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Woman kills puppy in hot oven – media says story makes them sick

Posted in Animal Abuse with tags , , , , , on July 2, 2015 by saynsumthn

Yes – this is a sickening story.

Kinny Redmon 20150604-150720-pic-632116041

24-year-old Kinny Redmon, turned her oven to 300 degrees – then put her ex-boyfriend’s puppy inside and blocked the door with a chair.

She then called her ex from another phone and when he finally heard her messages he went home to find the three month old pit bull puppy was dead.

She has since been arrested.

A report from the News-Gazette reveals that Assistant State’s Attorney Scott Larson asked for a $1 million bond for Redmon, noting the “extreme cruelty and depravity” of the alleged act.

I am a HUGE animal lover and a dog owner – and this story makes me so sick.

However, I feel that the hypocrisy of the media when stories like this are revealed is also sickening, considering that millions of babies are slaughtered inside their mother’s wombs by abortion and the media promotes the killing.

Since when is the life of a puppy greater than a human baby?

Anyone who hurts animals deserves to be prosecuted, no doubt.

But, today, child killing centers operate openly and the media won’t even investigate or report exactly what it means to kill a child with an abortion.

It is a brutal and evil way to die, just like this puppy was murdered in a brutal and evil way.

Both should be illegal. Only one is. Let’s change that.