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Texas abortion clinic fined $20k for abysmal health and safety violations

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  |  (From Live Action News)

A Texas abortion facility which is a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF) has been fined over $20,000 for a number of serious health violations found during a state inspection. The Houston Women’s Clinic, located at 4820 San Jacinto in Houston, opened in 1976 and commits abortions up to 16 weeks. It is operated by abortionist Bernard Rosenfeld. A second doctor, Yuri Nosaville, M.D., is listed on the clinic’s medical history forms.

Image: Houston Women's Clinic abortion clinic NAF member

Houston Women’s Clinic abortion clinic NAF member

Rosenfeld, who owns the Houston Women’s [abortion] Clinic and offers tubal reversals out of a second location, has been committing abortions since 1971. He was recently “honored” by the pro-abortion Lilith Fund and his website claims he is “on staff at Texas Women’s and St. Luke’s Hospitals in the Texas Medical Center.”

Image: Bernard Rosenfeld

Bernard Rosenfeld Texas abortion doctor Bernard Rosenfeld (Screen from: Lilth Fund video)

In 2015, the Texas Medical Board filed a board action against Rosenfeld which indicated that the abortionist failed to register his facility with the Texas Department of State Health Services. LifeSiteNews reported, “The Texas Alliance for Life said its offices had been ‘tipped off by a local pro-life leader’ that Rosenfeld had been performing abortions, not only at Houston Women’s Clinic — which advertises itself as ‘among the best abortion clinics in Houston’ — but in his private medical office. He even advertised his private abortion services online.”

As a result, the State Board ordered him to complete eight hours of continuing medical education and remove any advertisements for abortions services from his website.

Image: Bernard Rosenfeld complaint Texas Medical Board

Bernard Rosenfeld complaint Texas Medical Board

The next year (2016), Rosenfeld’s Houston abortion facility was inspected by the state.

The findings, which are eerily similar to what was found inside the Gosnell House of Horrors abortion facility, include the abysmal treatment of a patient with post-abortion complications as well as serious infection control issues, may be an indication why the abortionist did not want to register his facility.

Image: Abortionist Bernard Rosenfeld and the Houston Women's Clinic staff (Image credit: Yelp)

Abortionist Bernard Rosenfeld and the Houston Women’s Clinic staff (Image credit: Yelp)

According to the Order, obtained by Live Action News, an inspection of the abortion facility was performed in August of 2016 and by February of 2017, Houston Women’s Clinic or “Respondent” admitted to the violations and agreed to pay a substantial penalty of $20,300:

Image: Houston Women’s Clinic abortion facility fined twenty thousand dollars by state health department

Houston Women’s Clinic abortion facility fined twenty thousand dollars by state health department

According to the Notice of Violations, Houston Women’s Clinic failed to:

  • Meet at least quarterly to identify issues with respect to which quality assurance activities are necessary.
  • Make available current/accurate information for visitors and patients on how to file complaints.
  • Develop or implement a post-procedure infection monitoring policy.
  • Conduct annual evaluations and infection control training.
  • Maintain documentation of required laboratory testing and vaccinations of staff.
  • Provide a safe and sanitary environment to protect the health and safety of patients and staff.
  • Enforce infection control policies to minimize the transmission of infection.
  • Properly package and document instruments to be sterilized.
  • Use external chemical indicators.
  • Follow manufacturer’s written instructions in sterilizing instruments.
  • Provide and ensure proper and adequate storage of sterilized items.
  • Document and maintains clinical records adequately.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for patient post-procedure follow-up.
  • Ensure that schedule II-V drugs were properly secured.

The document reveals the clinic also:

  • Did not have records of making any post-procedure follow-up attempts on 11 patients.
  • Had a lack of infection control training for six staff members.
  • Had 22 instances of sterilization, sanitation and safety issues.
  • The facility failed to safeguard against the proliferation of infection in three procedure rooms.
  • The facility referred a patient who reported post-abortion complications to an emergency room and did not attempt to further inquire about her condition or confirm that she sought treatment.

The facility’s other abortionist, Yury Joseph Nosaville, has connections to the notorious abortionist dubbed “Texas Gosnell.”

