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“And the people who do abortions are every bit as ethical and as kind and loving and godlike as those who think abortion is wrong. I say that with every conviction I have. Abortion clearly has improved women’s health, no matter how you look at it.” Mildred Hanson, Abortionist Voices of Choice, Doctors Stories

Abortionist joked and laughed during abortion

One abortion patient reported that,

“I was almost 5 months when I told my mother so I had to pay $1,000 to have a saline abortion and the doctor stuck this big needle in my stomach and joked and laughed the whole time like he was at a golf game with his country club buddies and he had no emotion or empathy for me it was awful and demeaning, then I was admitted into the hospital until I delivered the baby, the pain that I had with the delivery were terrible and when the baby came the insensitive nurse said It’s a girl! Like it was a normal delivery and it was a happy occasion but all I could do was cry, after that I was taken into another room where the doctor removed the after birth and checked me for missing body parts from the baby and there was so much blood I thought I was gonna die right there. Then they put the baby in a jar and left her in the bathroom on the edge of the shower for me to see.”

Source: AbortionTV

Abortion doctor was annoyed

One abortion patient recounts:

“I woke up in pain and crying in the recovery room. The doctor came in all annoyed and asked me “What are you still crying for?” He then told me that I cried through the whole procedure even under general anesthesia and that it was very distracting.”

Source: AbortionTV

Abortionist calls patient ‘lazy’

In an April 4, 1993, article, Legalizing abortion did not put the “butchers” out of business, the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette recalls a Chicago Tribune (10/22/91) report that at a license revocation hearing in October 1988, testimony revealed that abortionist Arnold Bickham had called the victim of a fatal botched abortion, Sylvia Moore, “lazy” because she failed to get up after receiving the abortion. It went on to report that Bickham pushed her out of his clinic in a wheelchair, despite her condition. She died at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center. Bickham never faced criminal charges in her death.

Abortion patient told to ‘shut up’

In a press conference, abortion patient Melanie Bell, testified about her abortion experience. She said she was told that her pregnancy, which was nine weeks along, was just a “blob of tissue.”

She said nurses told her to shut up when she asked for the procedure to stop.

Abortionist vents his anger toward women

The LA Times reported March 22, 1992, that abortionist Ivan C. Namihas might harbor a hatred of women. The article, Patients allege gynecologist hated women, presented interviews and court documents indicating that Namihas allegedly impregnated at least two of his patients, and that he reportedly told one woman, whom he treated for more than 10 years, that he became a gynecologist so he could vent his anger toward women.

A patient and temporary employee of abortionist Ivan C. Namihas, said in an affidavit that she “felt he had problems with women in general because he talked about how much he hated his mother and bad relationships he’d had with girlfriends and his wives.”

Another patient of abortionist Namihas said, “He told me the reason he became a gynecologist was because he hated women and he could use a knife to cut them.”

Abortionist receives pleasure from inflicting pain

According to a LA Times article, Patients allege gynecologist hated women: 3-22-1992, a former employee says abortionist Ivan C. Namihas, “seemed to get some perverse pleasure” from inflicting pain on patients and several women told grisly tales of enduring excruciating procedures without anesthesia.

Assistant US attorney Jonathan S. Shapiro said, “The term abuse of a position of trust, seems to have been coined for Dr. Ivan C. Namihas, MD. Arrogant, cruel, and greedy, he carried out a particular form of fraud against his victims.”
Us Attorney’s Bulletin (USA) Bulletin: June 1997 Volume 45, Number 3

Abortionist not sympathetic

A women who had an abortion remembers:

“The doctor said only two things to me. The first was, “Thank God I have one that is not screaming!”

The second thing he said to me was, “You were barely six weeks along,” and he left the room.

Source: Forerunner

Abortionist rushed patients out of clinic

A former employee of abortionist William Malcolm Knarr, Sheri McDaniel made this comment in a sworn affidavit dated 10-22-1992:

“If women cried after the procedure it was up to the nurse to console them; if Dr. Knarr was not shouting at the nurses to ‘get them up and out.'”

Abortion patients act like Pollyannas

Darla Patterson an abortion clinic worker made these observations on the website, Tales from the Clinic:

“People who are lost often call us on their crap reception cellular phones and shout frantically through the mouthpiece at us the names of the streets they’re passing. They don’t want to stop and ask for directions in case people figure out where they’re going or because they’re just so tweaked out about it all that they can’t behave rationally. The fact that a good number of women are cloak-and-dagger furtive about their abortions can be somewhat tirtesome (sic) in these sort of situations, even though it’s understandable. I imagine that if I could watch their cars from a spaceship hovering above they would look like drunken bees careening around and around the hive of our clinic. Or the anti-hive, more precisely.”

Issue #2 – June 27, 2003 – 8:35 pm

“The thing people most obviously lie about when they come in for an abortion is about their drug usage. It’s always funny to look at somebody’s chart and see that they claimed to have “tried some crack” three weeks before. Like it was casually offered at a party after they turned down the wine. There are the Eddie Haskell types who deny any usage until they have to sign a couple of consent forms with the word “death” listed as a complication. Some people act like they’re little Pollyannas, happily sniffing flowers that have been laced with narcotics without their knowledge. “My friend gave me a joint but it had a little sumpin’ sumpin’ (sic) in it,” this woman told me last week, trying to do her best impression of an ingenue. Due to her indecent attire and heavy-handed application of her make-up she looked more like she was doing a bad impression of some teen idol musician/actor doing a bad impression of an innocent teen in a Lifetime movie. So I guess I know a little sumpin’ sumpin’ (sic) about pregnant women who want to have abortions…”

Issue #1 – June 9, 2003 – 5:53pm

Abortionist describes his clinic in sexual terms


In a 1999, Phoenix New Times article titled, Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots, Kiss My Ass, Finkle shows the world just how sensitive he is to women.

Brian Finkel states that he has a nickname for the abortion clinic where he performed more than 2,000 abortions a year. He calls it the, “Vaginal Vault.” and stated that, “this is where I do the deed.”

Finkel calls the Synevac Vacuum Curettage, abortion machine the “Super Sucker.” He told reporters that, “this is my abortion machine, where I do the Lord’s work. I heal the sick with it.”

Finkel bragged as he gave reporters a tour of the clinic:

“This is another room, where I do the nasty, as the bad boys say. When I go to the new office, I’m going to have three procedure rooms! I can hardly wait!”

Finkel is now serving time for sexually assaulting patients.


Abortionist Finkel’s new home

I’m the prince of the pelvis

Brian Finkel5

Always trying to impress, abortionist Brian Finkel goes off in a June 17, 1999, Phoenix New Times article, Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots, Kiss My Ass, Finkel, says he’s simply the spokesman for what he calls the “little woman.”

Finkel wants to be sure his patients know exactly what they’re getting into, so he posts pictures of fetuses–the pictures you usually see in the hands of the anti-abortion protesters–on his Web site.

Finkel also boasts:

“I’m the prince of the pelvis, the disciple of Elvis! The uptight, out-of-sight,
feeling-all-right Dr. Brian Leslie Finkel.”

Finkel has since been serving prison time for sexually assaulting his patients.

Abortionist, women will do anything for abortions

In the Phoenix New Times June 17, 1999, article, Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots: “Kiss my ass,” Finkel boasts:

“Back in the good old days, honey, I could open a woman in less than a minute and a half. It was while I was working on the abortion floor that I learned that women will do whatever it takes to have an abortion.”

Why I am an abortionist, by Brian Finkel


Brian Finkel actually told the truth in the June 17, 1999 Phoenix New Times article, Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots: “Kiss My Ass.” As his conviction on sexual assault of several women a few years after he made these comments indicates:

Commenting about a pro-life protester abortionist Brian Finkel nicknamed, “Beer Belly” Finkel told reporters:

“I go, ‘Hey, Beer Belly, I want you to know that if your wife ever
needs an abortion, I’ll do one for free. Not because I’m a nice guy,
but just because I want to get between her l-e-e-e-e-gs.’”

Abortionist’s take on one of 30 complaints

Abortionist Brian Finkel describes one of the 30 complaints on file against him accusing him of sexually assaulting his patients.

The article in the June 17, 1999 Phoenix New Times, Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots: “Kiss My Ass,” states a patient was upset because, as Finkel paraphrases [in the falsetto he often uses to imitate patients]:

“He gently inserted his finger up my a**.”

Lesson one – Proper abortion etiquette

Diana Finkel (Wife of abortionist Brian Finkel who also worked at his abortion clinic) talks about advice she gave her abortionist husband in the Phoenix New Times article, Trash-talking abortionist Dr. Brian Finkel has a message for pro-life zealots: “Kiss my ass.”

“When he (Brian Finkel) first started the (abortion) practice, I said, ‘Treat each woman with dignity. Talk to them first with their clothes on. Give them that much courtesy.”

So much for listening to your wife -Finkel was later sentenced to prison
for sexual assault of his patients.

Abortion, a rite of passage

Bon, who claims to be an abortion clinic worker and who blogs about the job, said this on her website, Abortion Clinic Days-Blog, May 2006:

“But the truth is that abortion, like having a baby, losing a parent,
having sex for the first time, getting married, etc. . . is a rite of passage.”

Keep women in the dark

“I thought there are folks who are pro-choice who do not want to know about what we are doing because it’s very scary to them. And if they start to know what really this is about for women and what we know, it’s going to shake their own simple way of being pro-choice.”

National Abortion Federation Meeting
Transcript tapes: 9415-18, p. 23

Abortion patients are out of control

Abortion doctor Michael Benjamin gave this testimony before a Florida House Health Care Committee meeting September 14 – 15, 1989:

Speaking about the typical abortion patient,

“I think it is basically a personality type who generally has her life out of control…They drift, they tend to live for the moment in terms not only of their sexual practices but in terms of their economic lives and they are people in general who don’t think beyond the moment, who don’t plan for tomorrow, and who really will take life as it comes and deal with the rest later.”

Abortionist beats wife


In 1999, Abortionist Neville W. Duncan was placed on 18 months’ probation, sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $250 after pleading no contest to charges that he beat his wife. He was also arrested when police found crack cocaine in his pocket.

Duncan was arrested after allegedly punching his wife in his car, then pinning her to the ground and slapping her after she climbed out the window of the vehicle, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, Doctor sentenced to 30 days in jail (01-15-1999).

News reports indicated that Duncan served time for contempt of court, when he failed to provide the required child support he owed.

Get into the position that got you here

The Boston Globe reported in an article, Board OKs claims against doctor (August 2, 1989), that abortionist Howard J. Silverman, who owns Repro Associates abortion clinic in Brookline allegedly told a patient to prepare for a pelvic exam by:

“getting into the position that got you here.”

Abortionist requests sex for abortion services

As described in the NY State Board of Professional Medical Conduct Case # BPMC 01-99 and The Times Herald on January 6, 2001, abortionist Daniel Holschauer shows he has a different type of bedside manner.

Following surgery on one patient, Daniel Holschauer of Warwick, NY, removed the gauze from the woman’s vagina and stated,
“you know, I would really like to be there.”

Holschauer then began to pull his pants down and the patient noticed that he was sexually aroused. Holschauer then told the patient,

“I just did you a favor, now you do me a favor.”

Abortionist guilty of murdering wife

December 11, 2001, The Oklahoman detailed the murder trial of abortionist John Baxter Hamilton. Hamilton performed abortions at the Oklahoma Clinic for Women in Oklahoma City, OK.

Hamilton was found guilty in the Valentine’s Day killing of his wife, Susan Hamilton, 55. Her nude body was found lying in blood in the master bathroom of the Hamiltons’ Quail Creek home, her skull fractured and face disfigured. She had been choked with a necktie and beaten to death.

Abortionist John Baxter Hamilton
ODOC# 413355
News Reports of the case indicated that Hamilton’s wife had suspected the abortionist of having an affair with a topless dancer who may have been a patient of the doctor’s. His wife was considering leaving him and talking of divorce two days before the murder.

Authorities noted that after Hamilton murdered his wife he then called 911 to report the death. Authorities found the woman dead on the couple’s master bedroom floor.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in the murder of his wife and was ordered to pay $11,104 for the cost of his incarceration. Following his murder conviction, Oklahoma and Tennessee revoked his medical license and on September 19, 2003, Hamilton voluntarily surrendered his Georgia license.

Lexington Correctional Center, Maximum Security Prison

Abortion Doc carves initials into patient


In 2000, abortion doctor Alan Zarkin came to be known as “Dr. Zorro” after he carved his initials into a patient’s stomach at a hospital where he practiced in New York.

News Reports indicated Zarkin used his scalpel to carve a three-inch area of his initials because he viewed that the caesarian section he performed on her was a work of art worth signing.

Zarkin’s victim reportedly stated, “I feel like a branded animal. I now have three-inch high letters carved permanently into my flesh.”

Another woman who contacted The New York Times said she visited Dr. Zarkin in the mid-1990’s for routine gynecological exams. The patient said that Dr. Zarkin made increasingly lewd remarks to her over three years, leading her to file a complaint with the state.

Besides making crass sex jokes she said, Dr. Zarkin commented that she was ”beautiful” and his ”favorite patient.”

She also accused the doctor of telling her he was taking Viagra three times per day and masturbating in the shower.

