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African American Bill Randall for Congress (North Carolina), “defend against blatant threats by electing people with conservative values”

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Bill Randall, running for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 13th District of North Carolina.

Bill’s Website states, “On the secular side he has great concerns that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution’s principles are under the most dangerous attack in history and all government branches are in a rapid trajectory towards undemocratic Federal control of our lives, businesses and finances. Americans, he believes, must defend against these blatant threats by electing people with conservative values into government offices and demand that Congress follow the Constitution’s original laws and 18th century conservatism’s spirit concerning the Federal government’s role in the American people’s lives, use history’s results to chart future actions.

The major issues are:

1. Proposed legislation that will FURTHER bankrupt our nation:

a. “Cap & Trade” Legislation

b. “Health Care Reform”

These two issues are a “Trojan Horse” that will do irreversible damage to our already weakened economy. It will also give Liberal government officials “Ultra Bureaucrat Status,” thus enabling them to have even more control over our lives. This must be stopped!

2. North Carolina’s budget: We’re in a crisis, and the Democrat-controlled legislature “still doesn’t get it.” The municipality races (in districts across North Carolina) are key and pivotal. The push to have Conservatives re-take the State House & Senate starts NOW. We must alert the constituency about what’s going on in Raleigh, and hold the Liberal politicians accountable!

3. Hate Crimes legislation. This is a bad idea that this Congress and Administration are looking to put on steroids.

4. TARP and the so-called “Stimulus legislation: How is this “fiscal giveaway” being handed out? Where are the jobs that were promised? This is grand larceny of OUR assets. Margaret Thatcher said it best: “The problem with Socialism is that they eventually run out of OTHERS’ money!”

This is what Bill Randall has to say about Planned Parenthood:( Click here for full Right to Life position)

This radical group was founded by Margaret Sanger (an avowed racist) for the purpose of bringing systematic genocide to “undesirable races of people.”

Check out Bill Randall’s website here

( My Personal Note: ) I would agree and refer everyone to this film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America