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Abortion clinic security guard claims to be a minister

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A security guard who works for the Delta Clinic for Women in Baton Rouge abortion clinic claims that he is an ordained minister.

Ralph Delta abortion security guard

Pro-lifers with the group,, lovingly confronted the so-called minister and asked how he could protect a place that kills children.

“You’re the adjective that give me the opportunity to be the mouth,” the security guard “minister” says to pro-lifers.

Because, what happens is they get a chance to ask me can they do that?’ Because that’s always the first question that comes to their mind…That gives me the opportunity to carry on the conversation that you started,” the security guard says in his defense of taking blood money.

He then compares himself to a narcotics agent who goes undercover to get to the Kingpins.

“And so the same thing applies to me here…gives me the opportunity to talk to some people.”

Prolife minister Delta abortionThe pro-life minister who is speaking to him says he is not condemning him but feels that the Holy Spirit wants him to consider whether God would send His people to guard the temple of the Moloch god.

The security guard tells the pro-lifers he will consider what they have said. The conversation was cordial.

What do you- the reader – think he should do?

Church youth minister, pastor’s wife works at abortion clinic

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Callie Chatman’s linkedin page says that she is a License, Ordained Minister New Elam Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

Callie Chatman

New Elam Baptist Montgomery

Callie’s bio also states that she worked as a Youth Minister and Adult Sunday School Teacher and she assists the pastor in any means necessary.


Oddly, it also says she works at Reproducted Health, an abortion clinic in Alabama.

Reproductive Health Services

According to a pro-life activist who side walk counsels outside an abortion clinic in Montgomery, Callie Chatman works for Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in Montgomery.

Pastor Louis Chatman

A video uploaded by pro-life activist David Day, allegedly shows that Callie’s husband, Pastor Louis Chatman of New Elam Baptist Church, dropping his wife off at the abortion clinic.

Ironically, David Day, Sr., told Christian News Network that Chatman has worked at Reproductive Health Services for years, along with her son Jerome, who is employed as a security guard at the location.

Jerome Chatman abortion clinic security guard

I was stunned that there is actually a pastor’s wife that works there,” Day said. “I can’t image this pastor whose wife works at the clinic and his people not knowing.”

“I’ve spoken to her one-on-one, and she tells me that women know what they’re doing—they know what [abortion] is—but she says that there’s no sin greater [than God’s forgiveness], that we’re not to judge and that God forgives,” he outlined. “It’s always the same thing: We’re not to judge and God forgives. There’s none of us without sin, is what she says.”

Callie Louis Chatman 761944_7315368_n

Chatman’s work is no secret, she was mentioned in an Esquire article about another abortionist who claims to be a Christian, Willie Parker.

The article stated:

    Right across is the recovery room, empty now. An elderly black woman named Callie Chatman sits waiting for the women to emerge from surgery. She’s a youth minister at a local Baptist church, where her husband is the pastor. She serves here as an exit counselor. “You know, preacher been teaching that the wages of sin is death,” she says. “Not many of them know that God is a forgiving God. So if they ask me if I think they’ll go to hell, I tell them what Jesus say: ‘I do not condemn thee. Go and sin no more.’ I tell them not to make the same mistake—and how not to make the same mistake.”

    Not one woman has told her that she thought abortion was okay, she adds. “What they have told me is it’s the last resort. And I am here to let them know that God will meet you right where you are. And then I ask them to accept Christ as their lord and savior.

    A couple women have accepted, she says, right here in the recovery room.

It is difficult to imagine that anyone who calls themselves a Christian could work in a place that kills God’s children.

“Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ Matthew 7

Abortion clinic security guard wears Jesus wristband

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A security guard protecting the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic has been video taped wearing a JESUS wrist band.


In the vid uploaded by a regular sidewalk counselor, the guard, an African American man, clearly displays the bracelet.


Sadly, abortion targets the Black community.

The documentary film, Maafa21, documents how racist abortion is.


The sidewalk counselor in the video suggested that this abortion security guard watch Maafa21, let’s pray that he does.