Zarkin later became the Medical Director of an abortion clinic called Choices Women’s Medical Center in Long Island. It was reported that Zarkin earned a salary of $300,000 a year at the abortion clinic. Zarkin worked for Merle Hoffman, president of the Choices abortion clinic.

Hoffman claimed to the press that she had no idea Zarkin had been fired from Beth Israel Medical Center for carving his initials into a patient’s stomach. The Times reported that Hoffman later received a letter from a psychiatrist hired by Zarkin’s lawyer saying the abortionist apparently suffered from frontal lobe disorder, and that his work should be carefully monitored.

The abortion clinic’s former abortionist, Enayat Hakim Elahi, said he heard rumors about Zarkin’s incident but found it so incredible that he did not report it to Hoffman.

Elahi did file a complaint with the state about Zarkin for a seperate incident in which he accused Zarkin of botching a complicated gynecological surgery. Elahi told reporters that he did not see the incident; he heard of it through his former colleagues there.

According to the Times, the incident was confirmed through interviews with other clinic employees who agreed with Dr. Elahi’s assessment. Elahi, reportedly filed many complaints to the state about conditions at the Choices abortion clinic. Hoffman denied the assertions that poor care was given at her clinic, and said that Dr. Elahi had a grudge against her.

On Dec. 28, Hoffman, said she opened a letter to Zarkin that was sent to the abortion clinic. Hoffman commented about what she read:

”I saw he was being sued for $5.5 million for carving A Z on someone’s stomach. I felt shock and amazement when I read it. I called him into my office and I asked him, ‘Did you do these things?’ and he said, ‘Yes,’ and I asked him why and how this could have happened and he said he thought he did such a beautiful job, he thought he should sign it.”
Developing –August 2000 newsletter
BBC News Online: 2-4-00
Queens Courier: March 16-22, 2000
NY DOH 2/3/00-13 OPA

Abortionist stabs girlfriend with syringe

From three media reports in the New York Post (April 15, 21, and May 25, 2000) and the documentation in NY State Board of Professional Misconduct Order # BPMC-00-130, we are able to put together a picture of bizarre events that happened at the Montefiore Medical Center.

In April of 2000, doctor Stephen Pack was accused of trying to force an abortion on his girlfriend Joy Schepis, a nurse who had worked with him at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.

Pack reportedly became enraged toward Schepis who was seven weeks pregnant with a child he had fathered. Prosecutors said Pack, who was married, asked Schepis to have an abortion. She refused and told him she would take care of the baby without his support.


Pack ordered methotrexate, a labor-inducing drug that works like RU-486, and filled two syringes with it and attacked Schepis in the hospital’s parking lot. Witnesses to the incident said Pack stabbed Schepis in the buttocks and thighs and told her that he was going to give her an abortion.

Witnesses heard Pack yell, “Are you going to have an abortion or not?” she reportedly replied “No!” Witnesses then quoted him as yelling out, “I’m going to give you an abortion!”

The NY State Board of Professional Medical Conduct stated that Pack, “administered an injunction of methotrexate to a patient who did not seek or consent to an injection.” Schepis defined Pack as a “pathetic excuse for a human being.”
She told reporters, “He is a vicious, wild animal who belongs in a cage.” Pack told the court he was sorry for his actions. Schepis said that she was pleased he would serve time in prison. But she said she did not believe his apology.

”I don’t think he’s very sorry for anything except that he’s going to jail,” she said. Pack plead guilty to assault and abortion charges and was sentenced to two years in prison. Schepis, gave birth to a healthy baby and she said the drug has not affected her son.

We care about your health unless . . .

The Associated Press Reported in the article, Abortionists Shun AIDS-Infected Women, Survey Finds 03/21/1990:

In a survey, conducted in November 1988 through February 1989, callers from the New York City human rights commission made appointments with 30 abortion clinics and physicians that advertised in the Yellow Pages.

Twenty abortion clinics canceled the appointment after the caller said she was infected with HIV but had no symptoms of AIDS. Twelve of the 20 said they did not have adequate infection control.

Others said abortion on an HIV-infected woman was too complicated a procedure for them to handle and referred the caller to a hospital.

Many of the responses “were very hostile,” said a committee lawyer. “Some just hung up or said, We can’t treat your kind.”

Abortionist Lewis Koplik was asked to respond to the story and told reporters that he has an “undocumented gut feeling” that the discrimination might be happening elsewhere. “If you have one woman who has HIV infection or AIDS and can’t get service, that’s a real problem. It’s just something that should not happen,” he said.

Los Angeles obstetrician-gynecologist David Grimes, chairman of Planned Parenthood’s medical advisory committee, told the reporters that he does not believe the problem is widespread, although it may be more apparent on the East Coast where more women are infected with HIV.

In an International Aids Society study titled: HIV-related discrimination in abortion clinics, New York City, USA: 1988-1992, that was released at the International Conference AIDS 1993 Jun 6-11.

Calls were placed to all the abortion clinics in New York, the caller told the clinic she had HIV/AIDS. The report revealed that:

In 1988: 42% of the abortion clinics refused to provide services when they discovered that the client was HIV positive.

In 1990: 31% of the providers either refused an appointment or increased the fee for an abortion on learning that the caller was HIV positive.

“In October, 1990, the New York City Human Rights Commission did a survey (Women Don’t Get AIDS: They Just Die from It, ” HIV/AIDS Focus Paper #17, April 1992:By Nancy A. Carter) which discovered that 42 percent of the women who identified themselves over the phone as HIV- positive to health care providers were falsely refused abortions or overcharged.”

In 1992: After the New York City Commission on Human Rights sent out several letters to the abortion clinics they called again and still had 4% of the abortion providers discriminate against the women.

The National Academy Of Sciences, HIV Screening of Pregnant Women and Newborns (1991) Reported:

HIV-infected pregnant women who elect to terminate their pregnancies may discover that their access to abortion services is restricted. Some areas report outright exclusion of HIV-infected women by abortion clinics. In an attempt to document the degree to which HIV-infected women were discriminated against in gaining access to abortions revealed that two-thirds of the abortion facilities contacted in the study:

Canceled appointments made by allegedly HIV-infected women once their infection status was disclosed.

Some of the facilities attempted a plausible response, such as their inability to handle that type of procedure.


Changed the vacation schedules of the physicians or quoted inflated prices for abortion services to discourage those seeking care.

Openly reported that their staff refused to care for HIV-infected patients.

Doc performs incompletes abortions on purpose

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported in an article, Legalizing abortion did not put the “butchers” out of business (April 4, 1993), that abortionist Robert J. Sherman of Washington, DC, purposely performed incomplete abortions to insure repeat business, regularly reused bloody instruments and operated with one hand while eating a tuna sandwich and talking to his stockbroker on the phone.

What a reception: Urine at the sign in table

August 21, 1990, in the Abortion Report’s article titled, Kentucky Abortion clinic closed by state, we learn:

After the Kentucky Cabinet for Human Resources “had temporarily shut down” the Women’s Health Services, a Louisville abortion clinic, it was reported that inspectors “found that licensed practical nurses administered drugs to patients intravenously without a doctor’s supervision; patients were not given adequate post-operative instructions; and “the physician left as soon as the last abortion was completed, instead of waiting until patients had all left the clinic.”

The investigators also “reported the receptionist poured urine specimens into a glass coffee jar without a lid and kept the jar, as well as used (pregnancy) test kits on a table next to her desk (until the jar became full).”

During abortions, “the front desk staff does serve as OR [operating room] technicians if the OR is short of help.”

He was tossing the fetus up in the air

In an article on the desensitization of those involved in abortion. The abortionhurts.blogspot quotes from page 77 of the book, “Conditioned to Kill,” by Dr. Rachael McNair, a Louisiana abortion clinic worker describes what an abortionist did at her clinic

“The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most, that really upset me the most, was that he had done an abortion, he had a fetus wrapped inside of a blue paper. He stuck it inside of a surgical glove and put another glove over it. He was standing in the hall, speaking with myself and two of his assistants. He was tossing the fetus up in the air, and catching it. Like it was a rubber ball. I just looked at him, and it’s like, doctor, please”.

And he laughed. He says, “No one knows what this is.”

Planned Parenthood, racial discrimination

According to Texas Business Today’s (Summer 1999) coverage of US Court of Appeals for 5th Circuit; Case # 97-11310, Fadeyi v. Planned Parenthood, Lamarilyn Fadeyi is a black female who was employed by Planned Parenthood for seven years.

She alleged that Planned Parenthood engaged in various acts of racial discrimination against her during the course of her employment, ranging from discriminatory scheduling and distribution of office resources, to the executive director’s giving her and another black employee an application for membership in the Ku Klux Klan.

Fadeyi filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Texas Commission on Human Rights, but both dismissed her complaints for lack of jurisdiction because Planned Parenthood had fewer than 15 employees at all relevant times.

Planned Parenthood fired Fadeyi two working days after receiving notification that the EEOC did not have jurisdiction to entertain her complaints. Fadeyi then brought suit in district court alleging racial discrimination in her employment and termination.

P (K)lanned Parenthood and race

According to’s article, Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued by High Ranking Planned Parenthood Ex-Employee, Andrew Jones, the former Project Manager of the Community Services/Education Department of Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles (PPLA) alleges that PPLA regularly allowed overt racism and sexism to infect its facilities in early 2004.

Mr. Jones worked for PPLA for several years and is African-American. Jones’ suit claims among other serious allegations that PPLA did nothing when one of its employees was referred to as a n***er.

Additionally, the suit, filed under penalty of perjury, alleges that PPLA consistently portrayed African-American males as being irresponsible and that male employees were regularly referred to as d***heads and other offensive terms by the white female management.

Sworn affidavits by other female PPLA staff, supporting the allegations of the complaint, were also filed. One swore: “There was a sense that any employee who was not a white female was going to be carefully watched. . . There was a strong anti-male bias at PPLA. ”

Another affidavit refers to, a significant anti-male bias. Attorneys for Jones indicate that this is just one of several upcoming suits by high level PPLA employees who were fired for whistle-blowing or complaining of racism.

Abortionist called women whores and dogs

An Illinois clinic worker testified in a court case (Case # 92-L50928 ) that the managing director at the abortion clinic where she worked harassed her until she quit.

She stated,

“That you always knew when he was mad at you. Verbally the language and the things, the names people were called, it was a constant thing there…calling a woman a whore was not beyond this man. He always talked about short skirts and the girls’ legs.”

Another worker testified that he was, “Calling other women dogs”

Rashbaum tells boyfriends


In an article in Mother Jones, End of the road: in the twilight of his career, one of the oldest living late-term abortion doctors tells all; Dr. William Rashbaum, they described abortionist William Rashbaum as a doctor who was trained in an era when doctors were considered gods.

They say that Rashbaum is:

Gruff, confrontational, and downright abrasive
He flaunts medical conventions at will, rankling nurses and orderlies, if it serves his needs
When the orderlies take too long in preparing his operating room between procedures, he goes in and embarrasses them into efficiency by helping to clean up. He boasts, “They turn my room over much faster than any other room.”First- and second-year ob/gyn residents dread his cases. “It was always a fight about who had to do them,” relates a former intern

The article goes on to say that in the operating room, Rashbaum readily yells at the top of his lungs at residents working with forceps inside a woman’s uterus, where he can’t see what they’re doing, to make sure they are as nervous as he is.

The author notes that husbands or boyfriends have been known to barge into abortionist Rashbaum’s office and violently insist their baby not be aborted. They claimed that when they asked Rashbaum his response to this Rashbaum replies with an equally violent, “F**k you, Charlie, we can abort her.”

Abortionist keeps urn of dead relatives under desk

In an article in Mother Jones magazine, End of the road – in the twilight of his career, one of the oldest living late-term abortion doctors tells all; Dr. William Rashbaum, they reported that the abortion clinic where abortionist William Rashbaum worked was open round the clock, with three sets of doctors and nurses each taking eight-hour shifts.

Abortionist William Rashbaum told Mother Jones, That when he first started performing abortions “You would go home with a g*ddamn barrel of money.”

According to the article, the ashes of his brother, who died last year, are still in an urn under his desk because he hasn’t yet found a plot. The article notes that Rashbaum has a hard time “letting people go,” Rashbaum with a laugh “I had my mother under a table in my consulting room for about two years.”

Now this is how to run a successful business

Another fine NAF Clinic

An investigative report by the Florida Department of Professional Regulations (DPR case # RN-89-10853) into the actions of Barry Alan Hill, a nurse employed by Abortionist Vladimar Rosenthal, revealed a host of violations from reusing syringes, to photographing the abortion patients after they were under anesthesia.

Co-worker Neat Rodrigues told investigators that she was, “disturbed by Hill’s objection to her showing any sympathy toward the patients.” She reportedly called the National Abortion Federation (NAF) to complain about the conditions at the clinic because the clinic was a member of NAF and claims owner Vladimar Rosenthal fired her for doing so.

Employee Wendy Castro told DPR that Hill would, “Scream at her.” She told investigators that during her employment between 4 and 6 patients turned blue. Employees also stated that both Hill and Rosenthal would leave the building while the patients were under anesthesia and not “fully awake.”

She claims that Hill was “very friendly” with the patients always asking for dates, often slapped co-workers on the buttocks, tickled and made “dirty jokes”.

She recalled on two occasions Hill bringing in pictures of other patient’s breasts.

