Pro-life woman hosed by workers while kneeling in prayer outside Planned Parenthood

Earlier last week a pro-life woman was arrested and charged with violating a noise ordinance while praying in front of a new Planned Parenthood site in the Washington, DC area.

Planned Parenthood DC

Planned Parenthood has been in the news nationally after the Center for Medical Progress exposed their gruesome baby parts harvesting operation claiming they are illegally selling the body parts potentially harvested from babies aborted alive.

Pizzano COnstruction Planned Parenthood

That alone should give anyone involved with Planned Parenthood pause, but apparently not the Pizzano Construction Company who is helping the abortion giant by constructing their newest center in DC.

Lauren arrested PPIt was outside this site that Lauren Handy was issued the citation mentioned above.

Lauren is committed to speaking truth about abortion. Love her or hate her, she will speak out.

“Being a voice for the voiceless is never popular and Pizzano will do anything to shut us down,
” Lauren said.

But I refuse to remain silent on the killing of innocent babies,” she added.

It was just a day before her arrest that Lauren said that workers from Pizzano angrily cussed at her sending muddy water toward her while she knelt down on the sidewalk to pray.

Lauren praying PP 3_2092884766_n

“At first I was by myself and felt a little discouraged because the guy was cussing at me,”
Lauren told Saynsumthn. “And then another prayer warrior showed up and immediately knelt in the mud with me.”

Lauren said she was peacefully praying when the Pizzano worker targeted her with his hose spraying muddy water in her direction.

PP COnstr CO 281_323159269_n

attackes at PP 555506_n

“I was kneeling and praying when the guy turned on the hose making the construction dust turn into mud. I told him I would not leave and continued to pray,” Lauren said. “It didn’t matter what they did to me.”

“It was actually beautiful to serve God in that way
,” she added.

Pizzano COntractors PLanned Parenthood

In August 2013, Planned Parenthood of Metro DC purchased the 1225 Fourth St. NE, building, for $6.15 million.

They hired Pizzano Contractors to building the killing center. A video ad published by the Alexandria, Va. company says that what makes them great is “family” among other things. Go figure!

Robert T Pizzano JrPizzano Contractors was established in 1958 by Robert T. Pizzano, Sr. and it now led by Robert Pizzano, Jr.

In 2012, Dr. Jamila Perritt, the medical director for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C made $214,421 working for the abortion center.

Planned Parenthood Wash DC 990

The video message below encourages pro-lifers to contact the Planned Parenthood construction company and politely urge them to stop building the new child killing center:

The good news is that Lauren told Saynsumthn that one of the Construction workers wants to leave after witnessing her peacefully take their abuse:

    “Everyone became really uncomfortable watching to girls take it was silence and a construction guy gave me him name and number because he wants to leave.”

3 Responses to “Pro-life woman hosed by workers while kneeling in prayer outside Planned Parenthood”

  1. Wow you let your workers treat someone very in humanely when she was peacefully praying which she has right to do?! Wow! That says a lot about your company! Its all about money… Her praying should make you angry.. it should stir up some feelings of maybe this is wrong… stop and think… I am praying for you and a change of heart!

  2. Praise God… a worker had a change of heart! God Listens to the hardships you endure for HIM and his little ones!!

  3. […] of Metro DC purchased the new building, located at 1225 Fourth St. NE, for $6.15 million, and hired Pizzano Contractors, a company operated by a “Catholic” business man to build the death […]

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