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Disturbing abortion for holidays satire vid not funny at all !

Posted in Abortion Video with tags , , , , on December 16, 2014 by saynsumthn

A satire video uploaded to YouTube promoting having an abortion for the holidays is disturbing.

The PowToon created vid begins, “Dead babies R us, black Friday abortions are getting into gear, Abortion savings up to 50% off.”

And implies that you need to enjoy the Holidays with you friends and family but without babies !

Ab for Holidays7

No abortion is the same- so the satire offers different abortion packages, which includes half priced abortion pills where you can abort a baby in the “comfort of your own home.”

Ab for Holidays

If you want to have a clinic abortion- the satire vid says “No problem we have your back,” offering $100.00 abortions.

Ab for Holidays2

And….some are even cheaper:

Ab for Holidays3

Twins or triplets? They have the solution:

Twins Triplets abortions

First 10 people get complimentary birth control pills:

Ab for Holidays4

All you have to do is call 1-800-Bad-Baby:

Ab for Holidays5

Sadly, this satire video on abortion has some truth-abortion clinics have offered holiday coupons and they do entice women to kill their children with clever sounding marketing schemes.

Ab for Holidays6

But- joking around about the killing of children in the womb is not funny in fact – this video is pretty disturbing to say the least.