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Parents carry banner for son’s dying wish of abolishing abortion in Texas

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The parents of a deceased teen are carrying on his legacy to see his dying wish of ending abortion come true. On August 26, 2018, Rusty and Kendra Thomas lost their beloved son Jeremiah Thomas at the age of sixteen, after his body succumbed to cancer.

This amazing young man spent his final days and hours on this earth pleading for the lives of the unborn. As a result of Jeremiah’s dying wish, the Governor of his home state of Texas, where the Roe v. Wade court case on abortion originated, made a promise to Jeremiah, “to outlaw abortion altogether in the State of Texas,” which has yet to come true.

Image: Jeremiah's wish to abolish abortion in Texas

Jeremiah’s wish to abolish abortion in Texas

Jeremiah’s passion for protecting babies whose lives were targeted for violent death due to the legalization of abortion grew in the months preceding his diagnosis. But, after Jeremiah learned that his own days were numbered, he doubled down on his fight to see abortion abolished and innocent lives protected.

A Facebook post shared by his father Rusty Thomas explains that, “Instead of going to Disney World or meeting a celebrity, Jeremiah asked to meet with Gov. Abbott to discuss a bill of abolition in Texas. Though Make a Wish could not make it happen, it happened anyway.”

His wish came true and on June 17, 2018 Jeremiah and the Texas Governor spoke.

Image: Jeremiah's wish to to gov. Abbott abolish abortion in Texas

Jeremiah’s wish to to gov. Abbott abolish abortion in Texas

On the call, Jeremiah told Governor Abbott:

“We just want you to treat abortion like an act of murder and it should be punished by law. For my wish, I just wanted to say that to you… I think we could rally with Texas, and we could end abortion here and now. Because, at least for me, this would make my wish complete before I pass.”

Governor Abbott replied, “Your wish is on the Republican Party platform positions, and it’s what we’re going to be pursuing this next legislative session.  And that is to outlaw abortion altogether in the State of Texas. And, so your wish is granted.”

In an interview with Live Action News shortly after the call, Jeremiah said, “My wish was to meet with Gov. Gregg Abbott and discuss abolition…. I was just trying to talk to a person in power to persuade him. 60 million babies have been murdered. One-third of my generation…. All I wanted was for abortion to be abolished and preborn babies to be given the same rights all humans deserve.”

For that “wish” Jeremiah was bullied online, but, he was not deterred. In fact, his response was to forgive.

After Governor Abbott made his promise, videos of it went viral, gaining coverage by Fox News, the Daily SignalLive Action, and many others.

But, tragically Jeremiah died just two months later, never seeing his wish come true.

Now, his family has taken up the banner.

Image: Jeremiah's parents Rusty and Kendra Thomas carry the banner of his wish to abolish abortion in Texas

Jeremiah’s parents Rusty and Kendra Thomas carry the banner of his wish to abolish abortion in Texas

“Every year, in the state of Texas fifty-five thousand preborn children are killed…We are calling on all Texans who love life to sign the petition urging Governor Abbott to make outlawing abortion an emergency item for Texas.”

“This is not something Jeremiah saw in his lifetime, this is something we can do in our lifetime,” his father Rusty Thomas stated.

The legislative session in which Governor Abbott promised Jeremiah he would be pursuing to outlaw abortion altogether in Texas began January 8, 2019.

So, at the request of Jeremiah’s parents, an online petition to invite others to join Jeremiah’s wish by urging Governor Abbott to keep his promise by making abolishing abortion an emergency item for the State legislature, has been hosted by Abolish Abortion Texas.

The family has requested that in addition to signing the Jeremiah’s Wish petition, supporters make a short video encouraging Governor Abbott of Texas keep his promise to Jeremiah and post it on social media inviting others to do the same.