In 2014, pro-life watchdog group Operation Rescue reported that Nosaville was working for abortionist Douglas Karpen. According to OR, Karpen’s “former abortion workers alleged that Karpen was intentionally killing babies born alive during abortions done beyond the legal limit by cutting their throats or twisting their heads nearly off their bodies.”  [View report with photos — WARNING.]

An interview with the witnesses can be viewed below:

OR also reported that “Nosaville was known by some of Karpen’s staff as ‘Dr. Jab-and-Stab’ due to the way he apparently rushed roughly through abortion procedures.”

A patient review published at for Dr. Nosaville, which does not specify the location the patient visited, indicates there could be potential problems with his Nosaville’s quality of care. It reads in part:

[…]It was unpleasant to wait for over an hour past the appointment time seeing woman after woman arriving back dizzy after seemingly having had an abortion. The staff is hardly friendly…

Image: Yury J Nosaville Vitals Review of Houston Women's Clinic abortion

Yury J Nosaville Review of Houston Women’s Clinic abortion (Image credit:

In March of 2018, the state performed another inspection of the Houston Women’s Clinic and again found violations. The 23-page report is yet another indication that nothing has changed.

Tragically, the kind of violations found inside this Houston abortion facility are not unique. In 2016, Operation Rescue reviewed public documents and found that between August 2015 and June 2016, 16 of 17 Texas abortion facilities failed health and safety inspections.

    • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Catholic Hospital who dumped abortionist caught with containers of fetal tissue in car ignored pro-lifers earlier

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Recently, a Catholic hospital in Michigan cut ties with an abortionist who is under investigation in the state. But, local pro-life activists say they approached the hospital about the abortionist’s privileges long before he was in the spot light. They claim the Catholic institution ignored their requests to cut ties, until now.

Providence Hospital Catholic cuts ties abortion doc

As Saynsumthn previously reported, circuit-riding abortion doctor Michael Roth is the subject of a federal investigation on suspicion he performed illegal abortions after police found several containers of human tissue, possibly fetuses in his vehicle. The discovery came after the abortionist was involved in a car accident and prompted the Attorney General and DEA to raid his home and office last week.

Michael Roth

Local pro-life activist Lynn Mills reports that Roth has been killing preborn babies since the Rescue days of the late 1980’s working with other notorious abortionists in the state. She described Roth as being extremely nasty to pro-lifers and the media.

Michael Roth abortion state discipline

Roth has not been charged with a crime yet, but, in light of the story, WXYZ has reported that Roth been kicked out of one hospital where he worked.

Michael Roth abortion Providence Hospital

St. John Providence Park Hospital, which is a Catholic facility said that Roth is on leave from the Hospital and released the following statement to the station:

    Michael Roth, MD is a private practice physician (not employed by the hospital) on leave of absence.

    Our by-laws clearly require all physicians to adhere to the ethical religious directives, meaning no abortions in the hospital.

    But Michigan law prohibits hospitals from denying medical staff privileges based on whether or not a physician provides termination of pregnancy services at other locations.

Lynn Mills 162752_000_GI89G63UR.1-0

Mills said that she has been warning the Archdiocese of Detroit about allowing abortionists privileges at their hospitals since 2010. She stated that last year, she and a group of pro-lifers held a demonstration at Providence Hospital but, she stated, rather than addressing why a Catholic hospital would allow an abortionist to practice there, they called security on the demonstrators.


“It’s time for the Archdiocese of Detroit to release the other abortionist with privileges,” Mills said in response.

“This is a wake-up call that the reputation of all Catholics as well as the reputation of their Catholic hospitals are at risk when they give an abortionist privileges,” Mills added.

Reverse restrictions on voting rights to save abortion and Planned Parenthood says Texas abortionist

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According to a Texas abortion doctor, they need to reverse restrictions on voting rights, because the state has defunded Planned Parenthood and passed safety regulations on abortion clinics.

WWH Abortion clinic beaumont

Dr. Sherwood C. Lynn, who performs abortions at the Whole Women’s Health abortion clinic chain in Texas told Cosmopolitan that, “We’re one of the states who declined Medicaid expansion and defunded Planned Parenthood. If more clinics shut down in September, there are only going to be six clinics left in Texas. In order to change this, we’re going to have to get the Democratic electorate out to vote. We’re going to have to reverse restrictions on voting rights. Lawmakers are catering to a group of crazies. There is no regard for science or for women.”

