Hillary Clinton greeted with graphic abortion victim pics at ABQ fundraiser

Waiving #NoToHillary signs, a group of pro-lifers showed the 2016 Democrat presidential hopeful what abortion really looks like.


According to a tweet by former Albuquerque mayor Martin Chavez, Hillary Clinton appeared at a fundraising breakfast on June 3 at the house of Ed Romero, a former U.S. Ambassador to Spain.

Hillary ABQ

According to the ABQJournal, a $2,700 donation got Clinton supporters breakfast and a chance to hear her speak. Those who raised 10 times that amount for Clinton’s campaign, or $27,000, can attend a separate host reception with the candidate and gain membership to the “Hillstarters” program.

Hillary Clinton is a long time advocate of abortion who once said she admired the racist founder of Planned Parenthood.

Bud Shaver with the pro-life group, Protest ABQ‘ posted these images of how they greeted Hillary Clinton this morning:







You might think the pictures of abortion victims are very graphic, however, Hillary Clinton believes killing the babies is perfectly fine.

Ivory Trade Hillary

In contrast, while Hillary is okay with the dismemberment of unborn human children she will advocate for elephants using similar graphic images- go figure!! (See here)

Meanwhile, Hillary’s appeal to women may be lacking. According to the New York Post, Hillary’s “women only” event in the state was opened up to men after only 50 women showed up.

Read more about the ABQ event – here.

4 Responses to “Hillary Clinton greeted with graphic abortion victim pics at ABQ fundraiser”

  1. […] Here is more coverage of today’s protest of Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton greeted with graphic abortion victim pics at ABQ fundraiser […]

  2. kristine Vollmer Says:

    Good for them!! Get it out there with boldness!

  3. […] Hillary Clinton greeted with graphic abortion victim pics at ABQ fundraiser […]

  4. Patsy Jansen-Buter Says:

    Gruesome pictures. Hillary Clinton’s world? Women’s world? There should be no need for that kind of feminism. I for one would not chose to live in that kind of world. Lord have mercy with the butchers who did this to those poor babies.

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