Abortionist, Edward Watson was also employed at the clinic. He told investigators that he worked for Rosenthal for only two days. He claimed that he did about five “procedures” during that time and noticed that Hill “undraped the patients after they were under general anesthesia and showed their breasts to the nurse and another woman.” Watson admitted that this was totally inappropriate, and declined to return to the abortion clinic after the incident.

Employee, Gail P. Tranquil told DPR that she resigned from the clinic because the clinic’s owner, “Dr. Rosenthal was unprofessional.” She claimed to have worked for other physicians and abortion clinics and considered Vladimar Rosenthal very “Unprofessional.”

She stated,

“Pushing general anesthesia to make money is not for the patient’s good…I refused…. Barry Hill accused me of not liking general anesthesia. Rosenthal and Hill would tell my patients who were scheduled for locals, they should have generals, then they would yell at me.”

She stated that they were alone with the female patients who were under anesthesia and that Hill would often be the first one in the room. Tranquil felt that Hill was “medically competent” but that his “Morals left something to be desired.” When asked by investigators to explain this she responded, “Why would any male want to be in the room alone with a female patient? They should know better.”


Abortion patients punished, denied anesthesia

The Los Angeles Times article, Abortion horror stories spur inquiry (April 3,1992), reported that the Northwest Territories Status of Women Council, an independent group in Yellowknife Canada, said that it had received reports from 85 women claiming they had suffered agonizing pain during abortions performed without anesthetics at the Stanton Yellowknife Hospital. They claim that the women were exposed to a more painful procedure as a form of punishment for seeking an abortion.

Some of the women said they were refused anesthesia when they asked for it. Others said the doctors carrying out the abortions — all of whom were male — made abusive remarks.One woman quoted her doctor as winding up her abortion with the words:

“This really hurt, didn’t it? But let that be a lesson before you get yourself in this situation again.

One patient, Ellen Hamilton, who had an abortion because she was raped, said she was more traumatized by the abortion. According to Danielle Capelli with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on a NPR All Things Considered segment April 3, 1992, Abortions without Anesthesia at Canadian Hospital.

“She was sent over to Yellowknife, and she had–she was told that no anesthesia would be used because it wasn’t necessary; that general anesthesia was dangerous–that it would cause bleeding–and that local anesthesia wasn’t needed because it would only cause minor discomfort and the procedure would be over in a couple of minutes. In fact, she found it excruciatingly painful. She said she was strapped down to the table, held down by a number of nurses, including one male member of the staff at the hospital who had to come in and help hold her down. She said she was screaming and writhing in pain; she was begging the doctor to stop. The doctor was yelling at her, saying, ‘You’re only making it worse, stop moving,’ and refused to stop; he just kept going. ”

Another woman told the group that, “the doctor said, ‘The anesthesiologist does not believe in abortions; we will administer the anesthetic following the abortion, for the tubal ligation.'”

The hospital told reporters that it plans to develop a new plan “for providing patients with choices for pain control during abortion procedures.”

How dare you seek emergency help


According to the Florida Department of Professional Regulations case # 89-13676, abortionist Theodore Lehrer performed an abortion on a patient at the All Women’s Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

After the abortion the woman complained of severe cramping and began to bleed heavily and Lehrer told her to remain in bed and to call him if it got worse. That evening the bleeding became very heavy and she called the clinic and waited 10 minutes for a response before calling the abortion hot line number.

The hotline advised her to go to the emergency room. At the ER, they gave her a prescription for the pain and advised her to see Lehrer the next day.

She reported that when she went to Lehrer’s abortion clinic the next day, he became angry that she went to the emergency room.

She continued to bleed and a few days later again went to the ER where they determined she suffered from an incomplete abortion. Lehrer was issued a “Letter of Guidance” following the complaint to the board.

Abortion injury? Not our clinic’s problem

The state of Alabama closed an abortion clinic after it found several deficiencies, reports the Montgomery Advertiser. In one incident, the investigation found that the abortionists at Reproductive Health Services did not provide proper follow-up care for an abortion patient who went to an emergency room on July 14, with severe pain and abdominal cramping after having an abortion two days earlier.

The emergency room doctor who ended up treating the woman contacted the abortion clinic and said a nurse at the clinic told him that “everyone was out of town” and since the patient was in the ER, “I guess it’s your problem.” Rick Harris, director of the department’s Bureau of Health Provider Standards responded:

“It’s not OK to operate a health care facility that does surgery and then say ‘We’re going to put them (the abortion clinic) off on the emergency system.’”

Abortions, parties, and a botched liposuction

In an April 30, 2004 article, the Orlando Sentinel reported that two South Florida doctors (one’s a retired psychologist, the other is a working ob-gyn physician, they stated) own the Orlando nightclub Tropical Magic.


They revealed that one of the owners is a Broward County physician by the name of Dr. Celina Poy-Wing. Advertisements in the South Florida area reveal that Poy-Wing performs abortions up to 22 weeks at 817 South University Drive in Plantation, FL, describing her practice as, Women Caring for Women.

The article says that abortionist Poy-Wing described her club’s atmosphere this way, “We are trying to appeal to the whole community. No babies. We want men and women.”

The paper also made this observation about the club’s alcohol: “And for an older-crew club, the drink policy is awfully relaxed. For one, the place is open until 4 in the morning. Two, the place sells tiny bottles of alcohol until the 2 a.m. curfew — and then offers mixers for the next two hours. Which means there’s a run at the bottles before 2 a.m. It’s a strategy that keeps the party going until closing.”

In May of 2000, the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinal reported in a May 26 article, Victim wins award in botched liposuction, that a judge’s assistant was awarded a $1 million malpractice verdict against abortion doctor Celina Poy-Wing who reportedly botched her liposuction in 1998.

The article notes that a Broward County jury decided that the surgery by Dr. Celina Poy-Wing caused nerve damage, numbness, burning and discolored skin on the abdomen and hips of her patient, Nancy Williams.

Williams’s suit claimed that Poy-Wing took out too much fat and operated too close to the skin and blamed the poor care on the fact that Poy-Wing had just learned to do liposuction at a weekend seminar in spring 1997, according to the woman’s attorney.

Abortionist, I’ve lacerated many women’s uteruses

Journalist, Mark Feldstein reported on abortionist Milan Vuitch in his reports, See No Evil, for WTSP-TV (St. Petersburg, FL: March, 1981); and Investigation of Dr. Milan Vuitch, WDVM-TV (Washington, D.C.: Nov. 1984).

In Feldstein’s, Kissing Cousins: Journalism and Oral History, he describes a the interview and a comment by Vuitch:

“During my own work as a journalist, I often found that despite the television interviewer’s customary antipathy to dead airtime, silence can elicit the most damning admissions of all. “I don’t charge extra for rats, they come free when I rent the property,” one slumlord eventually told me on-camera. Similarly, a negligent gynecologist (Milan Vuitch) responded to my silence by stating, “Oh, I’ve lacerated many women’s [sic] uteruses, this is no big deal.”

Abortionists do not enhance patient dignity

In the book, Abortion Practice, author and abortionist Warren Hern describes on page 91 how most abortion doctors treat their patients.

“In many clinic settings, the patient does not meet the physician until she is undressed except for an examining gown. Some physicians even require, or clinics arrange, that the patient be in a lithotomy position when the physician enters the room. This procedure does not enhance the patient’s dignity as a person, and it does not encourage recognition of the patient as a person by the physician.”

Abortion doctor accused of killing wife

On December 15,2006, the Hattiesburg American reported in an article, Doctor pleads not guilty to killing his wife, that abortionist Malachy DeHenre was arrested after a new indictment accused him of shooting his wife, Dr. Nyasha DeHenre, in the head in their Laurel home in 1997. At his first trial in 1999, the jury voted 11-1 to acquit him, resulting in a hung jury.

According to a WDAM News 7 news report, (Doctor to face 2nd trial for wife’s slaying: 12-18-2006), DeHenre is also being charged with the rape of a then 21-year-old patient when he was practicing at the Family Health Care Center in 1992.

Photo/Brian Livingston, Laurel Leader Call
DeHenre, shown being escorted into the Jones County courthouse for his arraignment.

DeHenre has a long history of trouble in his performance of abortions and treatment of women. He performed abortions in Alabama before he lost his license to practice in that state, according to a Washington Post story , (Alabama Abortion Clinic to Stay Shut: 6-15-2006).

The Post reported that DeHenre formerly worked for the Summit abortion clinic in Alabama which, was closed in 2006 after state inspectors found them dispensing RU-486 without a doctor present. The article says that in December of 2004, the Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama indefinitely suspended the license of Malachy M. DeHenre. The commission ruled that DeHenre’s conduct in four cases from 2000 to 2003 was “immoral, unprofessional or dishonorable” and that he endangered his patients through “gross malpractice.”

In March of 2005, DeHenre’s license was indefinitely suspended by the Mississippi Medical Board. It had been temporarily suspended in 2004 after one of DeHenre’s Alabama abortion patients died. A 2004, Clarion Ledger report entitled, Abortion death cited in action against doctor Ala. suspends license of Jackson abortion practitioner, reveals that the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners found that the patient was discharged from Summit Medical Center 20 minutes after having an abortion on Nov. 25, 2003. Less than six hours later, her husband contacted the medical center and reported that his wife had abdominal pain and a low temperature.

She was taken by ambulance to a Birmingham hospital, where she died. She sustained an unrecognized uterine perforation during the abortion, the board said. “Subsequent hemorrhagic shock led to her ultimate demise,” according to the board’s report to the licensure commission.

According to the Clarion Ledger, (Suspended doc: Didn’t like doing 35,000 abortions: 3-18-2005), after his suspension in Mississippi, DeHenre said that he did not like performing some 35,000 abortions, but did so because he needed the work. “I ask for your forgiveness,” Dehenre said. “I don’t want to be an outcast. I want to be among the medical community.” The Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure told the press that they received “more than one complaint, ” in the case.

After DeHenre’s 2006 arrest he was denied his bond request and will be held in the Jones County Adult Detention Facility in Ellisville until his trial, which will likely be held in the spring of 2007.

You mean you hav to have a license to do this?

According to press reports abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzales has been arrest and charged with two felony counts of relating to abortions done at her clinics. The arrest report attests that Gonzales and her partner, Siomara Senises, knowingly allowed two unlicensed men to perform abortions at their clinics. In addition, they are charged for instructing other employees to do medical proceedures that also require licensing, such as dispensing medicine. Neither Gonzales or Senises personally held licenses, however that did not prevent them from taking part in activities at the clinic.

These two owners were also subjects of an investigation concerning a fetus that was found in a medical waste bag on top of one of the clinics. The investigation in that case is still ongoing.

Abortionists and sexual assault

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Abortionists and sexual assault

Who Said This?

Life Dynamics Inc. falsely claims that abortion providers rape and sexually assault their clients, that abortion causes severe psychological trauma to women and providers, and that obstetricians use abortion to “cover up their mistakes.”

Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, in their Profiles of 15 Anti-Choice Organizations

Now you decide for yourself !


Sexually graphic material

The following contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts taken from court documents and press reports. If this material will be offensive to you please leave this area.

Brian Finkel3
Meet Finkel – Abortionist and sexual predator

On May 26,2004 abortionist Brian L. Finkel surrendered his medical license to the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners ( Case # 3287 + 2989), after he was convicted of sexually assaulted several patients.

The arrest and court proceedings were covered by several news outlets, the Arizona Republic (several articles), the Phoenix News Times 8/28/2003, the East Valley Tribune 11/26/2004 and several others.

Here are some exerts from taped interviews with law enforcement from some of Finkel’s abortion staff who were eye witnesses to some of these crimes (as printed in the Life Dynamics Newsletter entitled: Thirteen of Finkel’s victims were patients of Finkel):
Question, “Would Finkel wake patients by placing his hands on their breasts?”

Answer, “Yes sir, it’s true, that’s true. I’ve seen that…we’ve even told his wife.”

Question, “ Have you seen the ___________flicking?”

Answer, “I can’t lie, yes I have.” Another employee told investigators, “ I’ve saw him do the ______flick all the time. At the office we had a name for it.”

A third employee said, “If she was attractive, he’d find a way to be alone with the patient.”

Finkel consistently denied these charges and said he was never alone with any of his patients.

Another employee said this, “He’s like a monster…he told K.C.(employee) he’d pay to get her teeth done if she’d give him a **** (slang for oral sex).”

Brian Finkel5
Abortionist Brian Finkel

The jury found that Finkel had either fondled the breasts or rubbed the genitals of the thirteen abortion patients.

One woman testified that she had awakened after the abortion to find Finkel lying on top of her groping her breasts. an article in theThe August 13,2003 East Valley Tribune, said the woman testified that on the day she had the abortion she, “remember waking up, opening my eyes, his hands were in my breasts groping me.”

The Tribune goes on to report that the woman became alarmed when Finkel said he was going to touch her clitoris. She said she glanced at the female attendant who turned away. She stated that prior to that Finkel had thrown a gown at her and told her to undress. She said Finkel yanked the gown up to her throat when she had only pulled it up to her abdomen.

The September 3, 2003 edition of the East Valley Tribune (More women to testify in sexual abuse trial) states that at the time, Finkel performed 20% of the state’s abortions. The women who testified against Finkel said that his examinations were unlike any other they had by a physician by touching them in places their doctors had never touched for that type of exam.

Another news report indicated that there were allegations made by one abortion patient of Oral sexual contact.