Exactly what does this abortionist mean by reverse restrictions on voting rights anyway? Is this the extreme that these people will take us if we do not allow them to kill unborn children?

TX Aug 2013 Oct 2014

Abortion clinics in the state have closed at a rapid pace over the past year since the passage of HB2, a law that requires clinics to become ambulatory surgical centers and doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges close by. The abortion industry says they cannot afford to make the changes required for the safety of the women they serve, so instead they have chosen to close.

Whole Womens Health along with other abortion providers in the state have filed a lawsuit to challenge the law. It is expected to be heard before the Supreme Court. While they await the high court’s decision to take the case, the Fifth Circuit has just decided that the law can be enforced.

The Fifth Circuit’s ruling on October 2 immediately allowed the state’s requirement that every facility offering abortion meet the same building requirements as hospital-style surgery centers to go into effect immediately.

A previous challenge to the law regarding the requirement that abortion doctors have admitting privileges has been upheld upheld by a panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and now the plaintiffs await a decision on whether the full appeals court will rehear the case.

So. the abortion industry is in an all out panic claiming that women will die because they cannot access abortions. Several counties in the state are now completely abortion clinic free and the industry has laid the fault at the feet of pro-lifers.

Sept 2014 Houston PP 6395_4199836955484851323_o

But, as blogger Jill Stanek has pointed out, the largest chain of abortion clinics in the country is not building new mega centers in the areas that the industry claims is in the most need for abortion services – they are building them in major metropolitan communities, such as Houston which just recently called an ambulance to transport a patient from their abortion center.

PP FTWorth

newpp DALLAS

In Texas, where there is now a dearth of abortion clinics thanks to pro-life legislation, Planned Parenthood is building two new clinics in Dallas and San Antonio – where two of the state’s last three independent clinics already exist (if and when the law takes full effect). The other five that are anticipated to remain standing all belong to Planned Parenthood,” Stanek writes on her blog.

In addition to the ambulatory requirements, abortionists say that they have a difficult time getting hospital privileges.

When HB2 passed requiring hospital admitting privileges by abortion workers, pro-lifers were ecstatic. They knew that hospitals were leery of accepting abortion doctors on staff.

In response, Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton Texas, contacted members of the Texas medical community to warn them that the abortion lobby would try to recruit doctors who work at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics explains, “What we did is created a post card called Hired Killers. This postcard is designed to discourage doctors from getting involved in abortion. We sent one of these to every doctor’s office in Texas. What we are trying to do is keep the waters stirred because what the abortion industry wants is to recruit these guys and tell them, you can just slide in and you don’t have to raise a big ruckus about it. We’re making sure that these doctors understand, there will be a ruckus and this is just the first shot of the ruckus that’s coming.

LDI Texas Mailer Front
LDI Mailer Texas Back

The second thing we did was send a letter to every hospital administrator in Texas,” Crutcher explains,”It’s designed to discourage them from granting privileges and be on the lookout for new doctors filing for hospital privileges who are not telling them they are working in an abortion clinic. Before you let them in, you better ask them if they are working in abortion because you don’t want to drag this hospital into the abortion controversy.”

Hospital Letter Texas

The campaign appears to be working as expressed again by abortion doctor Sherwood Lynn.

“Gaining admitting privileges has been difficult for me. First, you have to call the hospital and ask for an application. Then they send it to you, and you fill it out and send back. It seems simple enough, but if the address of the practice on the application is of an abortion provider or clinic, they won’t send you the package of materials required. You just can’t apply. I have one application pending in Austin, and I’ve been denied applications in McAllen and Beaumont. Whole Woman’s Health followed up to find out why, but we only got a letter from McAllen without any explanation. [There was no response from Beaumont.] There is no one in the Valley who has privileges who provides abortion care. The hospitals in McAllen are not necessarily Catholic institutions, but the board members are. I do have privileges at one of the hospitals in San Antonio, however, which is how I can continue to provide services at the Whole Woman’s Health [abortion clinic] surgical ambulatory center,”~ Abortionist Sherwood C. Lynn told Cosmo.

