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Bro-choice man creates “Baby Bashers” vid

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A series of disturbing Brochoice videos entitled Baby Bashers shows a group of men stealing dolls which resemble babies and then killing them in cruel ways.

Baby Bashers

The first one, appeared to have been uploaded in March, but on further inspection I learned they were uploaded to YouTube page user RomanAtwood and found other Baby Basher vids stored there dating back to 2011.

Atwood is a “comedian prankster” who recently claimed he hit 2 million subscribers on his Roman Atwood Vlogs page.

In his first spoof “Baby Bashers” vid, babies are killed by batting them against a wall:

2 Baby Bashers bat

2 Baby Bashers wall

Throwing the faux baby into the lake or into an ongoing car :

2 Baby Bashers throw lakeJPG

2 Baby Bashers throw at car JPGBaby Basher
Pulling the baby away from it’s mom with a truck or throwing the child from a moving truck:

2 Baby Bashers truck

2 Baby Bashers truck throw

Baby Bashers 2

Baby Bashers 2 is just as disgusting as the Brochoicers seem excited when they steal a “girl baby” which they quickly rip apart:

Baby Bashers rip baby girl apart

And…fry in the microwave and dryer:

Baby Bashers microwave

Use an ax to cut the faux baby apart:

Baby Bashers ax

And feed the baby to the dog:

Baby Bashers feed to dog

But the true motivation came out when one of the Bashers runs at the faux baby yelling “F-ing fetus failure, how’s that for an abortion- you piece of sh**”

The vids are supposed to be sick humor, but, somehow, I am not laughing.

What are your thoughts?

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Brochoicer sings: Pro-lifers go home leave the women alone !

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This Brochoicer needs not quit his day job.

The pro-choice song’s author, Rick Super has a message for pro-lifers GO HOME- leave the women alone.

Prochoice song

He sings

    Go back to your tomb
    Stay out of their womb
    Stop the persecution
    Stop the domination
    It’s not your body
    Don’t be a bully
    Pro-Lifers go home
    Leave the women alone
    Wake up, see the light
    Your might ain’t right
    It’s a woman’s voice
    It’s a woman’s choice

Well…I’m convincved – NOT!

And, lest you plan on stealing Mr. Brochoicer’s song- don’t do it – because it’s allegedly copy write protected.
(C) 2015 Rick Super.

Brochoicer prochoice song

As those who love the killing of unborn babies always tells pro-life people, “Get a life!

NARAL holds Men for Choice event to push abortion rights

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Nothing seems more unusual for so-called “women’s rights” than a bunch of Brochoice men getting together to promote abortion all while using the name of a radical FEMALE advocate of population control!

NARAL Ma Men for Choice 2015

NARAL mass Men for Choice Rep harold Naughton abortion 395_3648275792262145694_n

This week’s NARAL Men for Choice event, featured, Rep. Harold Naughton and Ma. State Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) representing the Middlesex & Worcester District.

NARAL Mass Men for Choice

NARAL Men for Choice Jamie Eldridge 2

In promoting the event the Massachusetts abortion lobby group incorrectly titled it the Ruth Bader GINsberg which, if spelled correctly would be Ginsburg – but- you can’t expect abortion advocates to get their facts straight- right?

NARAL RBGinsburg Feb 2015 Men for Choice FB  2 852689446501722369_n

Maybe they got the spelling off this old tweet their national office sent out in 2014:

NARAL Ginsberg Tweet

Hey- I completely understand how one could make a mistake in spelling- I do it all the time- but- Ginsburg is the abortion lobby darling- I mean- how could they mess that up?

Oh…look – someone must have caught their mistake – NARAL corrected the spelling:

But not before tweeting it here here here here here and on Facebook here among other times.

NARAL RGG Men for Choice

Men for Choice RBG B-ppkrDUMAEMuZr

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an advocate of population control otherwise known as eugenics:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said , “I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Recently the good Justice expounded on which populations we don’t want too many of – the poor !