In an October 23, 2003, Phoenix New Times article entitled, Trial and Error, they reported that Detective Art Haduch wrote in 1999 of his interview with Karen Corbett, a previous medical assistant to Finkel, “Corbett told me that Finkel would particularly fondle the breasts of larger-chested women or women with breast enhancement. I asked Karen if she had ever been out of the room, and Finkel was alone with the patient. Karen said this happened numerous times.”

Brianfinkel-AZ Republic

Finkel during his trial
Photo: Jack Kurtz, The Arizona Republic

During his trial the Phoenix New Times ( No Choice, Scenes from a “clown show” — the Finkel trial, 01/08/04) reported that one day in court, Finkel responded jocularly to a reporter’s question during a recess about his plans for Halloween stating, “I’m going as a transvestite sex-crimes prosecutor.”

The New Times also reported that during one court recess, Finkel looked at a woman who had been testifying against him, then whistled the melody to “If I Only Had a Brain.”
In an October 5, 2006 article Finkel is quote as saying, “Physicians that abuse their patients in this state go to prison. I’m not going to prison, because I’m not doing anything wrong.”


Finkel was found guilty in Marcopa County Superior Court of 22 counts of criminal sexual abuse Finkel was originally charged with 67 sex counts. Finkel is currently serving time in state prison.

One of Finkel’s victims told the paper that she, “hopes he dies in prison.” Another victim stated, “I could see that he wasn’t sorry for anything that happened.”

On December 14, 2006, the Phoenix New Times ran a follow-up report entitled, Hey Diddle Diddle, Abortion doctor Brian Finkel will remain in prison for at least 20 more years, after a recent appellate court loss. The story focused on a letter the New Times received from a cell mate of Finkel’s, James Stites, who is serving a six-year prison sentence for attempting to molest a child.

“Since I’ve been in here,” Stites wrote, “I have heard how he loved his job because he got to play with a lot of breasts and how he enjoyed rubbing their crotch. Now he’s telling us he will be out on the streets in 2006 because the courts screwed up on his case. . . . Can you let me know if this is true or not because this is one sick son-of-a-bi*** and doesn’t need to be on the inside.”


The New Times reported that in an unpublished decision issued November 21, the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld Finkel’s high-profile convictions on 22 counts (involving 13 victims), and reaffirmed the sentence in all but four of those counts. The court reduced the sentence in two of those four counts by two years, and remanded the other two counts for resentencing because of a procedural error.

In the best-case scenario for Finkel the New Times writes, Finkel will become eligible for parole in about 20 years instead of 25.


Abortionist Brian Finkel’s new home

Patient awoke to find abortionist raping her

Ivan Namihas Article

In 1995, abortionist Lawson A. Akpulonu found himself in trouble. Akpulonu, 49 at the time of his arrest , worked for three abortion clinics, and according to the LA Times (LA Doctor’s license is suspended in sex case: 2/18/1995), was arrested while at work at one of the clinics, the Midland Medical Center in Culver City.

The LA Times reported that documents filed by the attorney general stated that a patient told authorities that Akpulonu performed an abortion on her in a Culver City clinic Jan. 28, 1995, and that while she was still under anesthesia after the procedure, the documents state that she “awoke to find respondent raping her. . . . Akpulonu gave (the) patient . . . a shot and she went back to sleep.”

They also reported that, another patient said Akpulonu fondled her after he performed an abortion on her at a South Gate clinic Nov. 9, 1992. Another patient alleged that Akpulonu made sexual comments to her and touched her improperly during a clinic visit Aug. 2, 1994.

A March 18,1993 LA Times article entitled, State slow to discipline physicians, reporting on how slow the state of California is to discipline bad doctors stated that Akpulonu pleaded guilty to medical insurance fraud and in 1992 one of Akpulonu’s employees complained to the Medical Board that the doctor did not sterilize his surgical tools and used untrained people to assist in operations. A January 31,1993 article said that Akpulonu had been convicted of threatening enemies with a loaded gun

In 1996, the Medical Board of California revoked Akpulonu’s license.

Abortionist: sex, rape, and hatred

One of California’s biggest sexual misconduct cases against an abortion doctor, might indicate that gynecologist Ivan C. Namihas had a hatred of women.

In March 1981, Roberta Ward, underwent a hysterectomy performed by Namihas. The operation went well, but a few days later the patient’s sutures tore open. Namihas put her under anesthesia and sewed her up. A few days later, the stitches tore again. This time Namihas, seemingly agitated, redid the stitches — but omitted the anesthetic.

“It was excruciatingly painful, but he finished so quickly I didn’t have time to do anything,” she says.

When Ward went in for a final checkup, she suddenly realized the examination was anything but routine. She says that when she was alone with Namihas, her feet in the metal stirrups, Namihas commented that Ward’s husband would “appreciate” his handiwork because he had “sewed me up tighter.”

Then the doctor began to fondle her, Ward says. “I thought, ‘Do I yell? Do I kick? My feet are up in these things.’ So I laid there like a corpse, thinking, ‘It’s going to be over.’ It seemed like an eternity.”

Ward tried to take action against Namihas with the state medical board, but the complaint she filed never seemed to go anywhere until Kathleen Schmidt took over the case.

After interviewing Roberta Ward in 1981, Schmidt had no doubt that Ward had told the truth, however Schmidt needed additional witnesses to procede. Six years later she got the break she needed when she overheard another investigator discussing a sexual misconduct case;and mentioned the name Namihas.

The patient, April S., claimed to the investigator that during a pelvic exam, Namihas had fondled her sexually. This complaint stalled as well as Namihas managed to convince two investigators that she had misunderstood a common medical procedure.

Then in 1990 a former girlfriend of Namihas’s, Jeanette Jacobs filed a complaint. Jacobs stated to the medical board that Namihas had gotten her pregnant, then performed an after-hours abortion on her without adequate equipment.

The LA Times reported that Namihas allegedly impregnated at least two of his patients, and that he told one woman, whom he treated for more than 10 years, that he became a gynecologist so he could vent his anger toward women.

A former employee said that Namihas “seemed to get some perverse pleasure” from inflicting pain on patients and several women told the LA Times grisly tales of enduring excruciating procedures without anesthesia. Another woman said that she, “felt he had problems with women in general because he talked about how much he hated his mother and bad relationships he’d had with girlfriends and his wives.”

Still another said, “He told me the reason he became a gynecologist was because he hated women and he could use a knife to cut them.”

Dozens of women complained to state medical authorities that Namihas had fondled, masturbated or otherwise sexually abused them. Many of the alleged instances of abuse dated back to the late 1960s and continued through 1992, they said.

In a 1993 Primetime investigation several patients shared their horrors:

* “The examinations would be without gloves. It was my first gynecologist that I ever went to. I didn’t know that they were supposed to use gloves. I know that now.”

* ” He wanted to be my first sexual experience, to make sure that it was done correctly.”

* “And he wanted me to sit on his lap and give him a return demonstration so that he knew that I knew how to masturbate.”

Kathleen Jewel Elliot wrote this letter to the Orange County Medical Association in 1973.

“During the examination of the pelvic region, he began massaging the erogenous zones of my vagina, telling me to close my eyes and relax. He also used foul language. I have no idea at all what can be done, if anything. At least you will have this on record in case you receive other complaints.”

In some of the treatments, the indictment alleges, Namihas performed painful laser surgery on patients and billed for the procedures even when test results and biopsies came back negative.

When state medical authorities revoked Namihas’ license in May, 1992, more than 200 women came forward and said he abused them.

Officials of the California Attorney General’s office have described Namihas as “a predator in a white coat” and called his alleged transgressions “the worst case of sexual abuse by a physician in California history.”

Court documents filed by the attorney general allege that he:

* Made one of his patients pregnant and then performed an abortion on her without adequate equipment and safeguards.

* Aggressively assaulted and kissed a hospital employee and had her fired when she reported it.

* Boasted of his sexual prowess and had “physical encounters” with a nurse while a patient was in labor, thus “abdicating his responsibility” to the patient.

* Performed a dilation and curettage on a woman without anesthesia, an act the attorney general called “cruelty, plain and simple.”

* Taught a patient how to masturbate, then told her to go home and think of him while she masturbated.

* Induced the same patient to perform oral sex on him.

* Exposed his penis to a patient.

* Harassed a woman “for being in labor for 18 hours.”

In the June 1997, US Attorney’s Bulletin (Volume 45, Number 3) California Assistant Attorney General Jonathan S. Shapiro states, ” The term ‘abuse of patient trust’ must have been coined for Dr. Ivan C. Namihas. Arrogant, cruel and greedy her carried out a particularly cruel form of fraud against his victims.”

He also pointed out that after abusing his patients and destroying medical files, Namihas moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and might, “still there living in his mansion n the 15th hole of a private golf course, but for the courage and persistence of some of his patients.”

On July 3, 1992, the Medical Board of California revoked Namihas’ license

Abortionist guilty of preying on women

According to facts presented during a license revocation hearing abortionist Tati Okereke was found to use his abortion practice to prey on women. Following are excerpts taken from the NY Medical Board’s case #11593 which details the activities of Okereke.

(To read the full .pdf document click here)

Documents related to the case show that Okereke did such actions as, fondling a female patient’s breast, engaging in sexual intercourse with her and other patients without their consent.

To facilitate his sexual attacks Okereke would inject patients with drugs, then engaging in sexual intercourse without the permission of the abortion patients. In one instance a patient said that Okereke said he was going to withdraw blood, but instead injected her with a drug to make her stuporous, and allegedly attempted to have sexual intercourse with the patient.

One woman testified that she could not move any muscles during this ordeal, but just kept crying, “What are you doing?”

Still another patient testified that after he examined her vagina he licked his finger.

When the time came for his case to be heard she said the doctor tried to pay her of to keep her quiet.

Other findings of the board include –

When Okereke applied for a license in New York, he lied on the application saying he had never been found guilty of professional misconduct. He also failed to disclose a malpractice case entitled: Guth v. Okereke and the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. He also lied as to whether he had ever been charged with a felony. The New York Board pointed out that Okereke was charged with felonies of sexual abuse and bribing a witness by Grand Jury Indictment # 82-1579-502, he was initially tried and but later acquitted following a mistrial.

Okereke advertised his New York abortion offices as: High Street Medical Group and the board pointed out that he had not registered with the Erie County Clerk’s Office to do business under that name.

On March 11, 1997, The New York State Board of Regents, denied the physician’s petition for the restoration of his New York State medical license.

Misconduct Description: The New York State Board of Regents sustained the charges finding the physician guilty of abusing patients; engaging in conduct which evidences moral unfitness; practicing fraudulently, negligence, Incompetence; failing to maintain accurate records and rendering excessive treatment not warranted by the condition of the patient.

Abortionist accused of seducing patient

LA Times, (State board charges doctor with negligence in botched abortion: 7/2/1993) reported that a 19-Year-old patient of abortionist Saihb S. Halil stated in a lawsuit that after Halil operated on her, he “attempted to seduce her,” calling her numerous times at home.

On July 10, 1995, the Medical Board of California revoked Saihb S. Halil’s license to practice medicine based upon his patient care in 1987 and 1988. According to a Drug Enforcement Hearing (Federal Register Vol. 64, No. 119, June 22, 1999) against Halil, the Board concluded that Respondent’s license should be revoked:

(1) “For gross negligence in his treatment of [3 named patients]”

(2) “for repeated acts of negligence in his treatment of [3 named patients]”

(3) “for acts and omissions which constitute incompetence in his treatment of
2 patients”

(4) “for dishonest and corrupt acts in his dealings with [1 named patient]”

(5) “for sexual misconduct with [1 named patient]”

A victim of molestation speaks out

On October 13, 2005, this comment was sent into The O’Reilly Factor regarding the issue of parental consent on abortion.

“Doris, I’m withholding her last name, California, ‘I had an abortion in Anaheim without my parents’ knowledge. The doctor performing the operation molested me, knowing I would not tell. I will vote yes on parental notification.'”

Abortionist grabs women inappropriately

On May 28,2003, The Medical Board of California (Division of Medical Quality Case # 10-2001-125390) disciplined the medical license of abortion doctor John R. Rivera, Jr.

The case involved an incident of assault perpetrated by Rivera when Rivera was attending a San Diego Street Festival. Rivera approached a woman standing in line waiting to purchase some beer. The case revealed that he then asked her if she would like to attend an ecstasy party the next night, and the women said she didn’t do that sort of thing.

When Rivera turned to leave he reached around another person and grabbed the women tightly in the vaginal area.

When the police arrived, Rivera denied the incident and that he also denied that he had been using ecstasy, however a urine sample taken from Rivera tested positive for the drug.

In July of 2006, the board ruled to reinstate Rivera’s license.

Abortionist asks patients to masturbate

In February of 2006, the California Board of Osteopathic Examiners requested that abortionist Laurence A. Reich turn in his medical license (case #00200000100800).

Documents of the accusations presented to the board include allegations that Reich fondled one woman during an exam, asked her if it felt good and then kissed her. Another woman said that Reich was sexually excited during an exam and asked her to stimulate herself so that he could diagnose an infection. Another said he asked her to stimulate herself in front of him and later asked her to demonstrate an oral sex technique on his thumb.

