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Christian Pastor languishing in Iranian prison writes, “God is in control”

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Iran has detained America citizen Saeed Abedini, on 9/26/12 because it views his Christian activities as a threat to its national security. Help free Saeed.

Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Wife Naghmeh Testifies to Congress on behalf of her husband:

Saeed’s father visited Saeed in prison this month.

A Post published by Pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Facebook page updates their followers:

    Saeed had heard about the deal with Iran and wanted to share the following message with you all (see below). Please pray for Saeed as the situation inside of the prison has become worst for him at the hands of the hardliners who do not like that he is an American and also that he is a convert from Islam to Christianity. These are the same hardliners who have been chanting death to America. It is urgent that we get him out. Please join our family in prayer.

    Saeed’s letter:

    I know that so many of you have felt that I have been left behind after a deal was reached with Iran and I am still not home.

    I want you to know that as I wrote the thank you letter to President Obama after he had visited my family in January of this year (which he read at the national prayer breakfast), that God is in control of all countries and leadership in the world when the body of Christ comes together in united prayer. He is in control and He is the One who beautifully writes the history over all governments, presidents, and any P5+1 negotiating team.

    We are all looking for a safer, more friendly world and because of this desire many of us are happy and others un-happy about the deal. Please join me in using these emotions that have been awakened to give fervor to united prayer for God’s chosen nation, for America, and for the whole world.

    Pastor Saeed
    in chains for Christ and chained together in unity

Twitter event to bring attention to plight of persecuted Christians

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While on Twitter I read this message from a follower, “Tomorrow beginning at 6 am Tweetfest to #SaveTheChristians”


So, I will admit, I have not vetted the group behind this effort but…WHO CARES!

Someone – somewhere must speak out!

Christians across the globe are being slaughtered in record numbers, many of them by Islamic extremists.

I have been very disappointed with the lack of outrage to the horrific slaughter of Christians lately.

Apparently,I am not the only one.

Yesterday, Kirsten Powers published an Op-Ed where she shamed President Obama for his failure to speak out:

    If a Christian mob on a ship bound for Italy threw 12 Muslims to their death for praying to Allah, does anyone think the president would have been so disinterested? When three North Carolina Muslims were gunned down by a virulent atheist, Obama rightly spoke out against the horrifying killings. But he just can’t seem to find any passion for the mass persecution of Middle Eastern Christians or the eradication of Christianity from its birthplace.

    Religious persecution of Christians is rampant worldwide, as Pew has noted, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in the Middle East and Northern Africa, where followers of Jesus are the targets of religious cleansing.

Talk Show Host, Michael Savage recently asked, where the righteous Jews were who are not speaking out against the persecution of Christians from ISIS or ISIL today?

The “never again” is happening again today,” he said on his radio show.


Christians in Texas rallied in Dallas last fall to bring the plight of the persecuted Christians to the public. Despite the group sending out press releases to every news outlet in the state of Texas including e-mails and phone calls only a few media outlets bothered to show up at the rally. In addition, even though hundreds came out for the event, there are many more Christians in the are who did not bother.

A new campaign making its way across America hopes to bring awareness to the persecuted Christians. The campaign asks believers to wear orange jumpsuits to show solidarity with the martyrs and has been organized by D.C. pastor, Rev. Patrick Mahoney.

Watch the latest video at

Now Where Are You 835409_3195142650283900529_o

Months ago, Rev. Mahoney and his supporters challenged the National Organization for Women to speak out on behalf of Christian women who were sold into sex slavery by the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS.

The feminist group virtually ignored the protesters as did the news media.

It will be interesting what Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and others say as they hit the campaign trail.

ISIS Heart of terror book

An encouraging audio interview with a member from the organization, Back to Jerusalem, says that Christians are hoping to evangelize ISIS. The author of the Book, ISIS the Heart of Terror, says that they have confirmed at least one ISIS convert after love was shown him from the very people ISIS had planned to persecute.

The #SavetheChrtistians hashtag follows other efforts such as the #WeAreN and #WeAreNazarene which hoped to show solidarity with the Christians in Iraq who were some if the first to be slaughtered by ISIS.


Hopefully, as others learn a way that they can speak out- they will do so.

Christians in Dallas rally to support the persecuted in Iraq

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CN Cover 07_8182647357285834071_o

Sunday, in Dallas, Texas several hundred Christians from area churches gathered together in front of Dallas City Hall to show love and support for those being persecuted in Iraq.


The Islamic group ISIS targeted the churches in Iraq and marked their homes with the Arabic “N” in the same way that the Nazis marked the Jews they killed.

WERN Scripture

The theme of the rally was Hebrews 13 which calls for Christians to suffer with those who suffer.

Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.
Heb 13:3 (KJV)



The group gathered to pray for the persecuted!

Jim Mann Pray beseech GodPrayers

Prayers 2

Lord, first we are grateful for the rights that you give us…The rights to assemble, the freedom of worship,” Pastor Jim Mann of New Life Church of Denton prayed, “We don’t recognize those rights coming from our government they come from you,” he continued, “We assemble together as one body, today our body is broken, our body hurts. You tell us to love those who are being persecuted even as if your own bodies were being broken. You tell us Lord to rejoice with those who rejoice to weep with those who weep. You tell us there’s one body, there’s one Baptism, there’s one Spirit. So, these are our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world. So we pray for them – we lift them to you oh God..

Jim Mann Prayers

Pastor Mann continues, “There doesn’t seem to be much we can do, but we can beseech you the God of the Universe, Almighty God, to intervene on their behalf. We can speak up and let our voices be heard….Lord about your church, that we would awaken. Awaken to your grace, awaken to our eroding freedoms Lord, that we would take a stand. Lord, that one day- if the day ever comes, God forbid, that we are called to take the sign of the Nazarene on us, that we would take it with pride and we would take a stand for you..Holy Spirit fill us, break our hearts for our brothers and sisters.”


Billy Grate

There’s only one church, there’s only one church. Jesus is coming back for one Church. What they suffer – we suffer,” said Pastor Billy Grate, “We’re not asking the government to move for us- we’re asking Jesus to move for us.”

Broden Prays

Other pastors who attended or spoke at the rally included Minister Clarence Davis of Full Gospel Holiness Church and Pastor Stephen Broden from Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Dallas as well as Iraqi born Pastor Jalil Dawood of the Arabic Church of Dallas, who helped organize the event.


Pastor Broden called for the immediate defunding of all US Tax dollars to countries that allow Christian persecution and Pastor Dawood warned that what is happening in Iraq could come to the United States.

Christians are being killed, their children are being sown in half…and much of this is happening on our watch, Pastor Broden told the crowd. He said they had an obligation to speak up.

Clarence Prays

God we ask that you would quicken not only us but other pastors around the world to their God-given duty, to their God-given right to stand with your people.,” Minister Clarence Davis prayed.

Brothers from Iraq and Assyria also prayed in Assyrian for the persecuted:

Prayers in Assyrian

Also present were Arab and Assyrian Christians from Palestine and Iran who led the group in chants for the suffering:



Jalil Dawood ppl suffering

Iraqi born pastor, Jalil Dawood told the crowd that they want the world to know the Christians in Iraq are suffering, “These people need help and we are here to voice that,” Dawood told the crowd, “If we say nothing, do nothing, we are accountable before the Lord. We will give an account before the Lord that we did nothing.”

Dawood Account

I want you to pray for these people, I want you to pray for them every day, because these people are hurting,” Dawood stated, “And I’m talking about 250,000 people in Iraq alone, who lost their families, their lives….And I thank God for this country that we are able to speak. What I am saying to you right now in the Middle East I’ll be in prison. In a Muslim country I’ll be killed. But, I thank God for this nation that we can speak.We pray for this nation that the freedom will continue…We need to stand here for the weaker over there, Amen?

As the group assembled in the late afternoon the Christian Motorcycle Club arrived to offer support to the group: Motorcycle _9146186076074010146_n

Motorcycle _9176151320974348757_n

Motorcycle 9552404_3687054686434072849_n

Motorcycle 4665377510170976857_n

Those who attended came from across the Dallas metroplex including, Plano, Denton, Sanger, Little Elm, Arlington, Ft Worth and surrounding counties.


Todd and Brother.php10450520_10152507130998692_4527369990328741339_nNLC BIMG_2207Good 04_1420193793283250305_nC+A _5642531783839545329_n

Good 85049376354139_n

Good 1946725298246902_n


Good 4379593033678512337_n


Good One 5733996090_n


Despite the group sending out press releases to every news outlet in the state of Texas including e-mails and phone calls only a few media outlets bothered to show up at the rally.


CBS channel 11 came and filed this report:


Broden and CP 92_3156809941748163263_n

Despite censorship from the secular and main stream media ( MSM), the Christian media took an interest in the rally and media outlets such as WorldNet Daily KDKR, and the Janet Mefford Show, Janet Folger, and the Christian Post ( links below), Point of View Radio, AFR radio and others filed reports before the rally:

5 Things Americans Can Do to Help Persecuted Christians in Iraq (Christian Post)

Many of those interviews can be heard here.

