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Woman kills puppy in hot oven – media says story makes them sick

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Yes – this is a sickening story.

Kinny Redmon 20150604-150720-pic-632116041

24-year-old Kinny Redmon, turned her oven to 300 degrees – then put her ex-boyfriend’s puppy inside and blocked the door with a chair.

She then called her ex from another phone and when he finally heard her messages he went home to find the three month old pit bull puppy was dead.

She has since been arrested.

A report from the News-Gazette reveals that Assistant State’s Attorney Scott Larson asked for a $1 million bond for Redmon, noting the “extreme cruelty and depravity” of the alleged act.

I am a HUGE animal lover and a dog owner – and this story makes me so sick.

However, I feel that the hypocrisy of the media when stories like this are revealed is also sickening, considering that millions of babies are slaughtered inside their mother’s wombs by abortion and the media promotes the killing.

Since when is the life of a puppy greater than a human baby?

Anyone who hurts animals deserves to be prosecuted, no doubt.

But, today, child killing centers operate openly and the media won’t even investigate or report exactly what it means to kill a child with an abortion.

It is a brutal and evil way to die, just like this puppy was murdered in a brutal and evil way.

Both should be illegal. Only one is. Let’s change that.

Duck fetus turned delicacy?

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It is called balut but is is a duck embryo turned delicacy !


The National Geographic promo reads,”To many Westerners, Asia has more than its share of suspicious-looking foods. But it’s a good bet that there’s nothing as popular while at the same time as utterly shocking to outsiders. Could you eat the fetus of a duck…just days from hatching?

The documentary covers strange foods and it highlights what people are eating in the Philippines.

Shockingly- they eat fertilized duck eggs.

Duck Embryo


They believe it is an aphrodisiac.

The narrator describes the delicacy, the duck embryos have, “eyes, a beak, even feathers. Almost complete enough to quack.

Eating Duck Embryo

Turns my stomach…..

Americans are mostly turned off to the food.

However, in an ironic twist- many Americans support killing humans just days from birth – through abortion.

Not making a comparison on the value of humans vs. animals just pointing out the contradictions as “Food” for thought !

Dash Cam records Tx Deputy who shot farm dog after responding to theft call

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*** Before you read and watch the vids- and no matter whose side you come down on – keep in mind the person ultimately responsible here is the THIEF that set this entire tragedy in motion. I hope you all will call for the THIEF to be prosecuted for animal abuse when found and arrested. If a person is killed in the act of a crime- the perpetrator is charged with murder. In this case, the thief should be charged with CRUELTY TO ANIMALS! ****

According to Fox 4, a Rains County, TX sheriff’s deputy accused of shooting and killing a farmer’s dog for no reason has been fired, officials with the county sheriff’s office confirmed Thursday.

The deputy argued that the dog, Candy, threatened his safety.



Candy’s owner, Cole Middleton, is a third generation dairy farmer. After Candy died, Middleton began a campaign on Facebook that is getting national attention and said she was killed for no good reason.

Last week, someone broke into Middleton’s house. He was on his tractor when the deputy arrived to investigate.

Middleton could see Candy in the bed of his truck, and when the deputy walked up to the house, Candy jumped down. She was barking, and then Middleton lost sight of her.

“The officer comes down and says, ‘Sir, I’m sorry, I shot your dog — she charged me,’” said Middleton. “I became very hysterical and very upset…I said, ‘No, no, no…you shot my baby.’”

Candy was more than just a pet to Middleton — the 2-year-old Blue Heeler was his work partner, always by his side.

“I was so upset,” Middleton told KLTV. “I went over there to her and she was still alive, and I begged and pleaded with him to please shoot her again because I don’t have any firearms. They got stolen.”

Middleton said Dooley got back in his patrol car and drove away.

Not wanting his dog to suffer, Middleton did “the otherwise unthinkable,” he told KLTV.

He filled a bucket with water. “I had to kill my dog with my bare hands and put her out of her suffering, praying for this to be over with,” he said.


When two state troopers and officers with the Emory City Police Department arrived later, Middleton said they drew their weapons when they saw the blood on his shirt. “That is the blood of my dog that I was holding because this deputy pulled up and shot her in my yard,” he told them. The officers then put away their tasers and pistols.

“I feel bad about shooting your dog,” Dooley says in a video Middleton recorded at the time. “I had no choice. I wasn’t going to get bit.”