This was the end of a story that began in 1982 when a complaint was filed by the board against Reich that included allegations from six women, four accusing him of sexual impropriety and two of incompetence

As a result of these allegations, the board placed Reich on probation from 1984 to 1994, and required that he have a nurse present while treating patients, according to court records. Initially Reich’s license was revoked, but the board stayed the revocation for 10 years as long as Reich followed certain terms.

However, in 2002, Reich was again accused of performing sexual acts on his patients. .

An October 30, 2005 article in the LA Daily News entitled, Convicted physician continues practicing, said that patients accused Reich of sticking his fingers inside their vaginas without medical necessity and asking them inappropriate questions about their sexuality then Reich gave the women his home phone number.

In one instance, the case revealed that Reich was accused of asking a patient some very personal questions about her sex life, if she had ever had an extra-marital affair, if she was happy with her husband, and about her sexual fantasies.

Reich then reportedly placed his hands on her genitals and rubbed her. He asked her if she masturbated and if her vagina became easily lubricated. He then requested that she lubricate herself, the patient asked Reich if he meant that she should masturbate and Reich replied in the affirmative. The patient refused.

Sheila Elder one of Reich’s accusers said that she was referred to the Family Planning Medical Clinic in Van Nuys through a friend. Elder was 29 when she visited Reich’s clinic on Sept. 25, 1999, seeking to renew her birth-control prescription, according to the complaint filed by the Attorney General’s Office.

Her complaint alleges Reich touched her inappropriately, told her she had cervical scarring, and that she should schedule another appointment so he could examine her further. After the exam, Reich asked for her home phone number, and gave Elder his home, work and pager numbers, according to the complaint. He pushed for the follow-up visit to further examine the scarring, she said. Instead, Elder followed up with her family physician, who said he found no sign of scarring.

Yvette Chambers stumbled on the clinic through a 411 telephone call. She told CNN (California case shows need for checking doctors’ backgrounds: 12/5/2005) that she was, “in the exam room with her feet in the stirrups, Reich, the only other person in the room.”

She wasn’t comfortable with the way Reich touched her, or with his questions about her sex life during a gynecological exam at a Los Angeles-area clinic.”I was questioning myself as to why I felt so uncomfortable, because it’s a doctor, he’s a doctor. Look at him he’s in a doctor’s (office), his beard’s cleanly cut,” Chambers said. Then, she says, he asked her out to lunch. “At that point I realized ‘eww, eww, I have just been molested. I have just been violated. He just asked me out, ” Chambers said.

Chambers filed a complaint against Reich after the February 2000 appointment, adding to a list of allegations that date back to the 1970s, according to documents on file with the California Osteopathic Medical Board — which regulates osteopaths but not medical doctors.

“He took advantage of me, and he did it under the guise of a doctor,” Chambers said in an interview. “In a normal setting, I’m 100 percent sure I would have acted different, I would’ve stopped him. But he’s a doctor.”
Elder told the press that, “If they had taken this seriously from the get-go, if they would have done something earlier, what happened to Yvette wouldn’t have happened.”

The media pointed out that little information was available to these victims before they fell prey to Reich. CNN said that the board did not state on it’s public information website that Reich was arrested in 2002 on sexual battery charges and pleaded no contest to one count of sexual exploitation by a physician, a misdemeanor.
On December 9,2005, pro-choice Senator Barbara Boxer expressed disgust in the system and called for the board to remove Reich’s medical license. She writes,

“I recently learned of the extraordinarily disturbing circumstances surrounding the actions of Dr. Laurence Reich, an osteopath who practices in California. I believe that immediate action should be taken to suspend Dr. Laurence Reich’s medical license until a full hearing is held and any legal cases against him are completed…Due process is an important part of our legal and regulatory system to protect the interests of various professionals who are regulated by government. In this case, the question that is raised by the history of Dr. Reich is, what about the protection of the public’s interest? This license suspension is long overdue to protect the public. ”

In February of 2006, California’s Osteopathic Medical Board accepted the tendered license of Laurence Reich. Reich will be allowed to practice until April 14, giving him time to close or sell his practice, officials told the Daily News of Los Angeles, (Osteopath Surrenders License, avoids hearing: 2/16/2006 ).

In turning over his license, Reich admitted that he had pleaded no contest “to a criminal offense substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of an osteopathic physician and surgeon,” according to court documents. He was sentenced to one day in jail and one year’s probation.

Abortionist has sex with an unconscious patient

According to the City News Service, (An unlicensed medical assistant accused of claiming to be a doctor and raping victims before performing abortions on them was sentenced to 12 years in state prison, a prosecutor said today: 6/12/1996), Miguel Hugh Gomez, a California abortion clinic medical assistant, posing as a doctor was indicted on two counts of rape of an unconscious person and rape by use of drugs; and one count of sodomy of an unconscious person, unlawful practice of medicine with serious injury, unlawful representation as a physician, sexual battery by restraint, and anal and genital penetration by a foreign object.
Authorities began investigating Gomez in December 1994, after a man told police he had seen the Gomez having sex with an apparently unconscious woman at the Daly Medical Clinic in Montecito Heights.

The man had taken his wife to Gomez for an abortion and when he felt that the procedure was taking too long, he went outside and looked through the clinic’s windows. That is when he saw the Gomez and another woman.

The prosecutor said a licensed doctor owns the abortion clinic where the assault occurred and Gomez worked there on weekends. Gomez initially was charged with practicing medicine without a license, pending investigation of the rape allegations.Gomez plead no contest to nine criminal charges.

In January of 1991, the Medical Board of California (case # D-4430) heard an accusation against Gomez involving an abortion he performed on 1987. The accusation states that on October 25,1987 a patient went to the La Clinica Eva abortion clinic at 707 South Broadway in Los Angeles for an abortion. Gomez performed the procedure without any licensed physicians present.

During the procedure the left arm of the fetus was avulsed as the woman was much further along than Gomez had originally estimated. The abortion was stopped and the patient was taken to the hospital and found to have been 31 weeks gestation.

In August of 1991, the Medical Board of California revoked Gomez’s license. In June of 1996, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Pounders sentenced Miguel Hugh Gomez, of Torrance to 12 years in state prison.

Doc forces abortion on his wife

The State of Florida: Division of Administrative Hearings, case # 0098363, and the Miami Herald: 4/24/1988 among other print and television news sources, reveal that in 1988, abortionist Theodore Lehrer was arrested after he performed an abortion on his wife in their home allegedly against her will.

Article Theodore Lehrer

Lehrer’s wife told police that when he arrived home he requested to have sex with her. She denied him sex stating that she was not feeling well, due to her pregnancy. Lehrer’s wife reported that he then handcuffed her and strapped her to a table in their home, and had sex with her anyway.

Then his wife alleged that he performed an abortion on her without her permission. Local news papers reported that she told authorities he was going to give her an injection to numb the pain, only she felt no injection-just excruciating pain.

Police along with the State’s Medical Board took action immediately but dismissed all the charges because Lehrer’s wife was too ill to testify against her husband in the case.

Lehrer shows having a current and active license with the state of Florida and Lehrer continues to perform abortions at the All Women’s Center abortion clinic. His website shows that he is a member of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, and the National Abortion Federation and other medical organizations.

More than 20 charges made against abortionist

Jeffrey Goldenberg Article

In 1987, the Tamarac, Florida, the police department began an investigation into allegations of sexual assault by abortion doctor Jeffrey Goldenberg. Goldenberg was employed by the University Women’s Center abortion clinic in Tamarac.

In August of 1988, the Associated Press (Doctor Ordered to Stop Practicing, 8/6/1988) reported that Jeffrey Goldenberg, 41, surrendered his license to state’s Department of Professional Regulation officials, who said in a written emergency suspension order that Goldenberg presented an “immediate and serious danger” to the public. In the end, there were several complaints against the doctor.

(Florida Department of Professional Regulation case numbers 102532, 73882, 70744, 75174, 80918, 85142, 94175, and 76, 95832, 102527, and 528, 529, 531, 598, 103134 and 466, 467, 468, 489, 103751 and 752, 755, 67793, 86772, 32342, 77112, 874, 959320, 87-1457)

The department accused Goldenberg of stitching up the abdomen of a woman on whom he performed a Cesarean section despite heavy internal bleeding. Goldenberg also botched his attempt to treat the woman after she suffered cardiac arrest, the department charged. The woman died after the operation.

The department’s case includes allegations that he performed at least seven unnecessary Cesarean sections and fondled a patient during an examination.

In a separate case, the agency also has accused Goldenberg of injecting a patient with sedatives and then sexually assaulting her, said Bruce Lamb, the agency’s chief medical attorney. Lamb said the agency has asked that the state Board of Medicine revoke Goldenberg’s license.

Investigators were in the process of reviewing over 20 complaints against Goldenberg when he died unexpectedly.

Abortionist convicted, lewd conduct and battery

In August 1990, the Miami Herald reported that Indiana abortion provider Pravin Thakker was convicted of performing abortions on his former lovers without their consent.

Thakker was also investigated by the Indiana Medical board ( Indiana Health Profession Bureau Case # 89 MLB 003) for lewd and immoral conduct toward female patients under his care.

On June 11,1991 a jury found Thakker guilty of two counts of battery, two counts of illegal abortion and two counts of criminal recklessness. Thakker was sentenced on July 31, 1991 to prison in the Indiana Department of Corrections. He was released from prison in April of 1995.

The Sullivan’s Group, Physician’s Law Review confirms this when they state that Dr. Thakkar was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for illegally aborting fetuses from two former lovers and attempting to do so with a third, without the women’s consent.

Dr. Pravin Thakkar was convicted on June 12, 1992 on one count of attempted illegal abortion and two counts each of performing an illegal abortion, battery and criminal recklessness. He was sentenced to 24 years with 8 years suspended.

He allegedly performed illegal abortions after telling the women he was giving them routine pelvic examinations. One woman was eight months pregnant.

Two patients testified that Thakkar aborted their fetuses without their permission. Both said Thakkar had gotten them pregnant.

An Associated Press article reported that the victims, Carmen Singer and Kathy Collins, both of Anderson, testified that Thakkar aborted their fetuses without their permission. They said he was the father of the fetuses. A third woman, Bonnie Coffey-Myers of Indianapolis, said she had also dated Thakkar and that he tried to abort her pregnancy without her consent. She said she didn’t believe Thakkar was the father of her fetus.

Indiana revoked his medical license as a result of the charges.

Define – legitimate medical purpose . . .

The Boston Globe reported in a July 2, 1999 article (Board OKs claims against doctor) that the Massachusetts state’s medical board disciplined abortionist Howard J. Silverman, who owns Repro Associates an abortion clinic in Brookline.

According to the article, Silverman allegedly “touched the breasts of numerous patients for no legitimate medical purpose.”

In addition he, “made sexual advances on a medical assistant . . . in an examination room while a patient was still on the examining table. Between 1994 and 1995, Silverman allegedly told a patient to prepare for a pelvic exam by getting “into the position that got you here.”

The New York Times also reported the conduct in their December 10, 1995 article, Investigation Targets Tests For Abortions. The Times states, that in 1984, the Board of Registration in Medicine disciplined Silverman for sexual misconduct with an 18-year-old patient.

As a result of all these action, Silverman’s privileges to admit patients to five Boston area hospitals were revoked and have not been reinstated. He must now rely on colleagues to admit patients to hospitals in emergency cases.

Here’s an interesting footnote: After the report of sexual abuse, Jennifer Jackson, than President of the Massachusetts National Organization for Women, made this outrageous comment,

“N.O.W. is appalled to learn of any doctor engaged in the sexual exploitation of women, but this is only one doctor and one incident, others working to provide safe abortions should not be tainted by it.”

No wonder he wanted to volunteer

Meet Hideo D. Mori, all around good guy.

In addition, to his private practice Mori volunteered at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Austin, MN. It appears, however, that warm fuzzy feeling he felt wasn’t from 18 years of giving of himself to the abortion cause.

According to information brought to light during numerous disciplinary hearings, one of which finally cost him his license, Mori had more on his mind than abortions.

(Click here to read the entire Minnesota Board of Medical Examiners file)

According to the board, Mori was found to have engaged in sexual misconduct with several of his female patients. Documents state that Mori engaged in this activity for over 20 years.

The charges against Mori included, massaging the clitoris and vagina of a patient during pelvic exams and kissing the face neck and breasts of patients during exams and embracing a patient.

In addition, he told one of his patients that she should have sex with her husband in front of him so he could observe and determine why the patient was not climaxing.

Another patient told the board that during an examination Mori manipulated her clitoris and stimulated her vagina with his fingers, telling her to relax and close her eyes. He then bent down and kissed her breasts. She stated that she felt something in her vagina and asked, “What are you doing?” Mori replied, “I thought you might want to know what a penis felt like.” She stated that she did not and opened her eyes, his pants were unzipped. Mori did not engage in sexual intercourse with the patient and she continued to see him for a number of years.

Still another patient reported that Mori had been assisting her in relaxation methods that she felt would help her in her relationship with her husband. In one instance, Mori asked her to undress and he helped her to undress. He then began to hug, kiss, and stimulate her. She then noticed that he was sexually aroused and he pressed his penis against her hand on the table. He then climbed up on the table and laid on top of her and began to comfort himself with her, talking about his job and family troubles. He then asked if they could have intercourse, she said, “No.” He then got off the table, and left the room.