Ruth Ginsburg and Bloomberg 2015 abortion

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr and Matthew Winkler, the radically pro-abortion Justice says that restricting abortion targets the poor – uh – the exact same people she once said abortion was created for.

Is that not ironic?

Ginsburg was asked if American women should be concerned about all the abortion restrictions across the county.

Ginsburg replied, “Women should be concerned because abortion restrictions in practical effect target poor women and poor women only.”

But…I digress…Back to NARAL’s Men for Choice celebration:

NARAL’s Men for Choice event looked pretty boring based on their tweets:

NARAL 2015 Men for choice Harold Naughton

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet 2

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet 3

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet 4

NARAL Men for Choice Tweet

However, this tweet of an old man sitting on the floor with a little child to advocate abortion was pretty disturbing and read, “Spotted at #MenForChoice 2015: multiple generations of activists. The future of #ReproRights is looking bright.”

Men for Choice NARAL Future generations

Well…I doubt that. If the future of abortion rights is to beg support from men – I would say it is in deep trouble!

NARAL labels Men for Choice celebration of abortion “greatest event in history”

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Massachusetts State Representative Harold Naughton, Jr. is the guest of honor at the state chapter of NARAL’s 2nd Annual Men for Choice Event.

NARAL mass Men for Choice Rep harold Naughton abortion 395_3648275792262145694_n

NARAL, the largest abortion lobby group in the nation, calls their MEN FOR CHOICE event an astounding occasion and labels it the “greatest event in history.”


Men for Choice NARAL Mass

NARAL Men for Choice

The abortion celebrating gala takes place February 9, 2015.

NARAL Mass Men for Choice

NARAL will also be honoring Mac D’Alessandro for his work on pro-choice campaigns in Massachusetts.

National Men For Choice events have also taken place under NARAL’s marketing with notable male guests such as Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Nathan Daschle, son of former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., Joe Lockhart, former press secretary to President Bill Clinton, Bill Burton, former campaign press secretary for President Barack Obama, Brian Wolff, former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and former Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Va.


Although men have always benefited from abortion, I see nothing “astounding” or “great” about celebrating the killing of little babies in the womb. Apparently NARAL’s Men for Choice do!

Graphic Bro-choice vid shows forced abortion in mobile clinic van

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Another video on YouTube promotes the Bro-choice mentality that if a woman is pregnant she should be forced to have an abortion.

Brochoicers are pro-choice men who favor abortion !

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid

The video highlights Andre’s Mobile Abortion Clinic which will was started after Andre’s girlfriend became pregnant a number of times, “I founded this business 14 years ago when my girlfriend was pregnant for the 8th time, and no clinic would abort her baby without her consent and I ain’t hav’n none of that,” Andre the abortion clinic CEO says.

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Andres none of that

The abortion clinic’s slogan, “Pregnant today – Happy Tomorrow! Three months, nine months who gives a sh** we’ll find ya! ”

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Andres


In true Brochoice style the vid demonstrates their “services” by kidnapping a pregnant woman off the street.

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid kidnap

She yells “My Baby” before they force her into their mobile abortion clinic van and murder her child.

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Baby dead

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Baby dead 2

Sadly, the reality is that abortions are performed on women against their will or when coerced and it happens far too many times as has been documented in a report by the pro-life group Life Dynamics ( read here).

Mobile Ab Clinic Vid Baby dead 3

Watch the entire vid below- warning graphic images and language !

Comedian jokes about pushing pregnant woman down stairs to cause abortion

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A comedian who writes for Sports Illustrated and is featured on ESPN and other media outlets has joked about pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs in a video he published about abortion protesters.

Steve Hofstetter youtube banner

Steve Hofstetter writes a weekly humor column on, blogs funny for and contributes to “Maxim” and “ESPN Magazine.” Steve’s “Sports Minute (Or So)” is syndicated on 194 radio stations nationwide, and he’s a frequent guest on ESPN, Fox Sports and Sporting News Radio.

Steve Hofstetter

So…when he uploaded this video on abortion humor it was rather shocking.

