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Legal guide for teens gives step by step instructions on how to obtain abortions in Florida

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In 2009, the pro-abortion ACLU joined other groups and published The Legal Guide for Pregnant Teens in Florida designed to allegedly address many of the issues faced by a pregnant teenager in Florida.

Abortion Def

The document , which is still accessible online, defines an abortion this way, “When an embryo or fetus is separated from a woman’s body before it can live on its own. An abortion that occurs naturally is also called a miscarriage. A planned abortion is sometimes called “induced abortion” or, more often, just “abortion.” A woman who decides to end a pregnancy takes pills (medical abortion) or has an operation (surgical abortion).”

According to the authors, The Legal Guide for Pregnant Teens in Florida is the work of many volunteer lawyers and other professionals concerned about the health and well-being of Florida’s teenagers. They say they worked closely with representatives of the Capital Area Healthy Start Coalition, Planned Parenthood, and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Florida.

Abortion 1

The documents tells at risk teens that if they are pregnant and do not know what they want to do about their pregnancy, that they should, “talk to the staff at Planned Parenthood or another family planning clinic or counseling center. They will explain your options to you and discuss having a baby or having an abortion without pushing you in any direction. They will help you accomplish whatever your decision is.”


And since Florida has parental consent legislation – they tell pregnant teens that, “If you have strong and serious reasons not to tell
your parents about your plan to have an abortion, you may go to court to get permission from the court to move forward without notifying them.”

And who can they call if they decide to go to court rather than telling their parents? Why the ACLU:

ACLU Judicial bypass

Ad in case these scared and confused teens have no idea where to go for an abortion they are told , “If you do not know or you are not sure what you want to do, go to the Planned Parenthood clinic in your area.” She is then told that funds are available to help her pay to have her child killed – nice !

Get abortion

But- wait, what if she wants to keep her baby. Well this radically pro-abortion group has the solution, “It is best if you can talk to your parents and have them take you to a doctor. Counselors at Planned Parenthood or the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services can help you figure out how to tell your parents that you are pregnant.”

Isn’t Planned Parenthood in the business of abortion NOT keeping babies alive? Just checking !!!

The document does emphasize that no one, parents, boyfriends, etc. can force a girl to abort her pregnancy – however- it has been documented that teens are often coerced into abortions with the assistance of abortion clinics who are in the business for profit.