And yet another patient claimed that after Mori massaged her clitoris, he instructed her to get up, remove her top, go to the mirror and brush her hair. She was petrified and remained still on the table. He then told her to get dressed and go home.

After initial suspending his license the MN Board went ahead and revoked it.

Sex fiend

According to the NY State Board of Professional Medical Conduct, Case # BPMC 01-99, on April 16, 2001 abortionist Daniel Holschauer of Warwick, NY lost his license after stalking his abortion patients. One victim alleged that after performing an abortion on her, Holschauer wanted to see her and he wanted sex.

The Times Herald Record Online, (Warwick gynecologist admits stalking patients for sex, 06/01/06 ) reported that later that same day he did have unprotected sex with a patient, a woman he’d performed an abortion on days earlier.

Then Holschauer began to stalk her, calling up, showing up. He wanted more, so he began to stalk her. An investigation showed that she was not the first patient that Holschauer attempted to have sex with.

Following surgery on one patient, Holschauer removed the gauze from her vagina and stated, “you know, I would really like to be there.” Holschauer then began to pull his pants down and the patient noticed that he was having an erection.

Holschauer then told the patient, “I just did you a favor, now you do me a favor.”

When the patient refused, Holschauer asked the abortion patient to perform oral sex, and to masturbate him with her hand. Holschauer then kissed the patient on the mouth and grabbed her breast.

Years earlier it was reported that Holschauer had sex with a post-abortion patient by giving her a pill, he told her it would relax her, then he took her back to her apartment and had sex with her.

Holschauer’s license was suspended for one year, but after only two months it was reinstated provided he adhere to the following conditions: he can treat female patients only with a chaperone present; he must undergo routine drug testing; and he must undergo psychotherapy for as long as the therapist deems necessary.

Holschauer was the placed on probation for five years.
To read the findings of the case click here

Hayat takes a hands on approach to medicine

According to the State of NY: Department of Health Board for Professional Misconduct, in the matter of Abu Hayat M.D on October 11,1991, a female patient went to abortionist Abu Hayat’s office for an abortion follow-up exam.
Medical Board hearings stated that during the exam Hayat placed his fingers in the patient’s anus and vagina while his other hand was on her buttocks. He then moved the hand, which he had on her buttocks and tucked it under her breast and left it there.

During testimony of this incident Hayat, as he has often done when a patient complains, denied ever treating this patient. Hayat had a history of denying the treatment of several of the patients who filed complaints against him. This event was not the oly time Hayat faced the board. He was well known for several other violations regarding a number of his patients.

Read NY Review Board’s findings by clicking here.

Clinic volunteer videos sex with boys

On October 13, 2004, The Toledo Blade, ( HIV Volunteer is arrested on sex charge) reported that an HIV infected volunteer for Planned Parenthood was arrested 10-12-2004, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
Jerry Steven Gonzales, 46 at the time, was reported to volunteer for Planned Parenthood of North West Ohio, talking to patrons of gay bars about unprotected sex.

A neighborhood girl found a tape in an alley near Gonzales’ home that contained explicit sexual scenes. The girl’s family turned it over to police, because it contained sexual scenes and minors. Police then confiscated about 50 videotapes from Gonzales’ residence and some showed him having sex with at least 5 boys.

Police Chief Mike Navarre told the Blade that Gonzales plead guilty to a similar misdemeanor charge in Michigan in 1989 but was not registered as a sex offender. Chief Navarre said he was stunned that a person would use children in such a manner.

Abortionist accused of sodomy and rape

According to the Daily Oklahoman (Abortion Doctor Denies Sex Charges: 9/20/1994), Oklahoma abortion doctor Nareshkumar Patel, 42, was charged in Oklahoma County District Court with one count of forcible oral sodomy and one count of sexual battery in an alleged 1993 sexual assault on a patient.

Patel denied that he had sexually abused any of his patients.

The 25-year-old victim testified that Patel attempted to force her to sodomize him after she had been sedated. Two other women previously testified Patel had raped them after he had administered an anesthetic to them.

However, Patel was not charged in those attacks because they allegedly happened in 1989 and 1990. They came forward only after Patel was charged in 1993.

A September 16,1994 article in the same paper, Ex-Patient Claims Rape By Patel Before Abortion, reports that a 26-year-old Moore woman testified that Patel raped her in 1990 shortly before performing an abortion on her. The woman testified that Dr. Patel prepared her for an abortion by sedating her, then raped her on the surgical table. After the assault, Patel began the abortion procedure, the woman testified.

Another woman testified that she had been a patient of Patel’s in 1989 and also had been raped by him under similar circumstances. The woman, then 19, also did not report the alleged attack to law enforcement because she “felt dirty.”

Patel denied all the charges and some of his staff testified that he was never alone with female patients. However, Rochelle Brown, a former employee of Patel’s at his Shawnee clinic, claimed Patel often would conduct pelvic examinations on female patients with no nurse present.

Abortion nurse sees doc touch and kiss patients

In March of 2004 an Oregon abortionist Ronald C. Stevenson was sentenced to 5 years probation for aggravated harassment of his patients.

The Bullet 2/14/2004, 3/12/2004 and The Associated Press State & Local Wire, Accused doctor faced similar complaints in Washington: 11/23/2003, reported the story.

Four nurses told police that they had witnessed abortionist Stevenson inappropriately touch and kiss his patients. One of his patients reported to police that Stevenson had caressed her as she awoke from anesthesia, Stevenson was then reported to have kissed the woman.

In another investigation, a 26-year-old Seattle woman told police that she was seeking an abortion and went to abortionist Stevenson at the Okanogan Valley Clinic. The woman said she awoke from the procedure to find abortion doctor Stevenson caressing her.

She didn’t report the incident until a friend of her sister’s said Stevenson had made advances toward her.

The Oregon Board of Medical Examiners stated that Stevenson entered into a Stipulated Order with the Board on July 14, 2005. In this Order he agreed to surrender his Oregon medical license while under investigation. Stevenson may not reapply for licensure for a minimum of two years and must obtain an evaluation before his application can be considered.

Stevenson entered into a Voluntary Limitation with the Board on January 15, 2004. In this Order Licensee Stevenson agreed to the following terms: Stevenson will provide the Board with 14 days notice prior to beginning practice in Oregon; Stevenson will offer a chaperone to all female patients over the age of 16.

Abortion and a massage

In February of 1989, Missouri abortionist Richard G Casey of St. Louis plead guilty to charges that he had schemed to collect Medicaid payments for sexual massages and abortions, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Physician pleads guilty of defrauding Medicaid, 2/4/1989) The paper reported that Casey devised a scheme to defraud Medicaid by submitting false bills for lab tests and for delivering babies. Casey also submitted bills for work that was medically unnecessary. Casey knew that Medicaid would not pay for abortions.
The St. Louis Dispatch reported that the indictment charged that Casey submitted claims for rubbing and massaging patients ”in a sexual manner” and that such massages were ”neither medically indicated nor necessary.”

Because Casey knew that insurance companies would not pay for elective abortions, he filed claims saying the abortions were procedures he had performed in connection with miscarriages.

A January 21,1990 article in the Dispatch (Doctor sentenced in Medicaid scheme) reported that Casey pleaded guilty to two counts of mail fraud and two counts of tax evasion. Casey was sentenced to two years in prison In addition to giving the doctor a prison term, U.S. District Judge Clyde S. Cahill put Casey on three years’ probation.

Abortionist Zorro – AKA Sex Stud

Here is yet another case from the New York State Board of Professional Medical Conduct. According to their order # BPMC 00-32, abortionist Alan Zarkin was ordered to surrender his medical license as he could not defend against at least one of ten charges of misconduct brought against him.

Here are a few of the charges listed by the Board:

In 1999, while working at Beth Israel Hospital in New York, abortionist Alan Zarkin performed a cesarean on a woman and when she asked if he had removed all the fat, Zarkin stated that he had and that he was “going to add it to his penis.” Zarkin then went and carved his initials, “AZ,” into the woman’s abdomen because he claimed he did a good job in the surgery.

Photo: BBC News

In 1996, while treating a patient at his office, Zarkin told the patient that she was special and that she was beautiful. He said that he talked about her to all of his friends. He then proceeded to call the patient at home and invited her to a wedding with him. During one of her annual visits with Zarkin, he told her he had received an eye lift and commented, “Between the eye job and the Viagra, I’m a sex stud. Can you believe that I did it three times in one night?”

Zarkin also commented about the woman’s pubic hair and told her, “like your Mohawk.”

The New York Times reported in the article, How Doctor Got Work After Carving Into Patient (01/27/00), that a patient who contacted them, who insisted that her name not be used, said that Zarkin made increasingly lewd remarks to her over three years, leading her to file a complaint with the state.
Besides making crass sex jokes, she said, Dr. Zarkin commented that she was ”beautiful” and his ”favorite patient.” She filed a complaint with the Department of Health, she said, when the doctor told her he was taking Viagra three times per day and masturbating in the shower.

In February of 2000, the New York Department of Health closed the Choices Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic where Zarkin worked detailing numerous health violations. Zarkin was brought on staff there by clinic administrator, Merle Hoffman who claimed that she was unaware of Zarkin’s checkered past.

The New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct agreed with Zarkin that he could not successfully defend against at least one of the charges of gross negligence; negligence on more than one occasion; verbally or physically abusing a patient; conduct which evidences moral unfitness; practicing medicine while impaired and having a psychiatric condition which impairs his ability to practice medicine. On February 2,2000 Zarkin surrendered his medical license.

Read the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct’s findings here.
Read the 01/00 NewYork Times article, How Doctor got to Work after Carving into Patient, here

Abortionist has sex with depressed patient

The Times Union, (DA investigates doctor’s conduct: 9/17/2005)reported that abortionist Dr. Akiva Abraham’s license was revoked on Aug. 2. Medical Board records show that Abraham, was accused of having sex with a 25 year-old patient suffering from anxiety and depression on the same day he was slated to do an abortion on her.

The State of New York, Department of Health records on file with the New York Board of Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline, report that on March Abraham administered Methrotrexate , an abortion drug to the patient to terminate the pregnancy. On March 13, 2002, he administered Cytotec to assist in the abortion and bring on labor. On that same day, while at her apartment and subsequent to administering pain medication to the women, he had sex with her.

The Times Union reported that, after learning she had slept with another man, he once “grabbed her by her hair and threw her onto her bed and then had sexual intercourse against her wishes,” the board stated.

The paper also reported that Abraham allegedly had sex with his patient in an on-call room for doctors at St. Peter’s Hospital. It also accused him of inducing another woman’s labor so her delivery wouldn’t disrupt his vacation plans.

After the Times Union wrote about the state charges against Abraham in late July, several dozen women wrote and called the newspaper to tell of their experiences. Most said they were dissatisfied with his care or that his behavior made them uncomfortable.

Several confirmed the state’s finding that Abraham would regularly hug his patients and make suggestive remarks to them.

“I was always very uneasy with the way he flirted and would embrace me on every visit,” one woman wrote in an e-mail.

The state found that Abraham also falsified medical records for several patients, failed to maintain accurate records and misrepresented his professional memberships on his Web site.

In April of 2007, the Board for Professional Medical Conduct found the 40-year-old doctor morally unfit to practice medicine. Abraham’s attorney, James Hacker, disputed the state’s findings.

As of that date officials at St. Peter’s Hospital say Abraham is no longer an active member of its staff.

Patient death, sexual misconduct? Spells more legal abortionists in trouble !

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H/T Operation Rescue

The medical licenses of abortionist Iris E. Dominy and Mansour G. Panah summarily suspended on May 29, 2013, after Dominy was involved in the death of 38-year old Maria Santiago, who stopped breathing and suffered cardiac arrest while she was left unmonitored and unattended immediately after her abortion on February 13, 2013.

A post-deprivation hearing has been scheduled by the Board of Physicians for June 12, 2013, at 10:00 a.m.

Panah, an extremely troubled abortionist with a long history of sexual misconduct with patients, was acting as the Medical Director of the abortion clinic, Associates in OB/GYN Care located in a residential condo complex on Calvert St. in Baltimore, and was responsible for patient care at the time of Santiago’s death. Panah and Dominy also work at Associates in Ob/GYN abortion clinics in Cheverly, Frederick, and Silver Spring, all of which are affiliated with the notorious illegal late-term abortionist Steven Chase Brigham of New Jersey.

The Maryland Board of physicians concluded that both abortionists were so dangerous that “the public health, safety, or welfare imperatively requires emergency action.”

The Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ) had suspended the operating license of three Maryland Associates in OB/GYN Care clinics in March after Santiago’s death was discovered during inspections that were conducted due to public pressure after the death of another abortion patient, Jennifer Morbelli, at Germantown Reproductive Health Services, a late-term abortion clinic operated by LeRoy Carhart.


Inspectors also found that the defibrillator at the condo/clinic did not work and that the patient had been carelessly left unattended while under heavy sedation. No one noticed when Santiago stopped breathing, and no staff was adequately trained in CPR, including Dominy. As a result of the inadequate clinic conditions and the negligence of Dominy, Santiago died from Severe Pulmonary Edema, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and Hypoxia Brain Injury.

The OHCQ reinspected the clinics on May 7 and found continued deficiencies at all four locations that posed a danger to the public and ordered suspension of abortion services again on May 9.

