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Abortion clinics offer “Grief and Burial support”

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A Washington State abortion clinic chain advertises that they offer women bereavement resources and services and grief counseling.

What exactly would a woman grieve after having an abortion? Perhaps a baby?

Cedar River Clinics

Cedar River abortion clinics have locations in Seattle, Renton, and Tacoma Washington. According to their website, Cedar River Clinics, is operated by the Feminist Women’s Health Center (FWHC), which was founded in Yakima in 1979.

The Renton and Tacoma centers were added when their physician-owners and the name Cedar River Clinics was adopted. The Renton center was purchased in 1991 when abortionist Baird Bardarson retired. In 2014, FWHC acquired Aurora Medical Services and opened the Seattle clinic.

The abortion clinic chain does first and second trimester abortions killing unborn babies that are close to six months gestation.

In a slick marketing scheme, Cedar River offers a variety of compassionate sounding services for women such as:

Private waiting rooms for you and your support network
Individualized sedation plan administered by our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Assistance with:
~Grief support
~Genetic testing
~Bereavement resources and services
~Local lodging and transportation
~Billing and funding resources
~Funeral and cremation referrals
~Memorial tokens, if desired

Cedar River abortion grief

In a marketing video the abortion chain uploaded to YouTube they reiterate these “services” adding funeral and cremation referrals.

According to online searches, Philip D Welch MD, Robert Kothenbeutel MD, all work for Cedar River Clinics.

Deborah Oyer MD joined the staff of Cedar River Clinics after they acquired Aurora Medical Services.

Philip Welch WASHINGON med board

According to the Washington Medical Board- Philip Welch has an enforcement action on file for the treatment of a patient referred to him by Planned Parenthood.

Philip D Welch AbortioN Cedar River complaint

In addition to Cedar River, other abortion clinics have offered cremation and burial services.

Late term abortionist Warren Hern offers women, “The woman and her family may request special procedures such as special religious ceremonies, genetic studies, formal autopsy, private cremation, or private burial. We can arrange for any or all of these special procedures upon request.”

In past blogs, I have written about funeral homes arriving at an abortion clinic ( here).

Affiliated Medical Services abortion clinic in Michigan has this testimonial on their website, “I had a fatal fetal anomaly. It was a planned pregnancy and I was devastated when I had to interrupt it. The clinic coordinator took my hand, gave me a hug and made all the arrangements for Baptism and burial services. She made an extremely devastating decision so much easier to accept and feel good about. Thank you!”

Tiller Crematorium

Late term abortionist George Tiller, who was gunned down and killed years ago, would cremate the babies he aborted inside his facility.

While Florida later term abortion owner, James Pendergraft encourages the women who come to him to see the aborted baby, “At the Women’s Centers we are prepared to aid patients and their families in getting through the entire process with our compassionate and caring staff, supporting them from the beginning to the end of the termination procedure. Each patient goes through the procedure process differently. We encourage all patients to at least see the baby minimally as we believe that this is the best way to bring closure for families. We are also prepared to help families have a memory of their child such as having a handprint or a footprint. Some patients want the baby to be cremated and others want a burial to take place.

For the past 14 years, we have helped hundreds of families cope with similar circumstances. We provide the safest methods for ending pregnancies.”

Of course, he fails to tell these unsuspecting women how many times the state has gone after his medical license or closed his abortion facility, but that’s another story for another day.

Funeral home sends driver to abortion clinic to pick up “fetus”

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Abolitionist Toby Harmon has uploaded a video of his conversation with a Funeral Home employee who showed up at Curtis Boyd’s Albuquerque abortion clinic: Southwestern Women’s Options.

10304791_10202463734849979_3580158087573286302_n Images used with permission by Toby Harmon

The Funeral Home employee told Harmon that he did not agree with abortion but was requested by the mother for them to pick up the fetus.

An image of the funeral home vehicle taken by Harmon reveals that the funeral home is Riverside Funeral Home.


On their website, the late term abortion clinic says that prior to the induction they, “discuss the patient’s wishes for saying goodbye to her baby and make a plan to accommodate her wishes. We offer a memory box containing a receiving blanket, footprints, a certificate of stillbirth and photos. Many women and their support choose to view the baby the day following induction. We can help with arrangements for burial or cremation.”


A call made to the abortion clinic in 2011 revealed that the clinic will arrange for a funeral home to pick up babies they murder.

The abortion clinic tells the caller how they will kill the “fetus” the caller then asks:

Caller: Okay. What happens to the fetal remains? What options do I have there?

SWO’s Sue: Well, you do have some options,uh, from–you know you can certainly make arrangements through a funeral home, if it’s something that you’re wanting to have cremated for example and, uh, the remains shipped to you. Uh, it would have to–those arrangements would have to be made through a funeral home here who then makes arrangements with a funeral home where ever it is that you live. Um. So that certainly is something that some patients do choose to do.

Undercover Call

Read transcript of the call posted by Operation Rescue here

Harmon described his feelings after posting the vid, “I must admit my emotions and thinking on this are conflicted. It is sick and twisted to murder your own baby and then act like it was a normal death and now decide to call the funeral home to give him or her proper cremation/burial. However, this is the most humanly this pre-born child was ever treated in his short life and reflecting back on it I do not hold the funeral home accountable for his murder, but appreciate that they will, by their services provide him a little dignity.”