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22-year-old who had abortion at Planned Parenthood admits she was irresponsible, refers to baby as a CHILD!

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She was 9 weeks pregnant and says she has no regrets about abortion at Planned Parenthood – admits it is a CHILD/ BABY

“The reason I chose to have an abortion in the first place is because frankly I’m young and irresponsible. At the time I was working two fast food jobs and getting a total of 15 hours a week if that. I have rent to pay, I have bills, I have food expenses there is no way in hell that I would have been able to properly care for a child a baby a child. I’m trying to go to school have so many things in my life…I have no regrets, not a single one….I know for a fact I am not a responsible enough person to bring a child into the world. ”