Dominy is accused of “failing to perform surgical abortion services in a safe manner” and of “failing to develop appropriate post-anesthesia procedures and protocols.” She also used unlicensed, unqualified workers to evaluate patients, perform and interpret ultrasounds, and dispense Misoprostol, a drug that causes strong, unpredictable uterine contractions, all without her presence at the abortion clinic.

Panah was accused of allowing abortions to be started by unlicensed, unqualified workers at a facility that was not equipped to complete the abortion. Patient A was seen by an unqualified worker with no competency in ultrasounds. There were multiple gestational ages estimated from the incompetently performed ultrasounds in the patient’s file. The worker none-the-less administered misoprostol to the patient to begin her abortion without a physician present. Later, the abortionist turned the woman away even though her abortion had been started because she was carrying twins and her uterus was the size of a 22 week pregnancy. Because Panah was the Medical Director, it was determined that he posed a danger to the public.


Panah’s long history of discipline started in 1988 when he was accused of fondling and attempting to kiss his patients on the mouth. He was disciplined once again for unwanted sexual contact with patients in 1995. One woman received as many as three breast examinations in one visit for no medical reason. When asked why the need for repeated examinations, Panah simply expressed admiration for the woman’s breasts. In 2011, Panah was again disciplined for shoddy plastic surgery methods and sloppy record-keeping.

“The emergency license suspensions of Dominy and Panah raise other serious questions concerning patient safety in Maryland and elsewhere,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Why is Steven Brigham allowed to continue operating his chain of shoddy abortion clinics that endanger women and have now claimed the life of Maria Santiago? Brigham and all his abortion quacks should be banned from coming within a mile of a medical facility.”

Another concern is why the death of Santiago led ultimately to license suspensions while LeRoy Carhart, who was responsible for the death of Jennifer Morbelli on February 7, 2013, is allowed to continue operations as usual. Morbelli died of complications to a 33-week abortion that developed after Carhart left the state and was unreachable for emergency assistance.

“If Dominy and Panah are considered a danger to the public, then there can be no doubt that Carhart poses an equal danger,” said Newman. “We renew our calls for an emergency suspension of Carhart’s medical license as well in the interest of public safety.”

Read Dominy’s Suspension Order
Read Panah’s Suspension Order

Planned Parenthood doc yelled at patients, sexually harassed employees

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The Delaware Attorney General’s Office filed a complaint Thursday against former Planned Parenthood abortion doctor Timothy F. Liveright, citing him for unprofessional, incompetent and negligent conduct during his practice at the Wilmington clinic and calling him a “clear and immediate danger to the public.”

Contacted by phone Thursday evening, Liveright, 68, said such charges were “scandalous” for the state to make.

Liveright, who last month voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine in Delaware, performed abortions at the Planned Parenthood clinic on Shipley Street. He called the complaint “double jeopardy,” noting that similar complaints were investigated and dismissed last fall.

“It’s pure bullshit,” he said. “They’re jumping on whatever they can jump on. I don’t know what their agenda is, but I don’t think I’m a danger to the public.”

Clinic PP DE

According to the complaint, Liveright was reprimanded by Planned Parenthood of Delaware for “unprofessional, disrespectful, and inappropriate” conduct that included “yelling, screaming, and cursing” in front of employees and patients and sexual harassment of female employees.

The state also charged Liveright with incompetence and negligence related to abortions he performed on five patients from Feb. 12 to March 13 of this year.

Liveright has 20 days to respond to the complaint, according to James Collins, director of the Division of Professional Regulation. The Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline will hear the case or refer it to an administrative hearing officer for recommendation.

Read formal complaint filed by the Delaware Department of Justice on May 30, 2013 concerning Dr. Timothy Liveright who worked for Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Delaware !

LiverightLiveright 2

Collins said the board has several sanctions available, including license revocation, a fine, suspension, probation and reprimand.

Specifically, the complaint cited Liveright for:

• Oversedating patients

• Performing unnecessary suction procedures

• Failing to properly assess a patient’s airway, lungs and heart prior to administering sedation

• Failing to properly assess patients

• Failing to properly administer oxygen

• Failing to adequately document procedures and results of procedures in patient charts

• Failing to consider alternative treatments

• Causing at least one perforation during surgery

• Failing to properly supervise resident physicians during procedures

• Failing to act with due competence and diligence to avoid unnecessary complications, resulting in patients requiring emergency hospital treatment

Liveright said his attorney will go “full force ahead” in his response to the complaint.

“They’re beating the same drum,” he said. “It’s an echo. They feel they have to do something – but it’s already been done.”

The state started the investigation earlier this year when several emergencies arose after abortions Liveright performed at the Wilmington clinic. A small cadre of anti-abortion protesters witnessed the arrival of ambulances and raised questions. Two former Planned Parenthood nurses then came forward with complaints they had filed in 2012 against the doctor and clinic.

Liveright left the staff of Planned Parenthood in late March. In April, he sent a letter to the Division of Professional Regulation, saying he had “retired from practicing medicine in Delaware and [had] no intentions of ever seeking practice there in the future,” according to the complaint.

“He is still accountable for any actions that may have occurred while he was licensed here,” Collins said. “He is still subject to sanctions.”

Liveright has performed abortions in several states across the country, but several of those medical licenses are no longer in effect. He still is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. When asked if he was practicing there, Liveright said, “None of your business.”


Timothy Liverrite

PP Baltimore Jane Mitchel WDelaware Planned Parenthood staffer RN Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, , who worked at Planned Parenthood Delaware’s Dover and Wilmington clinics for 3-1/2 months in 2012, spoke to Jill Stanek and revealed many troubling aspects of the abortion clinic she walked out of.

Jane claims she sent documentation and letters of complaint about the abortion clinic to Planned Parenthood who ignored them.

Other incidents, excerpted from a letter Jane wrote to her bosses (with slight grammatical editing):

“During a procedure that another doctor was performing, Dr. Liveright entered the room to see how things were proceeding. The doctors had a conversation regarding the faulty equipment in front of the patient…. After the doctors finished their conversation, Dr. Liveright struck the patient’s right lateral thigh with force with his opened hand, stating ‘BREATHE!’ The patient, shocked and puzzled, looked at me as if to say, ‘What is he doing?’ I suggested that Dr. Liveright must have some sort of unusual technique to help distract patients from the discomfort of the procedure. The patient looked at me, rolled her eyes, held my hand tight, and tried to relax and concentrate on her breathing. That is when Dr. Liveright peeks around the curtain (as he had not exited the room) and plays peek-a-boo with the patient. The patient then rolls her eyes and shakes her head stating, ‘He’s not right.’ The entire time this is happening, the other doctor is continuing to dilate the patient! I then stated, ‘Goodbye Dr. Liveright,’ as I pulled the curtain around his head….”

“Sexual harassment: I have noted Dr. Liveright inappropriately look up and down patients as well as staff members in a sexual kind of way. He actually stands back with a grin and slowly directs his eyes up and down a patient’s body.”

Jayne said management told her Liveright had previously been disciplined for sexual harassment against a staff member.

Jayne’s letter also described Liveright as a racist in a bizarre incident with an African-American patient:

Dr. Liveright enters the room… and states… ‘Did you know that the Belgians took over Africa and did really bad things?’…. He continues to carry this conversation on with himself while he roughly dilates and then belittles the patient…. (by the way, a patient that is crying and holding on to my hand tight, as I try to distract her from him)…. He states, ‘The United States does the same thing. Did you know that?’ The patient, with tears falling down her cheeks, shakes her head, indicating, ‘No,’ which Dr. Liveright replies, ‘I didn’t think you’d know anything about that. Yup, the United States is a big bully.’”

Jane is one of two former employees of Planned Parenthood Delaware – both registered nurses – have publicly called for investigations into the operation’s practices.

What I believe should happen is that Planned Parenthood should no longer be self-regulated,” said Joyce Vasikonis, a Dover nurse who also worked at the Wilmington site. Vasikonis was interim surgical services manager when she resigned last August.

Vasikonis describes herself as “radically pro-abortion,” but said she could not continue to work under the conditions she saw.

According to the Washington Post, the two nurses testified at a state Senate hearing about problems at the facility.

“He was a very small part of it,” nurse Joyce Vasikonis said Thursday about Liveright. “The biggest issue for me was sterility. The staff didn’t know how to maintain sterility from beginning to end.”

Vasikonis, who worked at the clinic from October 2011 to August 2012, said Liveright often failed to wear sterile gloves during abortions, but that she never saw any problems with the actual physical procedures themselves.

She also said she never saw Liveright yelling or cursing, but that she did witness an incident of sexual harassment. That incident involved Liveright teasing a young female intern about a cellphone photograph of a pierced penis that he and another male employee were looking at.

Gosnell sexual abuse not that rare for abortion docs

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DrKermitGosnellAccording to the Grand Jury Report, abortionist Kermit Gosnell took photographs of his patients’ genitalia before procedures. This practice is not totally uncommon. an entire chapter of Life Dynamics, Inc..’s book Lime5 details the sexual abuse happening inside abortion clinics. In the Gosnell case, according to the grand jury report, “Gosnell engaged in other practices with patients that defy any medical or even common-sense explanation. Steven Massof testified that the doctor would often photograph women’s genitalia before he performed their abortions. According to Massof, Gosnell told him that he was photographing women from Liberia and other Africancountries who had undergone clitorodectomies, the surgical removal of the clitoris. In his curriculum vitae, Gosnell described this activity as “clinical research: clitoral surgery patients – cultural and functional realities.” There is no evidence, however, that the doctor obtained the necessary permissions to engage in human experimentation. Massof said that Gosnell took pictures of women, and of fetuses, with a digital camera and with his phone. Gosnell told Massof that he was taking the photographs for “his teaching,” but Massof said that he was unaware that Gosnell taught anywhere. Gosnell would often show the photographs to Massof and exclaim about the skill of the surgeons who had sewn the women’s labia together, leaving only a small opening allow menstrual flow.” ( Grand Jury Report)


For more on the sexual abuse of women inside abortion clinics order Lime 5. Author Mark Crutcher dedicated an entire chapter to the sexual abuse by abortion clinic workers.


The Minnesota Board of Medical Examiners suspended the license of abortionist: Dr. Hideo D. Mori, a past 18 year volunteer at Planned Parenthood in Austin Minnesota. Dr. Mori was found to have engaged in sexual misconduct with several of his female patients. The charges against Mori included, massaging the clitoris and vagina of a patient during pelvic exams, kissing the face neck and breasts of patients during exams and embracing a patient. Mori allegedly told one of his patients that she should have sex with her husband in front of him so he could observe and determine why the patient was not climaxing. (SOURCE: Minnesota Board of Medical Examiners vs. Hideo Mori.)

Former Planned Parenthood Staff


In 2008, a former employee and abortionist for Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette in Oregon by the name of Dr. GEORGE ELLIOTT KABACY, M.D., was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison for possession of child pornography. He was not practicing at the Planned Parenthood at the time of his arrest.

Dr. George Elliott Kabacy was actively practicing as an OBGYN in Washington State at the time of his arrest in December 2006.

At the sentencing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Vince Lombardi said Kabacy “traded pictures of children being subjected to rape and degradation.”

Kabacy admitted in his plea agreement that he knowingly possessed more than 8,000 images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Kabacy also admits to possessing videos of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, both on his computer and on 36 compact disks. Some of the images depict children under the age of 12, authorities said.

Kabacy admitted that he communicated with other people over the Internet, expressing his interest in having sex with minors and exchanging more than 40 images of child pornography with those other people over the Internet.

He first came to the attention of the FBI after the arrest of an Atlanta man who indicated he had communicated with Kabacy.

The man alleged that Kabacy had sent him a computer in exchange for the man’s promise that he would send Kabacy pornographic pictures of his grandchildren.

Kabacy moved to Washington state and worked until his arrest at Sound Choice Health Center in Olympia.He ceased practicing when he was indicted.


Kabacy DOJ


The California Medical Board , investigated actions by abortion doc: Dr. Tati Okereke, A/K/A High Street Medical. In 1982, Dr. Okereke was accused of fondling a female patients breast “without medical justification”. He was also accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with her without her consent. This lovely abortion doctor was also accused of injecting patients with anesthetics , then engaging in sexual intercourse without the permission of the woman. ( Lovely defender of “reproductive rights, huh?). One woman testified to the medical board that she could not move any muscles during this ordeal, but just kept crying “What are you doing?” Another patient testified that after Okereke examined her vagina that he licked his finger. She said the doctor tried to pay her off to keep her quiet following the incident. Okereke’s Medical License was revoked in November of 1989. (SOURCE: California Medical Board case #11593)

In March of 1993, Abortion doctor Nareshkumar Patel of Shawnee, Oklahoma was accused of Forcible Oral Sodomy and sexual battery by a patient he was treating after hours in his clinic. Patel was also the focus of a controversy in 1992 when several aborted fetuses from his clinic were found partially burned in an open field owned by Patel. Officials could not cite any law that prohibited the burning of aborted fetuses in that manner and those charges were dropped. (SOURCE: The Daily Oklahoman 5/28/93 Oklahoma Medical Board Case # 90-09-1129)


The Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure revoked the license of abortionist, Milan D. Chepko in 1991. Dr. Chepko, who performed abortions at the New Women Medical Center in Jackson, MS was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury (Case # J89-00064 W) involving interstate transportation of a VHS cassette showing minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct. The tape contained scenes with children as young as four years old in sexual conduct with adult males and females. One incident allegedly involved children and adults engaged in sodomy. ( SOURCE: Jackson Herald 9/30/89 and Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure vs. Milan Chepko.)

