Planned Parenthood doesn’t want word to get out that they harvest aborted babies for parts

In a series of undercover videos uploaded by the Center for Medical Progress, it has become evident that aborted baby body parts harvesting is not rare – it is widespread across the nation.


The tax funded abortion chain has denied this claim even writing to Congress,

    “our affiliates’ involvement in fetal tissue research is a miniscule part of the work of Planned Parenthood. Despite a deliberate and systematic effort to distort our role, only two of 59 Planned Parenthood affiliates are currently involved with fetal tissue research,” something they state they, “are proud to have a role in.”

    Adding, “The attacks on us have the intended purpose of making it appear that fetal tissue research is an enormous focus of Planned Parenthood. But the simple fact is that 99% of our health centers have no involvement in this work…Today,only one affiliate (in California) is involved with fetal tissue research working through a TPO [tissue procurement organization.] A second affiliate is involved with fetal tissue research working with the University of Washington”

Center for Medical Progress Dana Loesch

But this does not sink with what Planned Parenthood said in CMP’s undercover videos.

One of the hubs for fetal tissue harvesting is California, where the majority of Planned Parenthood centers reportedly have (or had) some kind of procurement agreement with StemExpress, which has since cut ties with Planned Parenthood in the midst of scandal. Despite CMP’s video footage which strongly suggests that Planned Parenthood is selling the organs of babies they abort (and possibly manipulating the procedure – a violation of federal law), California officials have refused to open any investigations into either Planned Parenthood or StemExpress.

Deborah Nucatola, MD, Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, told CMP buyers about the “saturation” of fetal body parts harvesting in California:

    “And, I think that- I don’t know anyone who would say no. Everyone’s been looking to do this for a year and a half, the affiliates in California have been very lucky, because in California there is no shortage of possibilities….”

So just how prevalent is the harvesting of fetal body parts? We’ve scanned the transcripts from The Center for Medical Progress for a breakdown…

Stem Express Fetal Liver costs 2015

Stem Express obtains fetal body parts from:

Novogenix obtains fetal body parts from:

Matry Gatter Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles former medical director Dr. Mary Gatter noted in video #2:

    “So Novogenix was our partner in PPLA and they would send us – you know, big volume. They would send their staff to the site, and our staff, our medical assistants were used to discussing with the patients, do you want to consent? And they would say yes or no, and a lot of them said yes.”

(In addition to telling CMP that she wanted a Lamborghini, Gatter admitted that the PPLA office performed 15,000 abortions a year.)

Advanced Bioscience Resource (ABR) obtains fetal body parts from:

Katharine Sheehan Planned Parenthood CNR

Katharine Sheehan of Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest noted on video about ABR, “We’ve been using them for over 10 years, really a long time, so, we just kind of renegotiated their contract.”

Unspecified procurement company obtains body parts from:

UCLA (now USC):

Gatter explained that in addition to Novogenix, PPLA would consent patients but a staff member from UCLA (now USC) would procure the body parts when she operated the PPLA affiliate. And, she said, “… [I]t was my experience that maybe 60% to 70%, but a large percent of patients we approached would say yes” to donating their babies’ body parts.


Vanessa Russo Planned Parenthood ridiculous laws harvesting baby parts

In video #10, Vanessa Russo, Compliance Program Administrator for PP Keystone, told Deborah VanDerhei, National Director of the Consortium of Abortion Providers (CAPS) with PP:

    “I kind of don’t care what people say, like the work is so valuable that that to me in and of itself is important so just shut up, but I’m not the one that can make that call, so I definitely want to get as much information from you guys and establish an open communication with you guys, because we’ll just need a lot of transparency to make the people I work with feel comfortable, but I am all about this.”

Abortion clinics which were suggested to approach as potential future fetal body parts harvesting candidates:

Deborah Nucatola Planned Parenthood body parts lower extremeties

In video #1, Nucatola made sure to mention ways to “get your foot in the door”:

    “… Times are hard in Texas right now, anything that you can do to make things a little bit easier for them, or a little bit better for everybody, I think gets your foot in the door. So, I’d be happy to introduce you to both of their medical directors. Paul Fine is Gulf Coast, and Darryl Johnson is Greater Texas. Both Gulf Coast and Greater Texas have pretty well developed structures and pretty independent surgical services, and people in academic research.”

Dr GInde Planned Parenthood

About Fort Collins, Colorado, Dr. Savita Ginde, VP and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains noted:

    “[W]hen we did this in Ft. Collins, we had the CSU providers come in- I think we told you before that we would just call them and be like “Hey, we have samples. Cool send them over.” What LA is doing with their person on site. “Hey, we have specimens, ok, we’ll be over there in five minutes. Great. They come over with a cooler, pick it up and they’re gone. Obviously, there are a few more logistics involved, are there any things with FedEx, or anything that has to be worked out because it’s human tissue?”


Despite admissions by many of their staff regarding the numbers of centers/affiliates that perform or would be willing to perform fetal tissue research, Planned Parenthood now claims that since CMP conducted their investigation several of their centers have ended the practice.

The take away from this is that Planned Parenthood’s baby parts operation was on an upward trajectory until they were exposed. The question remains what will happen when the spotlight is removed?

(NOTE: Thanks to Kelli for editing assistance)

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