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Abortion supporter and convicted terrorist calls US a terrorist nation

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Petition Stop Patriarchy

BillAyersMugshot Only months ago convicted Terrorist Bill Ayers signed a pro-abortion petition from Stop Patriarchy, a communist pro-choice group, against Texas law HB2 now closing several abortion clinics in the state.

Bill Ayers was a member of the terrorist group the Weather Underground which blew up buildings and terrorized America in the 1960’s.

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Weather Underground

Now, the former terrorist himself, has conducted an interview with Kourosh Ziabari a reporter with
Iran’s leading news outlet Fars News Agerncy, where he calls the United States a “terrorist nation” which is in a “decisive decline.”

“Terrorism, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is “a mode of governing, or of opposing a government, by intimidation.” This definition has the virtue of consistency and fairness; it focuses on the use of coercive violence, whether committed by a religious cult, a political sect, a group of zealots, or the state itself,” said Ayers, “And by that definition the US is indeed a terrorist nation; it’s also the greatest purveyor of violence on earth over the past half century, and the foremost threat to world peace today.”

Ayers also told the Iranian media, “US imperialism is in decisive decline today as an economic and political power even as it is expanding as a ferocious and aggressive military power. This combination—decline and ascent—makes this a particularly unstable, dangerous, and urgent moment on the clock of the universe.”

Full interview.