Planned Parenthood prez claims docs in baby parts vids have been “reprimanded for tone”

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards claims only a few of her abortion clinics “harvest body parts.”

Cecile Richards George STeph Planned Parenthood

She is responding to two under cover videos catching her top physicians casually eating and drinking wine while discussing Planned Parenthood’s police of chopping up the unborn babies they abort for spare parts.

Cecile RIchards Planned Parenthood ABC

Richards claims the videos are “highly edited” despite the FACT that the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has uploaded the full footage.

The abortion giant prez has since gone on the media circuit decrying CMP and trying to convince the public THEY [Planned Parenthood] are the victims as opposed to the tiny humans they are “crushing” and potentially harvesting from.

Hillary CLinton defends Planned Parenthood

She is not alone, 2016 presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, who once spoke out on Elephants Harvesting, has defended Planned Parenthood despite their aborted baby parts racket.

Sunday, George Stephanopoulos interviewed Richards on This Week Sunday, where the CEO taking in a six digit salary every year from the tax funded organization was clearly put on the defensive despite his support of the organization.


Stephanopoulos asked the Planned Parenthood prez if they have reprimanded their top medical directors, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who bragged how she will crush above or crush below the desired child’s organ to appease “buyers” of the fetal body parts and Mary Gatter who said she would modify the abortion procedure, performing a “Less Crunchy” technique to obtain more “whole specimens.” Gatter then joked about wanting a Lamborghini.

Matry Gatter Planned Parenthood

Richards told the ABC TV personality that the two abortionists had “been reprimanded for their tone.”

Richards refused to say how they were reprimanded and was not pushed any further on the question.

To date, neither doctor has defended their own words.

But, in the interview, Richards sounds very rattled and at one time it sounded like she was going to cry.

Her repeated claims that they “do more” “help women” etc….are not flying in the eyes of Americans who are horrified by the FACT that Planned Parenthood admitted to harvesting the babies.

Richard’s decries the group that did the video investigation as “anti-abortion militants” who “entrapped doctors to say things” and claim they “do not profit” off the body parts.

She is asked about specific statements by the top Planned Parenthood doctors and claims it is all “taken out of context” because the group that investigated them “lied.”

Richards claims their records are open to anyone (like Congress) who wants to see them and continues to blame CMP because her hands were caught in the bloody cookie jar!

Let’s hope the American people defund Planned Parenthood immediately!

9 Responses to “Planned Parenthood prez claims docs in baby parts vids have been “reprimanded for tone””

  1. ExposeSexEdNow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  2. Joe Doe Says:

    You people are nothing but goddamn liars. I hope the molestation covering up Catholic Church is also defunded.

    • Tullia_Ciceronis Says:

      So, how are we liars? I watched the full two videos. Dr. Gatter haggled for prices and was willing to accept compensation for usuable fetal organs, not for cost of transportation and storage. She was willing to accept double the money for a fetal specimen that was found to have two usuable organs instead of one, and said that the biotech company at her old clinic did everything for them, so that proves that they certainly don’t need to be reimbursed for transportation. Dr. Nucatola said that clinics were happy to just break even, but if they could do more than break even, and in a way that seems reasonable, they’d be happy with that. Doing more than breaking even is making a profit.

  3. I found it ironic that she accused a young man wasn’t even born at the time of the clinic violence of the eighties. She appeared tired and was rattled when George asked her a serious question. Her talking points were flat and very unconvincing.

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