Today's Women's Medical Center
In 1990 the Florida Medical Board passed a disciplinary action against male abortion clinic nurse Barry A. Hill. Hill was employed at the Today’s Woman Medical Center of Coral Gables, FL , a South Florida abortion clinic chain owned by abortionist: Dr. Vladimar Rosenthal. On October 26, 1989 Florida’s Department of Health and Human Services inspector Diane Robie discovered two envelopes in the abortion clinic containing pictures of several women undressed with their legs apart. According to State Medical Board reports the perineal area was the focal point of the photographer. Hill, the abortion clinic’s anesthetists claimed ownership of the photographs. Former employees of the abortion clinic spoke to the Miami Herald where they stated they saw Hill fondling the breasts of several female patients while they were under anesthesia. The former abortion clinic employees told news reporters that they were fired by clinic owner Rosenthal after he heard them complaining to a National Abortion Federation Representative (the clinic was a member) of the conditions at the clinic and Mr. Hills activities. ( SOURCE: Florida Department of Professional Regulation Case # 89-010853 and Miami Herald 10-7-89.)

The Miami Herald in August of 1990 reported that abortion doctor Pravin Thakker was convicted of performing abortions on his former lovers without their consent. Thakker was also investigated by the Indiana Medical board for lewd and immoral conduct toward female patients under his care. On June 11,1991 a jury found Thakker guilty of two counts of battery, two counts of illegal abortion and two counts of criminal recklessness. Thakker was sentenced on July 31, 1991 to prison in the Indiana Department of Corrections. ( SOURCE: The Indiana Health Profession Bureau Case # 89 MLB 003.)

In 1987 the Tamarac, Florida police department began an investigation into allegations of sexual assault by abortion doctor Jeffrey Goldenberg. Dr. Goldenberg was employed by the University Women’s Center abortion clinic in Tamarac. Goldenberg was never tried on charges developed during investigations, because Goldenberg was killed in a traffic accident prior to trial. ( SOURCE: Florida Department of Professional Regulation case numbers -102532,73882,70744,75174,80918,85142, 94175, and 76, 95832, 102527, and 528,529,531,598, 103134 and 466,467,468,489, 103751 and 752,755, 867793,86772,32342,77112,86774,959320.)

In 1983 abortion doc Nabil Ghali’s medical license in Kentucky was revoked following his conviction on four counts of unlawful sexual transaction with a minor. (A fourteen year old female neighbor) The victims younger sister also testified she has seen Ghali improperly touching a five year old child. In 1989 while Ghali was operating an abortion clinic in Florida and performing abortions in several other South Florida clinics, the state’s medical board began revocation procedures of his license due to falsification of his license application. Ghali was caught in Florida performing abortions in South Dade County. When Ghali later lost his license in Florida he moved to Ohio and continued to perform abortions. The State of Ohio after learning of Ghali’s history began revocation procedures. In February 1993 the Ohio Medical Board won an appeal upholding Ghali’s license revocation. In addition to Ghali’s sexual conduct he was involved in the death of at least one woman from an abortion procedure in Florida. ( SOURCE: Kentucky Medical Licensing Board case #190, State Medical Board of Ohio vs. Ghali’s, Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services inspection reports, 1989, The Miami Herald Tropic Magazine September 17, 1989, Utah Medial Board)

Tauber in trouble again
Abortion Doctor Ronald Tauber had his Florida medical license suspended following the abortion related death of Gloria Small. In 1985 after moving to Michigan, Tauber’s license to practice osteopathic medicine in that state was revoked following his conviction of First Degree criminal sexual assault, and second degree criminal sexual conduct. Details of the case revealed that abortionist Tauber was convicted after the state proved he had forcibly transported a six year old girl in his car against her will. Tauber admitted exposing himself to the girl and placing her hand on his penis. He also lifted the child’s undergarment to expose her vulva. Tauber released the girl when she began to cry. Tauber was also cited for masturbating in his car outside a high school where young girls were exiting.. Tauber was released from prison on January 3, 1990 and his parole ended on August 15, 1991. Tauber was later licensed to practice by the state of New York in August of 1992. Forget the fact that, based on the Michigan conviction, California revoked [Ronald Tauber]’s license to practice medicine. The New York State Department of Health believes that Tauber is fit to practice medicine.
According to Newsday, during Tauber’s 1982 Michigan trial his psychiatrist testified that Tauber had confessed to exposing himself to more than 700 girls and women.Tauber himself reportedly testified that his psychiatrist had misunderstood him – Tauber had only told the psychiatrist that he fantasized about exposing himself on at least 700 different occasions. (SOURCE: Michigan Medical Board case #82-202 and California Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners case # 90-6 and OAH # N-37351. People vs. Ronald Tauber (Michigan Case # 80-46749-FY)

Tauber Imprisoned Sex Case


Gosnell submitted an application to become a National Abortion Federation (NAF) member in November 2009 –apparently, and astonishingly, the day after Karnamaya Mongar died. The NAF evaluator conducted a site review on December 14 and 15, 2009. According to the Grand Jury testimony, she found several disturbing issues with the clinic. In response the Grand Jury Report quotes officials as observing, “We understand that NAF’s goal is to assist clinics to comply with its standards, not to sanction them for deficiencies. Nevertheless, we have to question why an evaluator from NAF, whose stated mission is to ensure safe, legal, and acceptable abortion care, and to promote health and justice for women, did not report Gosnell to authorities. To the jurors, the most appalling thing revealed by the NAF review is not that Gosnell tried to bluff his way through the application process with a borrowed nurse and some new lounge chairs. It is that he made no effort to address the grave deficiencies in his practice that had caused Karnamaya Mongar’s death.”

Whistleblower Sues Alleging Sexual Harassment, Patient Molestations at Oregon Abortion Clinic

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• Written by Operation Rescue
• Posted October 31, 2012 at 10:37 am
Portland, OR – Last week, former clinic worker Kimberly Binnington filed suit last week against Lovejoy Surgicenter, an abortion clinic in Portland, Oregon, alleging a long list of abuses, including having witnessed a nurse fondle abortion patients while they were under anesthesia.

Binnington says that Lovejoy Surgicenter’s Operating Room Supervisor Evie Gradwohl committed the molestations and that she drew a bird on one sedated woman, an incident she bragged about on Facebook.

According to the lawsuit, Gradwohl had her breasts surgically augmented then exposed herself to employees at the clinic and urged them to fondle her. She boasted about her sex life at the office in front of staff and patients and engaged in other inappropriate behavior at the work place that created a hostile work environment.
Binnington says that Gradwohl pressured her to engage in an extra-marital affair with one of Gradwohl’s sex partners. When Binnington refused to go along, Gradwohl began to mistreat Binnington and in one instance threw a hanger at her.
Binnington was also told to lie to State inspectors about Grandwohl being the surgical supervisor when in fact another unlicensed worker actually supervised abortion surgeries at Lovejoy.
“Sexual harassment and sex abuse are not uncommon at abortion clinics across the nation. We hear reports of this kind of despicable behavior all too often,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “It is the ultimate betrayal of a woman’s trust to take sexual advantage of her during a time of vulnerability. Women should be aware of the deviate behavior that apparently continues at Lovejoy Surgicenter, and avoid it like they would the plague.”
Binnington’s suit claims that she repeatedly reported the abuses to another supervisor, but that nothing was ever done to remedy the situations.
‘There appear to be instances of serious patient safety violations at Lovejoy Surgicenter. We plan to make the appropriate authorities aware of these as soon as possible,” said Sullenger.

Read the Court Document (Caution, sexual content)

View Lovejoy Surgicenter’s profile page at


Gov’t to send escorts to abortion clinics but who is really protecting women?

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According to the NY Daily News: A new City Council-backed escort program to aid patients at heavily protested city abortion clinics will launch next month, Speaker Christine Quinn announced Friday.

The move to recruit and train escorts comes in response to growing protests by anti-abortion activists, officials said.

The Daily News reported that a Sunset Park, Brooklyn abortion clinic shut down last month after owners said protesters drove away patients and doctors. And a major anti-abortion vigil is planned Saturday at Choices Women’s Medical Center in Jamaica, Queens.

Well… we all know the importance of protecting women from those pesky pro-lifers after all…it was a doctor once employed by “Choices Abortion Clinic” who did this:

When abortionist Alan Zarkin came looking for work, Merle Hoffman, owner of the Choices abortion clinic the state is now seeking to protect, could not have been happier. She and the doctor had worked together off and on for many years in her clinic, Choices Women’s Medical Center in Queens. Moreover, her medical director had just left, so she happily handed the title over to Dr. Zarkin.

Zarkin was convicted of carving his initials into the stomach of a patient on whom he had just performed a Caesarean section. The patient, Dr. Liana Gedz, sued the hospital, the doctor and his former medical practice for $5.5 million, charging that the incident has left her physically and emotionally scarred. Zarkin has since had his medical license temporarily suspended pending a final investigation, and he is also the subject of an inquiry by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

According to New York State Board of Professional Medical Conduct order # BPMC 00-32, abortionist Alan Zarkin was ordered to surrender his medical license as he could not defend against at least one of ten charges of misconduct brought against him.

Here are a few of the charges listed by the Board:

In 1999, while working at Beth Israel Hospital in New York, abortionist Alan Zarkin performed a cesarean on a woman and when she asked if he had removed all the fat, Zarkin stated that he had and that he was “going to add it to his penis.” Zarkin then went and carved his initials, “AZ,” into the woman’s abdomen because he claimed he did a good job in the surgery.

In 1996, while treating a patient at his office, Zarkin told the patient that she was special and that she was beautiful. He said that he talked about her to all of his friends. He then proceeded to call the patient at home and invited her to a wedding with him. During one of her annual visits with Zarkin, he told her he had received an eye lift and commented, “Between the eye job and the Viagra, I’m a sex stud. Can you believe that I did it three times in one night?”

Zarkin also commented about the woman’s pubic hair and told her, “like your Mohawk.”

The New York Times reported in the article, How Doctor Got Work After Carving Into Patient (01/27/00), that a patient who contacted them, who insisted that her name not be used, said that Zarkin made increasingly lewd remarks to her over three years, leading her to file a complaint with the state.

Besides making crass sex jokes, she said, Dr. Zarkin commented that she was ”beautiful” and his ”favorite patient.” She filed a complaint with the Department of Health, she said, when the doctor told her he was taking Viagra three times per day and masturbating in the shower.

In February of 2000, the New York Department of Health closed the Choices Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic where Zarkin worked detailing numerous health violations. Zarkin was brought on staff there by clinic administrator, Merle Hoffman who claimed that she was unaware of Zarkin’s checkered past.

The New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct agreed with Zarkin that he could not successfully defend against at least one of the charges of gross negligence; negligence on more than one occasion; verbally or physically abusing a patient; conduct which evidences moral unfitness; practicing medicine while impaired and having a psychiatric condition which impairs his ability to practice medicine. On February 2,2000 Zarkin surrendered his medical license.

Dr. Zarkin’s predecessor at the Queens clinic told about a dozen clinic workers days before Dr. Zarkin started that he had heard of the carving incident, clinic employees and the former director said. But Ms. Hoffman said she did know know about the incident before hiring the pervert doc.

Hoffman, who trusted Dr. Zarkin, did not check with Beth Israel or Dr. Zarkin’s former partners about why he had parted ways with them, she said. But not checking his credentials is a violation of state law, and her clinic, which provides abortions and other women’s health services, and according to media reports, was investigated by the State Department of Health.

Hoffman described Zarkin this way: ”He always presented himself as a physician who cared deeply about patients,” she said. Hoffman eventually fired Zarkin.

Even before Dr. Zarkin came on board, Dr. Enayat Hakim Elahi, the departing medical director, told clinic employees that he had heard a rumor about the carving incident, Dr. Elahi and several clinic workers.

Dr. Elahi, who has filed many complaints about conditions at Choices with the State Health Department, even sent the agency a letter accusing Dr. Zarkin of botching a gynecological procedure under ”extremely unsafe conditions.”

Given the history of Choices and many other abortion clinics , it would seem that the government would have a greater interest in protecting those seeking the services of these clinics, rather than stiffing the free speech of protesters outside.

Quinn a mayoral candidate next year and city officials said they hoped to fill 16 to 24 escort positions for each of eight Saturdays beginning Nov. 3. They said no Council funds would be spent on the project.

Volunteers are being recruited via the city’s Web site,, and through e-mails. They’ll be trained by Planned Parenthood and the NYCLU at City Hall on Oct. 28 and 29.

Planned Parenthood already has a program of volunteer escorts to help women get past the protests. But officials said an expansion of the protests has led to the need for many more.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, a national anti-abortion organization, was startled when told that the government was intervening.

“Let me get this straight,” he said. “You’re telling me a legislator in the City Council is doing this?”

Once he got over the shock, Newman insisted his members are acting within their constitutional rights and said it should be the police that enforce the law, not the council.

“What she is calling for is vigilantism,” he said of Quinn.

Quinn asserted that she isn’t picking sides.

“We’re allowing both sets of New Yorkers to access their legal rights,” she said. “One side trampled the other’s legal rights. That’s wrong. We’re not going to let that happen.”