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Pro-life dog rescues newborn baby boy !

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A story about a dog which heard a newborn’s cry and brought the child alongside her own puppies was shared online in years ago.

It is so heartwarming, that I wanted to reintroduce it.

Dog saves newborn

Police in Argentina think the dog, named China, may have heard the cries of a newborn baby abounded by the child’s teen mother.

China was nursing her own puppies at the time and her motherly instincts kicked in.

Authorities say that had China not carried or dragged the child over to her pups when she did the little boy may have died.

Chief of Police Daniel Salcedo said the baby was found nestled down, keeping warm with the pups with only a few bruises after a neighbor heard the baby’s cries and called for help.

Duck fetus turned delicacy?

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It is called balut but is is a duck embryo turned delicacy !


The National Geographic promo reads,”To many Westerners, Asia has more than its share of suspicious-looking foods. But it’s a good bet that there’s nothing as popular while at the same time as utterly shocking to outsiders. Could you eat the fetus of a duck…just days from hatching?

The documentary covers strange foods and it highlights what people are eating in the Philippines.

Shockingly- they eat fertilized duck eggs.

Duck Embryo


They believe it is an aphrodisiac.

The narrator describes the delicacy, the duck embryos have, “eyes, a beak, even feathers. Almost complete enough to quack.

Eating Duck Embryo

Turns my stomach…..

Americans are mostly turned off to the food.

However, in an ironic twist- many Americans support killing humans just days from birth – through abortion.

Not making a comparison on the value of humans vs. animals just pointing out the contradictions as “Food” for thought !

Mother monkey clings to her dead baby for days

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TV Derana – Sri Lanka’s Premium Entertainment Channel has posted a touching video of a Monkey who hangs on to her dead baby for over 4 day.

The video shows the grieving mother clutching the dead baby on her arms in the trees, on the ground, she will not leave her side.

The images are heart wrenching and make me wonder- how is it that animals know the value of life – while- many humans do not?

Today in the womb – humans murder their babies with abortion.

We could learn a lesson from this mother monkey’s love, now couldn’t we?


Monkey Baby3

Monkey Baby5

Monkey Baby2

Monkey Baby