After Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal Cecile Richards wants you to “thank” staff!

Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, who has been in the hot seat defending her top officials for baby parts harvesting, is asking their supporters to “thank their staff.”

Thank Planned Parenthood staff

In the middle of their baby parts scandal it seems like an odd request.

I mean- what exactly should they be “thanked” for at this time?

Thank PP Stand with Planned Parenthood

The e-mail sent out this weekend reads:

    So, I want to take a minute to do something for health center staff at a time when they really need it. I want to say thanks — and I hope you’ll join me. I want to say thanks because our amazing staff shows up day after day, ready to deliver compassion and care to every single woman, man, and young person who steps through their doors.

    Thank Staff Planned Parenthood cecile richards

    I want to say thanks because Planned Parenthood health center staff is at the front lines of what really matters in this fight: providing health care to our patients, every day, no matter what. Will you take a minute to join me?

Cecile RIchards Planned Parenthood ABC

The Planned Parenthood prez, then starts the ball rolling by issuing her own “thank you” calling Planned Parenthood’s work compassion and caring – GAG!

Cecile Richards thanks Planned Parenthood staff


Cecile Richards PP Thank you

“We’ll deliver your messages to Planned Parenthood staff this week. I can tell you that your support means so much. When protesters gather outside Planned Parenthood’s doors, and legislators continue to attack however they can, it’s so incredibly heartening to know that there are people like you across the country standing with us,” Cecile Richards writes.


Thank you from prolife Planned Parenthood

Well Cecile You can count on me to thank members of your staff.

Staring with Dr. Mary Gatter:

Thank you Mary Gatter

Cecile Richards Thank PP

And…Dr. Deborah Nucatola:


Dr Deborah Nucatola Thank you Planned Parenthood 2

Thank PP

And, last but certainly not least: Thank you Cecile Richards

Cecile RIchards Planned Parenthood response

Thank you Cecile Richards Planned Parenthood 2


By all means, feel free to leave you own articulate “thank you” notes in the comments section of this blog!

Thank you opposition

2 Responses to “After Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal Cecile Richards wants you to “thank” staff!”

  1. Gary Jelich Says:

    Thank you, Planned Parenthood, for butchering millions of babies to death, and then selling the body parts! The blood of these innocent babies cries out from the ground and says, “Thank you, Planned Parenthood, for killing me!”

  2. ExposeSexEdNow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

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