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Oxymoron? Abortion Clinic Houses Birthing Center

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An Abortion clinic in New York also houses a birthing center.

The birthing center, a project of Buffalo Womenservices abortion clinic, is likely to be the only one in the United States combined with an abortion clinic.

Buffalo WC

Buffalo Womenservices is located at 2500 Main St. in Buffalo, New York. They are members of the National Abortion Federation and NARAL, and perform surgical abortions to 22 weeks early surgical abortions.

Buffalo WC Abortion

The clinic, run by Dr. Katharine Morrison also offers a freestanding birthing center called the Birthing Center of Buffalo.


I see a connection between respecting a woman’s right to decide to end a pregnancy and her right to determine how she has her baby,” abortionist Katharine Morrison, told the Buffalo News.

Buffalo WC Birth Center

According to ArtVoice, for much of her 22-year career abortionist Katharine Morrison has tried to operate below the radar.

Morrison graduated from the University at Buffalo’s School of Medicine in 1984, then moved to New York City to do an obstetrics and gynecology fellowship. She returned to Buffalo in 1988 and worked for Healthcare Plan until 1998, then began splitting time between Buffalo and Bath, New York.

She began working at Buffalo Womenservices in July 1998. She gave up her job in Bath in 2000 and has been with Womenservices ever since, with occasional work in New York City.

In November Morrison and clinic director Melinda DuBois purchased Buffalo Womenservices from its long-time owners; for several years the partners had been managing the clinic. The clinic is owned and operated by Terri Fregoe, executive director of Womenservices, and Eileen Stewart, a certified nurse midwife who attends about 100 home births a year in collaboration with Morrison.

Katharine Morrision AB HDLINE

We’ve always been known as the abortion clinic, and that is still what we do,” DuBois says.

Womenservices currently provides training in abortion procedures for doctors from all over the country.