Johnson, Dawn Jones, Shola Lynch, and Sharon Epperson bow their heads during the invocation at the Women’s Power Breakfast Thursday, April 10, 2014, during the 16th annual the National Action Network convention at Sheraton Times Square hotel in New York City.

I was so disturbed that a Christian Publication would publish a piece like the one I spoke of above that it was a pleasant surprise when my friend Ryan Bomberger submitted a response to Ms. Menzie’s piece.

To the Christian Post’s editorial credit they agreed to publish, Bomberger’s response.

With his permission, I am republishing his response in full here as well.


Planned Parenthood Uses Racism, Revisionism and Redirection to Change Its True Image, By Ryan Bomberger

A recent article in The Christian Post, Christian Planned Parenthood Executive Challenges Misconceptions About Nation’s Leading Abortion Provider, interviewed the new Chair of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Alexis McGill Johnson, where she regurgitated a statistics-free litany of talking points. It was as though I was reading a press release directly from Planned Parenthood.

Far from being “vilified” by prolife advocates, as the article indicates, Planned Parenthood has merely been exposed by historical, statistical and visual evidence that irrefutably reveals who and what Planned Parenthood truly is.

No seeming amount of beneficence, such as breast cancer screenings, STD treatments and (alleged) general health care, makes up for the nearly 1,000 killings that happen in Planned Parenthood centers every day. An organization steeped in eugenic racism and elitism has no defense for the violence it commits against the defenseless. If claiming to be Christian is worthy of giving journalistic space on The Christian Post, wouldn’t the same apply to the KKK? It claims to be Christian, too.

Ms. Johnson claims that prolife efforts are the same as those that brought us “poll taxes and literacy tests.” Democrats were the party of slavery, of separate-but-equal, of lynchings, of the KKK, and that unanimously voted against every Republican-crafted civil rights bill (up until 1957). They were also the party of eugenics-based poll taxes and literacy tests. Today, Democrats are the party of abortion-on-demand without any restrictions and forced taxpayer-funded contraception without any parental involvement.
More black babies are aborted than are born alive in NYC, home of Planned Parenthood, yet Ms. Johnson and her abortion allies consider this “reproductive justice”. It’s not surprising that a Planned Parenthood executive perverts history, at an event sponsored by the National Action Network, to suit a twisted political agenda. She wants to invoke racism yet works for an organization that was birthed in it. She even made sure to pull the pathetic race card by accusing prolife efforts to protect women and children were because of “hatred of the President”. Desperation anyone? My passion, as a biracial individual just like Ms. Johnson, to protect human life has nothing to do with how I feel about any politician and everything to do with how I regard the dignity of all human life.

Ms. Johnson also asserted in the article that the biggest misconception about Planned Parenthood was that “abortion is the only thing that we do.”


No one makes that assertion. Abortion, ironically, is their lifeblood, though. No other “service” they offer brings in the hundreds of millions worth of revenue ($204.5 out of their $305 million in “Health Services” revenue). They’ve shown that abortion is worth protecting more than women like Tonya Reaves. She was left to bleed to death for 5.5 hours inside a Planned Parenthood clinic while the abortionist refused to call 911. Their sacrosanct act of “choice” was more precious to them than the lives on that abortion-room table. It’s why they spend millions in political and legal battles against any state or federal legislation that informs and protects women such as parental consent/notification laws, ultrasound bills, women’s-right-to-know acts, and clinic standards and regulations. In PPFA’s 2009-2010 annual report one will find “abortion” mentioned 35 times yet “mother”, “father”, “mom”, “dad”, “parent” (other than in their name) are not mentioned once. It would be like the nonprofit organization “Charity Water” not having anything to do with water.

Yet Planned Parenthood leaders desperately try to divert attention away from their eugenic DNA-eliminating those whom they consider “unfit” or “unwanted”.

Johnson’s quote from the article: “…in many cases Planned Parenthood is the sole health care provider, period, for many young women and men. A lot of our young male veterans are coming back, they don’t have access to healthcare. They’re coming to us to get basic health care needs, so that’s the thing that I think is really the biggest misconception about [Planned Parenthood].”