UPDATE: Rains County attorney Robert Vititow said this afternoon that the deputy involved in the shooting has been terminated. His actions are being investigated for possible criminal charges.

On the owners facebook page: Justice for Candy Middleton he writes:

To serve and protect became invade and attack by Rains County Deputy Jerred Dooley ID #510
Good Friday became Bad Friday for our family. It started with me discovering my home had been broken into and several items of value stolen including my firearms. We attempt to guard against this, but we all know that unfortunately theft happens. When it does happen, we call our local law enforcement officials for help. “To serve and protect” is a motto that we all want to embrace at a time like this.

So that’s what I did. I called the Rains Co. Sheriff’s office and notified them of the burglary. I had no idea of how tragic that act of faith (in what is supposed to be the people who protect us) would soon become.

Our beloved blue heeler Candy was just like many of your beloved pets, a member of your family that’s more than just an animal. Candy was not only that, but a valuable employee at my dairy because she worked with me daily as I gathered cows, worked calves, etc. I can provide dozens of witnesses who can verify that Candy liked to be petted and loved and was NOT AGGRESSIVE AT ALL. She has NEVER bitten anyone in her short 3 year life, but if someone drove up to our residence she would bark like all GOOD dogs do.

Deputy Jerred Dooley arrived about 2.5 hours later to take report on the robbery that happened at MY RESIDENCE. Both my father and I were in the pasture next to my house harvesting our winter crops for our dairy farm. We both saw the officer pull up to my house and park behind my farm truck where my dog Candy was in the bed of it barking at the unknown vehicle. As we were coming to him in our tractors, less than 40 yards away, he got out of his vehicle. That’s when our loyal family member, Candy, came out of the bed of my truck and continued to BARK. We were both HONKING OUR HORNS at this point to let him know we were headed to him. MY FATHER AND I BOTH WATCHED HIM OPEN THE DOORS TO MY HOUSE AND STICK HIS HEAD INSIDE WITHOUT CAUSE OR PERMISSION!!!! Dooley then closes my doors, walks off my steps and tells me, “I shot your dog, sorry.” He told me this as I’m approaching the fence from my tractor. He shot Candy behind her ear, in the side of her head, in HER YARD. OBVIOUSLY SHE WAS NOT FACING HIM AS THE ENTRY POINT WAS BEHIND HER EAR!!!UNREAL!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! REMEMBER I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ROBBED!!! So he was there to HELP ME! “Serve and Protect?” More like “Invade and Attack”.

Dooley then retreats to his squad car, exclaims over his loudspeakers “do not approach the vehicle”, and calls in full reinforcements. He leaves my dog in my yard yelping and thrashing in unbearable pain. I BEGGED him to shoot her again (SINCE MY WEAPONS WERE STOLEN!) and he refused. I then had to do the otherwise unthinkable and take my poor baby’s life with my own hands while praying for this to be over with.

In a few minutes 2 state troopers (Hayes and Sneed) arrive in separate vehicles, along with the Emory City Police and the county investigator Mayer all with sirens blaring. The City Policeman exclaimed to my father and I to back up and step back as we are trying to explain what DEVASTATION has just happened. Officer Hayes had his tazer pulled and hand on his pistol. All of them together were VERY INTIMIDATING TO INNOCENT victims. The only thing I knew to do was grab my video camera phone and capture this because here again “protect and serve” was apparently invade and attack. After informing the officers I had a camera and was going to film, for my own sake, the Wood County State Trooper Hayes begins to MOCK me and wave at my camera. He then unprofessionally says “Hi mom! Hi Channel 8! How you doing?” This IS NOT A JOKE. THIS IS SERIOUS. I HAVE THE VIDEO! After several minutes of my father and I trying to explain to them that WE ARE THE VICTIMS the State Troopers ask, “So whose house got broke into? Whose blood is on your shirt?” SHOULDN’T THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN AWARE OF THAT???

And I explain that MY HOUSE was broken into and this was MY poor Candy’s blood on my shirt. The blood was there because Dooley shot her and left me to do the unimaginable. Only then does the mocking stop, the tazer put away, and hands off the pistols (with the exception of Officer Hayes who continued to want to keep his hand on his gun because its “comfortable”). I finally was able to give report to Officer Sneed (who was professional and helpful) about my dog being erroneously shot in cold blood. I also gave report to Chief Investigator Mayer (who was also professional and helpful) about my house being broken into and robbed.

