Playboy abortionist identified as ambulance arrives at notorious FPA abortion clinic

The site of an ambulance racing up to the door of an abortion clinic is nothing new.

Sadly, pro-life activists are documenting more and more of these events as they try and warn women before they enter these killing centers.

One place where several emergencies have been documented is Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in California. The abortion clinic chain was recently tied to the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) videos showing gruesome baby body parts harvesting at Planned Parenthood.

In the first full video upload from CMP, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola suggests to “actors” posing as buyers from a human biologics company that they should inquire with other abortion chains.

The Planned Parenthood worker then suggests the Family Planning Associates (FPA) which has locations around California.


Pro-lifers Terri and Tim Palmquist tipped off Saynsumthn to yet another emergency incident at FPA Women’s Health abortion facility in Bakersfield, California formerly known as Family Planning Associates.

Earlier this year another incident was documented which you can read about here.

FPA AUgust 2015 abortion 911 ambulance

In a video the pro-life couple has published to YouTube on August 21, 2015, the Palmquists highlight the clinic’s newest abortionist, a prominent Beverly Hills doctor by the name of Alex Simopoulos whom they claim was working when the emergency call was answered.


The video opens with the abortionist arriving to the clinic in what pro-lifers describe as a disguise to hide his identity.

The doctor arrived for his day of killing wearing arm tattoo sleeves and dressed in gangster attire, according to the video.

Alexander Simopoulos abortion ambulance FPA

Alex Simopoulos is FPA abortion chambers newest abortionist! He is a real sicko!,” Terri Palmqist says.

Dr. Simopoulos states on his website that he made appearances on the Millionaire Matchmaker, 90210, and on TLC’s show “Plastic Wives”

A clip of the Millionaire Matchmaker appearance has been edited into Palmquist’s video.

According to the Palmquists:

    Excerpts of abortionist Simopoulos’ (very inappropriate) scenes can be viewed online on Bravo TV and YouTube — but these scenes are in extremely poor taste and should not be watched by anyone who lacks discretion (and intestinal fortitute). One scene is so disgusting that Simopoulos’ date visibly recoils, saying that she felt like she needed to take a shower. The “matchmaker” herself became so frustrated with Simopoulos’ antics that she finally blurted out “women of the world, stay away!”

Alex Simpolous abortion Millionair Matchmaker

The casting interview with Alexander Simopolous for the Bravo TV series, shows the abortionist as a single playboy bragging that a majority of his plastic surgery practice is performing vaginal tightening. He also tells the show that he grosses over $500K a year and that his network after all his divorces is $1.3 million dollars. He brags about his lavish home and his Mercedes cars and that a majority of his relationships have been bases solely on sex.

Alex Simpolous cosmetic FPA abortion

I called the 800# posted at the doctor’s website and was told it was the number for the FPA abortion clinic and Dr. Simopoulos worked there. I expressed concern that FPA was involved in body harvesting and the receptionist told me that they are not the “same organization” that is doing that [ Planned Parenthood] and to think of it as “Wal-Mart and Target” and that “they do similar things but are different companies.”

Back to the medical emergency

Ambulance Sugust 2015 FPA abortion'

According to Palmquist, who runs LifeSavers Ministries, FPA women’s abortion clinic has become masterful at slowing down the process women are transported into the ambulance. They do this by summoning their clinic staff away from other patients to hold sheet type walls in an effort to prevent pro-lifers from witnessing the patient’s true condition.

Alexander Simopoulos has become notorious for his disrespectful treatment of women on television. Now Bakersfield women find themselves in his hands every week (with at least one local woman already being hospitalized,” the Palmquists write on their website.

As Terri filmed the emergency unfold below, you can hear her tell someone at the facility that they cannot take her camera. You can see part of the struggle in the footage below:

Read more about the abortionist here.

6 Responses to “Playboy abortionist identified as ambulance arrives at notorious FPA abortion clinic”

  1. Since you mentioned his “house,” you should know that he was lying about it. The house actually belonged to fellow plastic surgeon Dr. David Matlock, as Matlock himself confesses here:

    (According to my research, Simopoulos actually lives in an apartment.)

  2. […] earlier post details the identity of the newest doctor working at the Bakersfield, California FPA Women’s […]

  3. You guys are stupid

  4. Just got back from my appointment with Dr. Simopoulos and you guys, as Molly put it, are stupid. More than stupid if anything. Not once was he rude, arrogant, or anything close. He was very polite, reassuring and professional.
    You pro-life protesters on the other hand were a different story. Screeching and hollering and telling all of us women, regardless of what reason we were here for, that we were doomed and going to hell. Claiming that God hates. God is love. He hates no one and nothing.
    I was harrassed by your people. If I was going for an abortion nothing you people said would have made me change my mind or comforted me into knowing that id be able to raise a baby. Much less bring a baby into a world where people like you judge and lie. I felt so sad that religion is such an ugly thing when its supposed to bring us all together. Shame on you people.
    I wanted to beat sense into you people, strangle you even. This is why I don’t go to church or consider myself Christian or catholic. You people are all just spiteful, judgemental lunatics. May God change your ugly ways, I hope you all learn some consideration and compassion.

  5. Who gives a fuck?

  6. I met with Dr. Simopoulos Sept 2015 at the Bakersfield Clinic. He was nothing but polite and very professional. I did not feel uncomfortable at one all bit during my visit. What made me feel uncomfortable was the protesters & prolife folks out front. Women are already scared about things they dont need someone yelling at them that jesus loves them or they can help you raise your child. Some women know they are not ready or cant bring a child into the world and give it the best life possible not just adding another child to the system.. Give this man a break. Things go wrong in EVERY clinic EVEN HOSPITALS!

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