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Abortion counselor who filmed abortion not on birth control wants empathy pro-choicers pounce !

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The internet is a buzz with the sickening video of abortion clinic counselor Emily Letts filming of her own abortion i.e. killing her unborn child. Letts is an abortion counselor at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center abortion clinic in New Jersey.

Emily Letts

After the abortion, Emily Letts says on the video, “I don’t feel like a bad person. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby; I can make a life. I knew what I was going to do is right, cause it was right for me and no one else.

Watch her sicko abortion vid below:


Emily Letts on CNN

After Emily received her “claim to fame” CNN’s Dr. Drew on Call interviewed her.

The CNN panel included pro-choice women who scolded Emily, a supposed wise abortion counselor, for using abortion as a form of birth control.

Emily Letts Abortion

Letts replies, “I did not have a single partner, I was not in a relationship…to be honest lets not talk about the fact that hormonal birth control can be very scarey to women. It can be very scary to put hormones in your body.”

The CNN panel then asks, “What’s so scary about a condom?

Abortion counselor Letts replies, “Completely. And my question is have you ever done anything in your life that you- that was a mistake? Have you ever smoked a cigarette have you ever ran a red light? Have you ever done something that you knew there was consequences and then you said WOW, that was probably not the most intellectual decision I made. You learn from it and you move forward. During the “procedure” I got an IUD inserted..I just don’t understand why people are trying to bash me on this? I like, I’ve admitted that, hey, we all make mistakes, this is the point: empathy. Let’s talk about empathy… .”





CNN Panelist lectures Emily

Another pro-choice female CNN panelist then responds, “I am proud of you for making the decision that you thought was right. Its probably best for the CHILD that you weren’t, it didn’t seem like you were ready to have a child but you were ready to have sex and you were ready to have an abortion. To me, it seems that you are trivializing something that’s really traumatic for a lot of people. Think you’re helping them. You are helping them you work in an abortion clinic so you’re already helping people. I don’t think going viral – putting a video out there – is doing anything. Cause I feel like its self-serving. But I want to know, what about women who get raped? What about women who get raped and have an abortion and they’re watching you go Ohh…cool..yeah?”


CNN Panelist GIving Birth

The next pro-choice CNN female panelist asked Emily Letts if she was trivializing giving birth when she compared abortion to a birth-like process?

Emily Letts responded, “I would say that, I have studied birth…so I support women through their birth procedures, birth procedures, I’m sorry, their birth experience. And so, the thing about birth is that it is personal it is sacred it is yours. And and that you need to be supported. It should be something that you craft with like having someone whomever you want in the room with you. And so, that’s what I did, that’s what I meant by this [abortion] was as birth-like as possible. I was supported 360 degrees by women who held my hand. Who said like you’re strong and you’re beautiful. And you are making the best decision for your life. And we trust you because you trust yourself.. I still have a relationship with my body and my pregnancy. And that’s the thing, like, you can’t tell me that I’m trivializing it because you’re not me.

Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic event stigmatizes abortion patients as out of control

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WWH Citizen Ruth Tweet

The Texas abortion clinic chain, Whole Woman’s Health has posted an event where they will be screening the film: Citizen Ruth.

Citizen Ruth Film WWH

As Whole Women’s Health describes the film, “This month we’ll be watching Citizen Ruth, a dark comedy about a woman with an unexpected pregnancy who wants to seek an abortion. The film is known for its use of humor to critique “moral realism” and fanaticism in the debate that surrounds abortion.

Citizen Ruth

The films authors describe Ruth as, “An irresponsible, drug-addicted, recently impregnated woman finds herself in the middle of an abortion debate when both parties attempt to sway her to their respective sides.”

According to one review, Laura Dern portrays Ruth Stoops, an irresponsible, unemployed woman who’s addicted to inhaling household chemicals and has becomes pregnant, for the fifth time. After she is arrested for substance abuse, the judge offers to lessen her sentence if Ruth chooses to abort her child. Ruth agrees, but that night she encounters a group of pro-life activists.

Citizen Ruthwonder-girl_large

What I find most amusing is how this abortion clinic would endorse the stigmatizing of their patients as women needing abortion because they are out of control and unable to cope in life. Where is NOW, NARAL, NAF, and the rest of the pro-choice lobby to oppose this? Their silence is golden because that is precisely what the abortion lobby believes about women who choose abortion. It is a complete insult to women and it needs to be exposed !

This idea was summarized by National Abortion Federation member and abortion doctor Michael Benjamin when he described the typical abortion patient before a state Congressional committee, “I think it is basically a personality type who generally has her life out of control and unfortunately nowadays there are no shortage of people in general whose lives are out of control. They drift, they tend to live for the moment in terms not only of their sexual practices but in terms of their economic lives and they are people in general who don’t think beyond the moment, who don’t plan for tomorrow, and who really will take life as it comes and deal with the rest later. …

In one scene the pro-choice side is shown telling Ruth,”It is always women like you who are most victimized by anti-choice, indigent women, third world women, women of color..”

The film ends on the day Ruth is to receive her abortion, she suffers a miscarriage. Going along with the pretense of having the abortion, she proceeds to the clinic to collect $15,000 that has been left there for her by one of the security guards of the clinic who believes in personal freedom. He has personally given her the money, free of organizational sponsorship, to match the bid given by the Pro-Life group, so that she can make her decision without the influence of money. She then breaks out of the clinic by dropping a toilet tank cover on a guard’s head and walks by oblivious protesters on both sides. Even though she’d been on the TV news for weeks, none of the picketers on either side pay any attention to her actual presence. Finally standing up, she runs away down the street.

Whole Women’s Health has been in the news due to the recent passing of stricter abortion laws in Texas. They have also been cited by state health officials for having a substandard abortion clinics, something the media seems to cover-up.

I believe that the stigmatizing of their abortion patients may be motivated by profit. The more they can convince society that abortion takes care of the babies society does not want by women who would be bad parents the more people will support their cause. And support is something Whole Woman’s Health desperately needs as the front page of their website clearly shows:

WWH Front pafe asks for donations