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Pro-choice Group and Democrat Party raise funds for dangerous abortion clinic closed by state

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The Pro-choice Group: Open Umbrella Collective, has started a fundraising campaign to help Femcare abortion clinic upgrade costly equipment according to the service’s website.

Open Umbrella Fundraiser for FemCare

The state Department of Health and Human Services suspended the license of a city abortion clinic, citing nearly two dozen safety violations discovered in a recent inspection.

The state’s last inspection of Femcare said the facility failed to have a resuscitator available and needed to have an agreement or contract with an anesthetist or anesthesiologist and a registered pharmacist. Inspectors also reported that they found unclean operating room beds and anesthesia masks and tubing held together with tape. Femcare was the third abortion clinic in the state since May to have its license temporarily suspended.

Open Umbrella is throwing the suspended abortion clinic a fundraiser and announced:

Citizens concerned over the sudden closure of Femcare, Asheville’s abortion clinic, have organized a big fundraising event on Sept. 5 to raise the money needed to reopen the clinic. Background here on the last Femcare fundraising event and circumstances surrounding its closure.

Former Buncombe County commissioner Patsy Keever, who is now the new vice chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, the Rev. Howard Hanger, UNCA’s Dr. Lori Horvitz and Dr. Alice Weldon are the featured speakers.

Open Umbbrella Fundraiser
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On July 31st FEMCARE, the abortion clinic in Asheville, NC, received a temporary license suspension. The clinic has served the community providing compassionate high quality care for patients since 1985. We are calling out to you for support! In order to raise funds for the clinic and costly regulation code improvements The Open Umbrella Collective is throwing a fundraiser for FEMCARE.

Labor by Choice: A post Labor day celebration will be held September 5th at the Millroom located at 66 Asheland Ave. Asheville, NC. 28801. Doors open at 5:30 PM. This event will include a silent auction, speakers, short film screenings regarding abortion issues, music, cash bar, and a good time for a good cause.

There are many ways in which you can show your support. As of now we are looking for art and food donations for the event. Please feel encouraged to bring your checkbooks and your friends to this fundraiser. We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution and look forward to seeing you there!

FemCare’s suspension came two days after Gov. Pat McCrory signed a law that will require abortion clinics to meet the standards of an outpatient surgery center. Ironically, it was thought that Femcare would be the only North Carolina abortion clinic to meet safety standards under the new law, but it seems it that thinking was grossly in error. Femcare was last inspected 6½ years ago. The closure is not directly related to the new law.




Raleigh, N.C.-In response to inquiries, the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed today that it has suspended the license of a medical clinic in Asheville, N.C, which specializes in abortions. After a routine survey of FEMCARE, Inc., inspectors found egregious violations of existing rules that revealed an imminent threat to the health and safety of patients.

“Inspectors from Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) found the facility failed to comply with 23 separate rules,” said Drexdal Pratt, Director of DHHS’ Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR). “We take rule violations very seriously and, when necessary, take firm action to prevent harm to patients and clients in the facilities that we license regulate and inspect.”

In addition to other findings, the survey found the facility:

Failed to maintain anesthesia (nitrous oxide gas) delivery systems in good working condition, with torn masks and tubing held together with tape.This could lead to patients not receiving the intended dosage and risk patients not being fully sedated during surgical procedures, leading to pain and physical harm.
Failed to ensure emergency equipment had weekly checks to ensure the equipment was suitable for use in patient care and failed to ensure that emergency medicine wasn’t expired.
Failed to have a resuscitator available.
Failed to sweep and mop the operating room floor and failed to properly clean operating room beds.
Failed to have a director of nursing responsible and accountable for all nursing services.
Failed to have an agreement/contract with an anesthetist or anesthesiologist.
Failed to have an agreement/contract with a registered pharmacist to assure appropriate methods, procedures and controls for obtaining, dispensing, and administering drugs.
FEMCARE, Inc.’s last inspection was on January 16, 2007, a follow up inspection of a previous survey, which found the clinic in violation of personnel and quality assurance rules.
The Division of Health Service Regulation is responsible for licensing, regulating and inspecting healthcare facilities, including hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities, dialysis facilities, nursing homes and mental health facilities. The Acute Care Licensure Section has ten full time staff who survey hundreds of facilities across the state. The recently passed budget adds 10 full time employees to provide more frequent inspections of acute care facilities.

FEMCARE Suspension

Read Survey here

Operation Rescue reports this is the 42nd abortion clinic to close nationally in 2013. Clinic safety regulations have contributed to many of the closings. This number far eclipses the 24 abortion clinics that closed in 2012.

In addition to FemCare North Carolina, State officials have ordered a Durham abortion clinic to close its doors after finding safety violations. The state Department of Health and Human Services suspended the Baker abortion Clinic for their failure to perform quality control testing on 108 patients. Inspectors wrote that the clinic failed to ensure a positive and negative red blood cell control material was tested at least once daily when Rh(D) testing was performed and failed to follow manufacturer’s instructions for performing Rh(D) testing. This comes following a state announcement to monitor the Preferred Women’s abortion clinic in Charlotte that reopened after briefly losing its license.

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