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Democrat State Rep receives Award from Abortion Group, presented by abortion clinic staffer

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Ohio State Senator Nina Turner , who once told the GOP to “Get out of her Panties” Addressed the Abortion Care Network on March 17, 2013 and encouraged abortion providers to not get weary because “women are on the move.”

Toni Thayer , the Director of Development and Communications for Preterm, an abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. – introduced Rep. Nina Turner as a “strong outspoken voice in defense of abortion” and then gives her an award ! ( Preterm on FB) NinaTurnerAwardFB426412_496550060392796_1357685933_n

NinaTurner GOP Panties
Turner is the same Representative who told the GOP to “Get out of my panties”


Turner begins by telling the abortion audience they are “DOING GOD’s WILL”

Her full speech promoting legal abortion is here

Turner rants on about women dying from Back Alley Abortion – yet many women die from LEGAL abortion which Turner never speaks out about:

She ends by Quoting Scripture- DISGUSTING !

Attending the event were: … Ruth Arick, Lynn Paltrow, Susan Yanow, and Loretta Ross! Pics of the event are available here

Turner works with Planned Parenthood an organization founded by a racist Klan Speaker– Planned Parenthood likes to set up shop in Minority communities:

Nina Turner is 100% PRO-ABORTION- from her FB page
NinaTurner Roe V Wade