Steve Hofstetter war on abortion protesters

In the vid called, The War on Abortion Protesters, Steve describes his interaction with “abortion protesters” in line at an Office Depot, “Now, I know that because they brought it up. In a line- at an Office Depot. Like it was a normal piece of conversation,” he tells the audience.

The protesters told him they were late to their abortion protest. Steve’s response is definitely funny – but- I think as the gig continues – he crosses the line.

These guys were jerks,” he continues,”Not because I disagree with their politics. You can disagree with someone it doesn’t make them a bad person“, the comedian says seriously.

They were jerks because they were [expletive] the line was taking to long,” he explains, “These guys are jawing my ear off as if I could do something about it.”

We’re late to our abortion protest“, he mocks.

After five minutes of this finally I turned to them, and I said, I bet if you guys had supported abortion, this line could have been shorter,” Steve continues.

The audience then laughs.

Well…okay….I get it…it’s humor, right? But…wait….

Steve then explains that, “I told that story in Hayes, Kansas. I’d had better luck performing an actual abortion on stage.”

Audience LAUGHS….

Was taking a volunteer from the crowd. Does anyone have any pregnant women? Now whose got a flight of stairs?

That weird moment when you can’t believe what just came out of your mouth and neither can your audience:

Oh, come on, I’m not a doctor,” he says.

Bingo – there it is a typical pro-choice male or shall I say Bro-choice response to abortion. Pushing a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs is NOTHING and may I emphasis NOTHING to joke about. But- hey- if you think joking about ending the life of a baby is funny – there isn’t much of a stretch when you dehumanize the child’s mother either.

Perhaps this is all in fun and I am overreacting. I will leave it to those commenting here to debate that. But, the truth is, abortion kills millions of innocent children. Also true is that women are commonly coerced into abortions and are attacked for refusing to have abortions by the men who want OUT of their responsibility to be a father.

A report published a few years ago by Life Dynamics, in Denton, Texas proved this over and over again with horrific examples.

Over the years, we have collected data on a large volume of these cases, the bulk of which are non- fatal assaults. Although the victims of these attacks often suffer horrifying and crippling physical injuries, we chose to concentrate solely on instances in which the victim died,” the group writes in the study, “In almost every incident in which women are told that they will be physically harmed unless they abort, they are going to comply, never tell anyone and, thus, fade into anonymity. For those who resist and end up on a stretcher or an autopsy table, they can expect to have their experiences hidden under a thick blanket of media deception.From these realities, the inescapable conclusion is that the case studies in this document can represent no more than the tiniest tip of an enormous iceberg,” the Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion, report reads.

With all the ramblings about the War on Women and calling for NFL players who abuse women to be fired one would think that joking about assaulting a pregnant women as a do-it-yourself abortion method would be frowned upon. One would think anyway!

Bro-Choicer Abortion Extortion Scam: Hold Unborn Child Hostage

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A pro-choice man or I will call him a Bro-Choice man has devised a get-rich quick scheme for women.

Abortion Scam Vid

In a YouTube video user 69gangstar69 has uploaded and entitled, “How Abortion And The Pro Life Movement Could Make You Rich” he lays out the scheme.

Step #1) He tells his audience that a woman should “get pregnant – preferably by someone that you do not know. Preferably by a stranger…

That statement alone shows you the absolute idiocy of his thinking.

Step #2) After you are pregnant by this alleged “stranger” you “must go online and say – that- if you do not get a certain amount of money in..three months. If you don’t get $100,000 in three months you will have an abortion.”

He then goes on a rant of how pro-lifers take themselves seriously enough “to shoot up abortion clinics” and would then be willing to give these women the $100K they are asking for.

He continues, “So, essentially you are holding your own unborn child hostage but – I have a good feeling about this one. I have a feeling that this would really work,” he says.

Just say – if you want to save this child you have to give me a $100,000.”

He suggests this scheme he calls the “Abortion Scam” to women or very poor couples.

He ends with this, “Seriously, if anyone does this – give me some money for it.