Where do I even begin? Planned Parenthood’s PR machine is working overtime to blur the distinction between “reproductive health care” and “general health care”, pretending to provide basic medical services. (None of these basic health care services are mentioned in any of their annual reports-ever.) So now our returning male soldiers go to Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers for “basic medical needs”? You can’t even get a cut on your finger treated at Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant is NOT a leader in healthcare in this country, and most definitely not of basic health care. The Catholic Health Association, which cares for 1 out of 6 patients in the United States (through its 600 hospitals, 1,400 long-term care and other health facilities in all 50 states), could make such a claim. Even Walgreens’ 400 HealthCare Clinics and CVS’ 800 Minute Clinics deliver more general health care services than the few Planned Parenthood clinics that (only recently) claim to offer them. Here’s the miniscule list of what Planned Parenthood offers (see embedded graphic).

This claim of providing “general health care” is nothing new. The Radiance Foundation debunked one of their bogus claims about providing “general health care” years ago.
One of the biggest misconceptions about Planned Parenthood is that the billion-dollar abortion chain actually cares about telling women the truth. This is the same organization that absurdly claims on their website that women couldn’t vote in Margaret Sanger’s America. Sanger (1879-1966) was a leading eugenicist and the founder of Planned Parenthood. Women were guaranteed the right to vote in 1920 thanks to the 19th Amendment. Clearly, women could vote in Sanger’s America. Whether it’s history revisionism or their brand of pseudoscientific biology, the mega-abortion chain doesn’t trust women or the general public with the facts.

Johnson claims black women “lack access to health care”. Inarguably, the uninsured rates vary with race and ethnicity, but Hispanics are far less insured and have far less abortions. Women under 65 years of age are uninsured by the following rates, according to Department of Health and Human Services: 32.5% are Hispanic, 21.4% are non-Hispanic black, 20.1% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 19% are categorized under non-Hispanic ‘Other’, and 16.2% are non-Hispanic white. With abortions in the black community five times higher than the majority population (Hispanic abortion rate is two times higher than whites), there’s obviously no “lack of access”. Aren’t these the same clinics that offer “comprehensive reproductive healthcare”?

Of course, the truth is that most of these places don’t. They exist to abort and create revolving door clientele who are tragically uninformed about pregnancy, sexuality, and the risks of unhealthy sexual behavior. In 2013 The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued an alarming report that STD rates were soaring in NYC. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with PPFA’s reckless propaganda. Planned Parenthood tells teens, in order to destigmatize promiscuity: “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners.” Oh, except for that whole STD or unplanned pregnancy thing.

As far as reproductive healthcare, there are over 4,400 Title-X medical facilities funded by American taxpayers, according to HHS. Even if we eliminated all 700 Planned Parenthood abortion/abortion referral centers from this total, that leaves 3,700 medical centers which provide the full spectrum of “reproductive health care” and often primary care services. They just don’t commit abortions. But Planned Parenthood continues to perpetuate the myth that they are the only source of “reproductive health care”.

Somehow an organization created to target poor populations with birth control to (in the words of Margaret Sanger) “prevent the birth of defectives or those who will become defective” has managed to create the perception that they care about the poor. In their “BY THE NUMBERS” report, Planned Parenthood claims that 78% of its patients are at or below 150% of federal poverty level. They’ve dubbed themselves the savior of the poor. Maybe that’s why they’ve stolen millions designated to help the poor by defrauding Medicaid in Iowa, California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and most recently in Texas. Planned Parenthood was guilty of scamming Medicaid and forced to repay a small portion ($4.3 million) for the abuse.

Any organization whose profit is predicated on the ultimate abuse of human life-abortion-will have no qualms defrauding Medicaid, feeding blatantly false information to mainstream media, distorting basic science or history, or propagandizing your child. We care, no matter what, about how our young people are being indoctrinated. The problem is not that prolife advocates have misconceptions about Planned Parenthood; it’s that too few people know the truth about the nation’s billion-dollar abortion empire.

Ryan Bomberger is an adoptee and adoptive father. He is also the Co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, which launched the first public billboard/web ad campaign ( exposing abortion’s hugely disproportionate impact in the black community.