Man escorting woman from Planned Parenthood throws sign of preborn child

A man who told anti-abortion demonstrators outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that he has “already killed 7” of his kids, turned his anger at the protesters, eventually ripping the sign with the image of a preborn child out of their hands and throwing it across the parking lot.

In the video uploaded to YouTube in April, you hear an abortion Abolitionist ask if the people walking into the clinic know that “this place kills children.” As the man walks to his car with a female, the abortion Abolitionist tells him the “blood of the children are on your hands sir” as he calls out for the man to “repent” and “turn to Jesus Christ.”

prochoice man attacks abortion abolitionist prolife

The post-abortive man then gets out of his car, removes his jacket and quickly approaches the Abolitionist. As the demonstrator warns him that he is “being filmed” he proceeds to grab the Abolitionist’s sign.

Post abortive man grabs abolitionist sign abortion prolifePost abortive man grabs avolitionist sign abortion prolife 2

The protestors calmly talk to the man who says they made “someone cry.” As the female the man escorted out of the Planned Parenthood approaches, he turns and takes her back to the car. Then the angry abortion supporter returns quickly to the demonstrator telling him to “Shut your F-ing mouth.” He proceeds to rip the sign from the Abolitionist’s hands and throws the poster, which contained the image of a preborn child, across the parking lot.

Post abortive man grabs abolitionist sign abortion prolifePost abortive man throws abolitionist sign abortion prolife 4

The angry abortion supporter then walks back to his vehicle and leaves. You can watch the video below.

Just one more example of the way abortion provokes violence among those who support it.

2 Responses to “Man escorting woman from Planned Parenthood throws sign of preborn child”


    I’m sorry but after watching, I think I would have reacted the same way.

    The protestor was insanely annoying. This should be evident by anyone’s standard- pro life or pro choice. What exactly did he hope to accomplish by saying nutty things such as “repent, and this will send you to hell”. How the sweet hell could he even know that? Did he even bother to ask if this couple had any religious beleifs? No, to him there would be no reason for that I suppose, what he says is supposed to be seen as the ultimate truth, simply because, well, he’s saying it. Silly me.

    It is one thing to be soft and gentle, and try to speak with these people before the abortion. And it’s completely acceptable to offer a listening ear, when the abortion is through. The decision to have an abortion, coerce someone into one and so forth, is frought with emotion.immediate judgement like this, including the mentioning of “hell” and “bloody hands” (even in an annoying low key tone), will only tempt someone to loose it.

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