Franklin Graham on Iraq Persecuted Christians

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Fresh graves of murdered Iraqi Christians:

Fresh Graves

Fresh Graves 2

National Organization for Women Criticized for Silence on Rape and Murder of Iraq Women

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Mahoney outside NOW Iraq Christian womenA Christian Pastor and his wife are challenging the National Organization for Women to join their efforts in condemning the violence against women and children in Iraq.


Rev. Pat Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition and his wife Katie Mahoney have announced that they will be organizing in front of the headquarters for the National Organization for Women (NOW) in New York, Friday August 15th.

DC 80926868_7769170300804787222_n

Pat Mahoney explains, “It is very troubling that the National Organization for Women, and other American feminist groups, have not passionately spoken out against the brutality against the women of Iraq. Quite frankly, this is an outrage.”

WaronWomen Now

The couple state in their event post, “in Iraq, we are seeing an unprecedented attack on women. The terror group, ISIS, is kidnapping women. Raping them. Beating them. Mutilating them. Forcing them into human slavery and sex trafficking.

The modern world has rarely seen such barbaric and violent attacks against the dignity of women.

The actions of ISIS, represent a picture of “The Real War on Women.”

Now Where Are You 835409_3195142650283900529_o

Tragically, when women around the around need to stand up and boldly condemn such barbarism and violence against their sisters, the voice of American feminism has been virtually silent. Groups like the National Organization for Women, have been AWOL in this global struggle for women’s rights.

To make matters worse, they have demeaned and cheapened the plight of the women of Iraq by using the term “War on Women,” to describe companies not providing abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives in health coverage, rather than the violence being committed by ISIS.

In response to this outrage, women leaders are gathering outside of the New York City Headquarters of the National Organization for Women challenging them to be a loud passionate voice for the women of Iraq and asking, “Where have they been?” and “Why they haven’t gotten involved.”

We invite all women of good will who are committed to human rights and ending violence against women to join us on Friday, August 15, at 12:00 front of the headquarters of the National Organization for Women in New York City.

“Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation. But it is not inevitable. We can put a stop to this”.- Nicole Kidman.”

Katie _1343238167640069732_oKatie Mahoney, another organizer of the event made this point on the hypocrisy of NOW, “Perhaps if ISIS had just denied Iraqi women contraceptives or abortion inducing drugs instead of raping and brutalizing them, the National Organization for Women might be more inclined to speak out and become engaged.”

Fox’s Judge Jeanine calls for Pope to speak up for persecuted Christians

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Church violence is a growing problem, develop a security plan !

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National Black Church Initiative President, Rev. Anthony Evans speaks out against church violence and the need for increased security and vigilance on church grounds.

Jimmy Meeks with Cop and Cross

His new website is

Old sites: ( and ( ) Aside from being an ordained pastor, Jimmy has served as a hostage negotiator, a police training officer, and a school resource officer. He is a certified police instructor and has his Master’s Certificate as a police officer. Jimmy is also a certified crime prevention specialist. Presently serving at the rank of corporal, he is assigned to the criminal investigation division.

Here is a good resource: Safe At Church


Here are some of the notes I took from a conference which I highly recommend everyone have in their community !

Things that can happen at a church: Shootings, Kidnappings. Sexual Molesters, rapes, murders, suicide, stabbings, robberies, medical emergencies, weather related disasters, accidents, and more…

Sex Crimes in Church are thru the roof, statistically they occur 30 PERCENT of the time from Staff and 50% from volunteers, 2369 kids are molested daily in America.

We have not been taught Biblically to “Believe the best in people” we know from scripture that man is deceitful and wicked. Hosea 4:7, Acts 7:42, Rom 1:28….

Biggest obstacle to protecting the flock is MENTAL. Not knowing the facts and working on assumptions.

75 million believers HAVE BEEN MURDERED For the cause if Christ since ST Stephen was killed in Acts 7

45 million killed in the 1900s… do we think we will escape harm?
230 people have been killed ON CHURCH PROPERTY SINCE MARCH 1999
136 dead bodies have been found OUTSIDE churches since 1999.



1- Select Leader
2- Not the Pastor
3- Do not advertise, hand pick those you want on your team
4- Initiate an interview process- get a resume and know their background…
5- Should not select new Christians or all they will know of church is this. Pick women as well- they can be very intuitive.
6- Do background checks
7- Servant’s Heart – need to accept an assignment and do it cheerfully
8- Physically Fit
9- Not a Police- Wanna-Be

Safety teams need to arrive early at every event and check the perimeter. They have found dead bodies have been dumped at churches and this is something NO CHILD should ever find- it could scar them for life.