Go directly to jail: Abortion doc’s mugs reach 23

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Operation Rescue reports that one Alabama abortionist has been jailed 23 times since last year !

Abortionist Raymond Lopez, from Huntsville, Alabama, checked in to the Madison County Jail for 23 consecutive weekends between November 2013, and April 2014, serving time on a “domestic relations” case.

Raymond Lopez Mug

Raymond Lopez Mug 2

Raymond Lopez Mug 3

Raymond Lopez Mug 4


In Alabama, “domestic relations” violations can range from non-payment of alimony to violation of a protection order.

Since 1996, Lopez has been the subject of 14 court cases, including two criminal cases filed in 1998 and 2008.


The abortion clinic where Lopez works, the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives (AWCRA), has been cited for serious health code violations at least seven times between 2001 and 2013, with multiple violations for each deficiency report filed.

Alabaam Womens Abortion Clinic Raymond Lopez

Most recently, a survey of AWCRA was conducted on January 8-9, 2013, where inspectors found unsanitary conditions, expired drugs, and an uncalibrated ultrasound machine. AWCRA failed to clean medical equipment – including procedure tables – between patients. One abortionist failed to provide women with an opportunity to view an ultrasound of their babies prior to an abortion, as required by law.

Other violations dating back years included:

• Staff giving injections without wearing gloves.
• More expired drugs.
• Failure to properly prepare IV medications in accordance with medical standards. (Multiple occurrences.)
• Improper labeling and storage of pre-drawn drug syringes. (Multiple occurrences.)
• Administration of controlled substances without specific doctor’s orders.
• Failure to implement a required Quality Improvement Program.
• No documentation that three abortionists had the required training and experience to conduct abortions.
• Failure to properly monitor women in recovery.
• Failure to document fetal age or possibility of viability prior to abortions.
• Women calling back with complications (such as heavy bleeding) did not have access to professional staff members.
• Lack of a required infection control committee.
• Missing drugs
• Failure to log complications, such as possible perforations, heavy bleeding, or hospitalizations that resulted from an abortion procedure.
• A botched 28-week abortion — misdiagnosed as 20 weeks — that required emergency hospitalization.

View more here

Read full Operation Rescue Report on Lopez here

EL Paso abortion clinic will reportedly close due to pro-life legislation

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El Paso Times reports that yet another abortion clinic may close following passage of reasonable pro-life legislation.


FranzTheard703a2.jpg_256Abortionist Franz Theard, who owns El Paso’s Hilltop Women’s Reproductive Clinic, said there is no way his business can afford to make the upgrades required by House Bill 2, a pro-life law passed that requires abortion clinics to qualify as “ambulatory surgical centers” — which would require Hilltop to widen hallways, enlarge surgical suites, add locker rooms, install backup generators and make other changes, according to the Times.

“We’re not going to retrofit and spend $2 million to become a surgical center,” Theard told the paper.

The report continues, El Paso’s other clinic, Reproductive Services, was forced to stop offering abortions for several months last year.

Gerri Laster, the clinic’s executive administrator, last week said that the clinic’s doctor, Pamela Richter, had secured temporary privileges at an El Paso hospital.

Asked if her clinic could afford to make the changes required by Sept. 1, Laster said she is uncertain that the requirement will take effect then.

“We don’t know what the Fifth Court of Appeals is going to do,” she said.

She was referring to a legal challenge to House Bill 2.

Last week, Saynsumthn reported the closing of two more Texas abortion clinics. Whole Woman’s Health in Beaumont and McAllen will close after providing abortions in the areas for a decade.

Texas Medical Board suspends license of abortionist for violating newly enacted Pro-Life law

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BREAKING NEWS: Texas Medical Board suspends license of abortionist for violating newly enacted Pro-Life law

by Texas Right to Life

Yesterday, the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended the license of abortionist Theodore Herring for violating new Pro-Life law House Bill 2. During an anonymous Department of State Health Services inspection held in December, Herring was found to be non-compliant with Texas law that requires abortionists to maintain admitting privileges with a local hospital. Herring was cited with illegally completing 268 abortions while failing to hold any admitting privilege at a hospital within thirty miles of where he completed abortions.

