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World’s “ugliest” woman: Parents first reaction was to love me !

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Lizzie Velasquez

According to HuffPo, Lizzie Velasquez became a celebrity on Dec. 5, 2013, when her TED Talk in Austin became a hit. In her speech, Velasquez explained that her life changed at age 17, when she saw herself on a YouTube video entitled “The world’s ugliest woman.” The video’s comments section featured comments such as, “Do the world a favor and put a gun to your head.”

Instead of just taking shelter of my tears, I chose to be happy and realize this syndrome is not a problem but a blessing that allows me to improve myself and inspire other people,” said Velasquez.

In the years since she saw the video and comments, Velasquez graduated from college, wrote three self-help books (the third, “Choosing Happiness,” will be published in August) and gained tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Velasquez credits her strength to her parents, who have always loved her the same way they love her siblings Marina and Chris, neither of whom suffer from the syndrome.

The eldest of three children born to Rita and Guadalupe Velásquez, Lizzie was born in Austin, Texas, on March 13, 1989. Born four weeks prematurely, her birth weight was only 1,219 grams (2 pounds eleven ounces).

She has spoken out in terms of her belief in God who has “blessed me with the greatest blessing of my life, which is my syndrome”.

Man who bullied disabled neighbors is ordered to hold “I am a bully” sign as sentence

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An Ohio man whose neighbor said had called her an ethnic slur while she was holding her adopted black children, spit on her several times, regularly threw dog feces on her son’s car windshield, and once smeared feces on a wheelchair ramp, has been ordered to hold an “I am a bully” sign on a street corner by a Judge.

According to MyFoxDFW, sixty-two-year-old Edmond Aviv says that he ignored the honking of horns and people passing by as he held the sign as punishment in a disorderly conduct case.


The sentence stemmed from a neighborhood dispute in which a woman said Aviv had bullied her and her disabled children for years.

Aviv pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, and Municipal Court Judge Gayle Williams-Byers ordered him to display the sign for five hours Sunday as part of his sentence.

The judge selected the wording for it: “I AM A BULLY! I pick on children that are disabled, and I am intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the diverse South Euclid community that I live in.”


This sentence made me chuckle.

School bus driver leads taunt against crying child yells “Cry Baby!”

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A Floresville Elementary School Texas bus drive was caught on tape mocking a crying child and encouraging other children to join in.

KSAT reports that he video was obtained by the Defenders inside bus No. 67 and shows the driver, known to students as “Ms. Pat,” calling the young girl, “crybaby.”

Then, a few seconds later, she invites the students to join in, chanting, “Ready? Cry, cry, cry!”

Even though the majority of the bus is chiming in, the little girl can still be heard crying in the background.

“‘I want my mama,'” Ms. Pat hollers, taunting the sobbing child.

Monna Perez, whose children ride the same bus, was brought to tears watching the video.

“If you can’t bully at school, why are they allowing it on the bus?” Perez said.

“She treated the child as if she was a child herself, bullying the child,” said a mother who asked to be identified only as Lucy. “Having the other children follow her example, that’s just wrong.”

Bus driver told child he should have been aborted because of Romney sign in his parent’s yard

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Joey Hartlaub, age 12, lives in a Milwaukee suburb and takes a bus to school. After his mom put a Romney sign in their yard, his pro-Obama bus driver harassed Joey for two weeks, eventually telling him: “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.” This first-ever on-air interview of Joey’s mom, Debbie, was broadcast by Milwaukee talk radio host Vicki McKenna on 10/10/2012.