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Brochoicer sings: Pro-lifers go home leave the women alone !

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This Brochoicer needs not quit his day job.

The pro-choice song’s author, Rick Super has a message for pro-lifers GO HOME- leave the women alone.

Prochoice song

He sings

    Go back to your tomb
    Stay out of their womb
    Stop the persecution
    Stop the domination
    It’s not your body
    Don’t be a bully
    Pro-Lifers go home
    Leave the women alone
    Wake up, see the light
    Your might ain’t right
    It’s a woman’s voice
    It’s a woman’s choice

Well…I’m convincved – NOT!

And, lest you plan on stealing Mr. Brochoicer’s song- don’t do it – because it’s allegedly copy write protected.
(C) 2015 Rick Super.

Brochoicer prochoice song

As those who love the killing of unborn babies always tells pro-life people, “Get a life!