• Form a Security Policy
• Practice..practice..practice

Hire Off Duty Police Officers to just stand in the lobby. Much violence is diverted when people see an officer is on campus.
• Protect the Sunday School Rooms/ Kids, even if you have a desk there with an elderly man who won’t let anyone pass w/o a reason.
• Place people strategically by all kids rooms…no one is allowed to walk near the children without an escort. Kindly tell new people this is your policy and you will be happy to escort them if needed.
• It comes down to the little things churches are not doing.
• When you arrive – come early before the rest of the congregation. Check all Doors from the outside- if any are unlocked- you know the building must be searched before anyone can answer. Homeless people have been known to spend the night in churches…bodies can be dumped on the property, etc….
• Look for anything left outside the building- now we face terrorism and explosive backpacks, pipe bombs are possible.
• Keep building locked during the week, especially if women are left there alone.
• During the week, Do not go into the church with people you do not know
• Have code words for the Safety Team and also for the staff in case you are having trouble with anyone and need help.
• Cameras, intercom systems, panic alarms, any sound that may scare off an intruder or someone who would do harm…
• Program 911 into the phone, so all someone has to do is hit “line 1” to call police.
• Do not keep large amounts of cash
• When answering the phone, never tell someone “ I am here alone”
• Maintain adequate lighting
• Staff during the week should not park far from the door
• Know self-defense – but- better to always have pepper spray and even a few handcuffs available!
• Have a Safety Team in Place at any events that have kids, or have meetings with substance abuse groups, sex addicts groups etc….

ID Those who propose a risk:
1 – Mentally unstable
2 – People who may be off their meds ( Bi-Polar)
3 – The Angry
4 – Domestic Violence problems
5 – Problems between members
6 – Is the person dressed according to the weather…does he have a trench coat in 90 degree weather? Could be a problem.

Other issues to address;
Lovingly confront all known sex offenders and tell them you are glad they came, but do they have a plan for recovery. Help them implement that plan by not getting access to children AT ALL!

You can tell ANYONE to leave, anyone who disrupts the service can legally be ordered to leave, call 911. Especially if they are using “Fighting Words.”

Pay attention during the invitation- protect the Pastor at all times and protect the Front- stay visible but allow people to get ministered to. Some pastors have been assaulted during the “Prayer Call” – so stay vigilant.

Watch people’s hands police always watch where a person is placing their hands – if they are tucked into a pocket- the person could have a weapon.

Monitor the parking lot- MANY incidents happen in the parking lot before or after a service…fights, domestic violence, pipe bombs, etc…stay until everyone is gone. It is also the first line of defense- if a person is coming there to do harm- they will have to come thru the lot.

Call 911 at anytime you feel there COULD be a problem- immediately!

Monitor the Foyer…. Stations people at every door.

Look at a person’s physical appearance, facial expressions, what they are wearing. DO they look you in the eye, are they sweating or shaking?

Approach anyone suspicious. A Soft answer turns away wrath. If someone looks despondent, ask them how they are, and say, I am also having a bad day, can we come over here and talk? Try to get them away from the general public and call for additional help using your code word.

Remember- some come to hurt but MANY are HURT – we do not want to scare people off – just be wise.

Inside the sanctuary-sit strategically so you can see entrances, sit in the back, monitor stations…have several eyes inside the sanctuary.

Report Terroristic Threats of any kind!
NEVER touch people unless you have to.
Do not allow skits that involve weapons….
To disarm someone- DISRUPT THE RHYTHM….you may get shot…but do what you have to if there is a shooter. Throw chairs, books, coffee, tackle and get the gun away….they are not usually expecting a fight!

Radios- Good ones UHF to be able to use inside buildings.
Golf Carts to be able to patrol the campus.
Pepper Spray
Hand Cuffs
AED/First Aid


This is a recent shooting in Florida:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Church shooting in Florida detailed , posted with vodpod

Another one from Tennessee

Said he had a “Problem with Christianity”

RICHMOND, Calif. — Richmond police Thursday arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with a brazen shooting at a Richmond Church during a Feb 2010 Sunday morning service.

March 2009, Illinois: A gunman walked down the aisle of a church during a Sunday service and killed the pastor, then stabbed himself and slashed two other people as parishioners wrestled him to the ground, authorities said.
“Some thought it was some type of skit”

Experts say churches should have security plans in place, but often don’t. First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill., where the Rev. Fred Winters was fatally shot Sunday, was working on a security plan but had not yet implemented it.

Garland Texas – Youth Meeting Shooting: Youth Pastor Shot !!!!

A Brockton teenager has been charged with shooting a 51-year-old woman in the back just after she left church.

A Catholic priest pleads for the City of Kansas City to do more, after a man is shot and later dies on the steps of his church.

The Church shooting at New Life Megachurch in Colorado springs Colorado in December 2007. New Life is the megachurch founded by Ted Haggard.

here is another act of violence