Taste of Trickery? Planned Parenthood raises blood money from ice cream

While Planned Parenthood national is in hot water answering for their gruesome baby parts operation, one of their affiliates was holding an ice cream fundraiser.

Whats the Scoop facebook

What’s the Scoop Ice Cream Parlor posted to their Facebook page the good news that in the week that two top Planned Parenthood doctors were caught on tape bragging how they harvest baby parts, they helped them raise money:

Whats the scoop Planned Parenthood 2015

The post was from July 22nd and read:

    hosting a fundraiser to benefit the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon at What’s the Scoop? from 5pm-8pm. 10% of all proceeds during these hours will be donated. Come enjoy some ice cream with us, including the signature “Taste of Victory” flavor, and help support this wonderful organization!

Planned Parenthood whats the scoop 5

Planned Parenthood of Oregon’s Facebook events page told supporters what flavors they could expect including their exclusive Taste of Victory Flavor:

    THE TASTE OF VICTORY: Fresh Oregon strawberries + white chocolate freckles = Portland power! An exclusive flavor for “Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood!”

    Planned Parenthood taste of victory ice scream

    • “Thrilla” in Vanilla: A private, custom blend of four vanillas come together to bring this classic flavor up a notch.

    • Brown Butter Almond Brittle: Caramely, rich Brown Butter ice cream laced with crunchy housemade almond brittle.

    • Bourbon Toffee: Maker’s Mark Bourbon ice cream and White Trash Toffee.

    • Chocolate Sorbet (vegan): Dense, creamy, unbelievably chocolatey.

Planned Parenthood whats the scoop


Are you licking your chops yet?

Imagine enjoying your ice cream purchase knowing it will lead to more babies being killed?

That is why I have taken it upon myself to rename the flavors, first we have: Taste of Trickery?

Taste of Trickery Planned Parenthood

As for the rest, I offer these suggestion some for the lovers of death:

1). “Thrilla” in Vanilla or as I like to call it “Killa” in Wombilla.
2). Brown Butter Almond Brittle or as I like to affectionately call Blood CUTTER into Baby Little
3). Bourbon Toffee Bread Pudding also known on this blog as Dead Pudding

Whats the scoop Xmas PP flavors

This time around the social media hoopla announcing the fundraiser was tapped down. That might be because we exposed this sticky situation several times in the past.

Last winter, What’s the Scoop donated 50% of Holiday presales to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, along with 10% of sales during the event – entitled “Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood” which took place in their parlor on December 15th.

Whats the scoop

Their events page, where the abortion biz took orders or the desserts (DESERT the UNBORN) read, “’Tis the season to indulge! Here’s a delicious way to whet your appetite while supporting Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon at the same time!”

Whats the Scoop FB PP

At that time, What’s the Scoop prepared a limited-edition Bourbon Toffee Bread Pudding exclusively for the killer of babies in the womb!

Whats the scoop PP flavors

This past summer, after this blog exposed What’s the Scoop’s support of Planned Parenthood the media went nuts.

Whats The Scoop Ice ScreamWTS7_vcjvsb

The ice cream shop, owned by Jodie Ostrovsky also bragged about that fundraiser on their Facebook page:

PP Oregon Ice Cream

What’s the Scoop promised to create a special flavor for Planned Parenthood.

After the event was exposed the shop’s owner claimed she was receiving a ton of calls and negative posts on the Whats the Scoop Facebook page.

The story received so much media attention after it was picked up by Life News.

PP HuffPO Ice Cream story 3405_5916649760902142123_n

Then pro-abortion media outlets like the Huffington Post blamed the backlash on the fact that we called the new flavor: BLOOD and SCREAM.

Whats the Scoop flavors

Whats the Scoop’s owner responded to the controversy by stating, “ We’re proud to have supported Planned Parenthood, because they provide a much-needed service to women in our community and all over the country.”

Following all the flack, Planned Parenthood posted this thank you to What’s the Scoop on their Facebook page:

PP Ice Cream THanks

Apparently What’s the Scoop is happy that they helped finance the death of children which Planned Parenthood aborts. Children who might have been future customers of their ice cream parlor!

But that’s now how their supporters see it.

PP Less kids ice cream adults

In fact, in the latest fundraising effort, one comment on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook events page reads, “I’m so down for this, less kids means more ice cream for adults!!”

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