Abortion clinic security guard claims to be a minister

A security guard who works for the Delta Clinic for Women in Baton Rouge abortion clinic claims that he is an ordained minister.

Ralph Delta abortion security guard

Pro-lifers with the group, http://www.keeplifelegal.com, lovingly confronted the so-called minister and asked how he could protect a place that kills children.

“You’re the adjective that give me the opportunity to be the mouth,” the security guard “minister” says to pro-lifers.

Because, what happens is they get a chance to ask me can they do that?’ Because that’s always the first question that comes to their mind…That gives me the opportunity to carry on the conversation that you started,” the security guard says in his defense of taking blood money.

He then compares himself to a narcotics agent who goes undercover to get to the Kingpins.

“And so the same thing applies to me here…gives me the opportunity to talk to some people.”

Prolife minister Delta abortionThe pro-life minister who is speaking to him says he is not condemning him but feels that the Holy Spirit wants him to consider whether God would send His people to guard the temple of the Moloch god.

The security guard tells the pro-lifers he will consider what they have said. The conversation was cordial.

What do you- the reader – think he should do?

One Response to “Abortion clinic security guard claims to be a minister”

  1. He needs to find another job and volunteer to be a sidewalk counselor instead. Otherwise, he’s taking blood money as a paid employee of the killing center.

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