Artist paints Trump using her own menstrual blood

Whatever you think of the political process, the candidates running and the positions they take, one artist is so upset with Donald Trump that she used her own menstrual blood to paint his portrait.

Sarah Levy Trump menstral period

Sarah Levy told the Portland Mercury she used a Diva Cup to collect her blood which she watered down to use as paint.

WHY?, well according to the Portland Mercury she got the idea after Trump’s comment directed at Megyn Kelly after the first GOP debate where he said of Kelly, she had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

I had just come home from art class and I was bleeding,” she says of the idea. “I posted on my Facebook page asking if it was a bad idea to do it and almost all my friends said to do it.”

And so she did.


2 Responses to “Artist paints Trump using her own menstrual blood”

  1. This is why I am enjoying my life again – we moved far away from Portland.

    She is yet another female who does not deserve the right to vote! I’m adding her to a list that will be published.

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