When we call on peace officers for their help and assistance we expect them to serve and protect us, especially if we are the victims. In this instance service and protection became an invasion and an attack that led to a life altering experience that will regrettably never be forgotten and cost my family a very precious and valuable member.

Cole and Jayna Middleton and Family
6816 FM 514
Point, Tx 75472

The RCSO released the following statement prior to the release of the necropsy:

The Rains County Sheriff’s Office would most importantly like to offer condolences to the Middleton Family as they have suffered a hard loss. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office has never encountered an issue of this nature, but plan to make positive changes for the future. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office is now in process of introducing new policies regarding animals at large when approaching residences. It is our goal to serve, protect, and keep all situations in which we are involved in safe for both people and animals. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office will continue the investigation until further notice and promises to make positive strides in this matter. They would like thank the Middleton’s and the citizens of Rains County for your patience during our investigation.

Middleton says he had an autopsy done on Candy, “The Autopsy is in and the results are just like we’ve been saying!!! See for yourself!! She was shot in the back if the head. The bullet exited the front of her face!!! No charges have been filed yet!! Ridiculous!!! As per the sheriff, Dooley WASNT even trained to use a tazer!! Unbelievable !!!”


According to WFAA, the Rains County Sheriff’s Office is inundated with complaints.

“Over and over, and hundreds and hundreds of calls and you pick it up, and it’s immediate cussing and vulgar,” said Sheriff David Traylor.

Thursday he fired Jerrod Dooley, who told the sheriff he was bitten by a dog on a prior job a few years earlier.

“By no means am I saying he’s guilty of anything at this time, other than poor judgment,” Traylor said. He said his department will conduct a full investigation, and if criminal charges are warranted against Dooley, he’ll suggest them.

“His career is ruined in this community. And there’s been threats toward him, threats toward this department,” Traylor said. “I think my officers would be in danger if he was still out there.”

Middleton said the threats should stop.

“You will never see that from me or my family. Obviously, I can’t control the masses, but we do not condone that type of behavior,” he said.

He said Dooley’s firing brings some relief, but little comfort.

“This cost me my best friend — a child,” he said.

Zombie Attack – K2 causes man to kill and eat his family dog

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Rudy Eugene, the Causeway Cannibal who ate the face off a homeless man he attacked along the MacArthur Causeway, was apparently not high on bath salts or any other exotic street drug at the time of the attack, according to a report released Wednesday by the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner.
this case resembles the Causeway Cannibal

Wrong address leads cop to shoot innocent man’s dog (Cisco)

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On April 14, 2012 Michael Paxton’s best friend, Cisco, a docile Blue Healer, was gunned down by an APD officer that responded to the wrong address of a domestic disturbance call.

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Wrong address leads cop to shoot innocent man’s…, posted with vodpod

UPDATE- READ: Chief apologizes for Cisco’s death

TRANSHUMANISM , eugenics , evolution , Genetically Modified Food, animal hybrids – the future?

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Tom Horn interview, by Alex Ansary

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Reuters Here

FrankenKitty: Genetically Modified Cats Glowing Green for Science

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Mayo Clinic researchers have developed a genome-based immunization strategy to fight feline AIDS and illuminate ways to combat human HIV/AIDS and other diseases. The goal is to create cats with intrinsic immunity to the feline AIDS virus. The findings — called fascinating and landmark by one reviewer — appear in the current online issue of Nature Methods.

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In 1961 researcher Osamu Shimomura of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts noticed a molecule in this jellyfish that glowed bright green under ultraviolet light (as pictured).

After extracting the molecule from 10,000 specimens, Shimomura found the protein that creates the glow.

At some point, a light bulb went off. Some of Shimomura’s colleagues realized that the protein could be attached to other proteins–enabling scientists to mark proteins of their choice with a green glow.

Since then, Shimomura’s green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been used to decrypt previously invisible processes, like the spread of cancer or the development of nerve cells–earning Shimomura and colleagues a Nobel Prize in 2008.

Fluorescent proteins have also been used to engineer some truly strange beasts (and the odd plant), such as the glowing puppies, monkeys, mice, fish and other animals on the following pages.

In 1994 GFP was cloned. Now GFP is found in laboratories all over the world where it is used in every conceivable plant and animal. Flatworms, algae, E. coli and pigs have all been made to fluoresce with GFP. In 2008, GFP was recognized when the Nobel Committee awarded Osamu Shimomura, Marty Chalfie and Roger Tsien the Chemistry Nobel Prize “for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP.”

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