The 30 miles admitting privileges requirement has been in effect since Oct 31st when United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit overturned the US District Courts injunction. After the court decision, Planned Parenthood sought to have the Supreme Court reinstate the hold on the Pro-Life bill. The Supreme Court denied Planned Parenthood’s request, allowed the law to remain in effect, and allowed Texas to enforce the law while the court case continued in the Fifth Circuit Court. The trial was held in New Orleans in early January. Now both sides wait for the final ruling from that three-judge panel.

Texas Right to Life is proud that the Texas Medical Board has upheld the rule of law by taking this disciplinary action against Dr. Herring. Dr. Herring is not the only abortionist practicing illegally in Texas, and we encourage the Texas Medical Board and the Department of State Health Services to continue fully enforcing the Life-saving safety policies passed in House Bill 2.

Herring’s license will be suspended pending further review by the Texas Medical Board. That meeting might not occur until their next scheduled meeting in May.

Theodore Herring TX

Herring works at the A Affordable Women’s Medical Center in Houston.


7007 NORTH FWY #225 HOUSTON , TX 77076-1324

The provider can be reached at his practice location using the following numbers:

Phone 832-830-5259
The provider’s official mailing address is:

5090RICHMOND AVE. #117
The contact numbers associated with the mailing address are:

Phone 832-830-5259
The authorized official registered with the “1376820530” NPI Number is DR. THEODORE M HERRING JR..

The authorized official title (position) is MEDICAL DIRECTOR.

Abortion doctor under investigation

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Klopfer PicA local abortion doctor under fire is now under investigation. St. Joseph County Prosecutor Mike Dvorak asked the Special Victims Unit to investigate the man who runs South Bend’s abortion clinic. But proving whether Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer did or did not break any laws may be tough.

Right to Life also says Klopfer illegally reported abortions involving 13-year-olds.

They now have questions about another law that requires every abortion doctor in the state to have admitting privileges to a local hospital or an agreement with a doctor who does.

“I don’t know why no one is enforcing this. This is the law. Where are the fines?” asked Right to Life of St. Joseph County Director Jeanette Burdell.

“He comes from Illinois which is where he resides. So a patient of his, in case of complications, needs to have a doctor that can respond to her care – for her sake and her health in a very timely manner,” Burdette continued.

WSBT checked – there is no record of Klopfer’s back up doctor at the local or state health departments, the professional licensing agency or anywhere else. No one keeps track of whether abortion doctors really do have admitting privileges or a back up doctor.

“It appears that there is no oversight to that portion of the law. In other words, there’s no state registry for that,” said Indiana Professional Licensing Agency spokeswoman Sue Swayze.

Womans Pavillion South Bend Klopfer

When WSBT reached out to Klopfer at his Gary clinic Monday and asked who is back up doctor is in St. Joseph County or one of its adjacent counties, as the law mandates, he refused to answer the question then explained why.

“Now a days the majority of medical school graduates become employed in some big corporation where the hospital or otherwise controls and dictates everything you can and cannot do,” Klopfer said. “For me to divulge information that’s not necessary, I will not.”

He also said he has to keep some parts of his life and the lives of those who help him private for safety reasons.

“I’ve been stalked, I’ve been shot at, I’ve had three bus loads of people in front of my house. No, I’m not going to advertise. I’m sorry, I’m not running for political office, Klopfer added.”

He said he could understand the Right to Life concerns if he had a bad track record, but added that he does not. He still has a license to practice in Indiana but because of comments he recently made to a newspaper about an abortion he performed on a 13-year-old, he’s been asked to appear before the state’s medical licensing board next week.

Klopfer also has abortion clinics in Ft. Wayne and Gary but he’s not legally allowed to perform abortions in Ft. Wayne right now. That happened after Right to Life raised similar concerns in Allen County, causing Klopfer’s back up doctor there to quit.

Allen County is the only one in the state that has its own local back up doctor ordinance. Abortion doctors there are required to report the back up doctor’s name.