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Does AHA deserve to be attacked for opposing abortion?

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The group Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) has posted another vid showing violence by a pro-choicer who opposed their protest.

She, like many women who act post-abortive was very irrational.

The video shows the pro-choicer in Seattle, Wa. getting very upset that the graphic images of aborted victims would be shown publicly at Christmas.

Mall Lady Dec 2013

After a few moments the woman leaves and then returns throwing something at the group.
Mall Signs Ketchup

She then returns again with more pro-choice friends with the intent to deface the anti-abortion signs. Mission accomplished.

Mall signs defaced

Last week a member of AHA was assaulted as reported here.

AHA December 2013


Abby Johnson on Prochoice Violence

In response to that event, former Planned Parenthood worker turned anti-abortion, Abby Johnson posted this on her facebook page: “When you peacefully pray outside of abortion clinics, offer hope and healing, and offer the love of Christ, you are less likely to be attacked by anyone who is prochoice. When you preach that people are going to hell, that the men going into the clinics are “girly men,” that they deserve to burn in hell, then you probably have a higher chance of being physically attacked. If you feel called to speak to those going into abortion clinics, always do so with a spirit of love and compassion.”

Although I have personally engaged both AHA and Ms. Johnson in disagreements on their views, I find it astonishing that one would try and make an excuse for any violent behavior against those exposing abortion. If we disagree with the tactics of AHA or with their beliefs we should debate them. But the moment we make excuses for ANYONE to attack a person simply because they are pro-life or anti-abortion we place ourselves in danger as well.

What Ms. Johnson said in her analysis is like saying to a woman who is raped, “If you wear a short skirt you have a higher chance of being raped.”

The truth is that no one has the right to physically assault or destroy property based on what a person says. I realize that Abby did not say she condoned this violence, however, we should all join together to condemn it. AHA likes to separate themselves into a group that is supposedly different from pro-lifers and that is their option. I have been upset by some of their claims and statements as well. But, if pro-lifers censor and remain silent when AHA is attacked, are we not doing the same thing? I hope all pro-life people will think long and hard about making any assertions that one group which opposes abortion is more likely to be attacked than another while we sit by and say nothing before that line of thinking places all of us at risk!

Just Say’n !