Abortion advocates lash out on group that supports victims of rape

There are times when good people MUST speak out and this is one of them. My friend is being attacked online by abortion advocates simply because she is willing to help support the “choice” of women and girls to NOT abort their rape conceived children.

Before you start spilling all your hate on me as well, this blog post is not about rape – it is about the hypocrisy of the left. It is about the rape victims and their right to not be made to feel like they are bad people because they did not want to abort their child.

Enter an 11 year-old pregnant rape victim.

If you call yourself pro-choice then you must believe that the “choice” whether to have an abortion or not is the pregnant girl’s alone.

Having said that, I will soon prove that, according to the advocates of abortion, if the pregnant girl happens to be an 11 year old child, somehow she should no longer be able to make the “choice” that is best for her?

CHoices for LIfe 431996546847846_707029778_n

Enter the non-profit group Choices4Life which advocates for the rape conceived and their children and for this, they are being attacked online.

Founder Juda Myers explains what motivated her to speak out, “My own mother placed me for adoption sacrificing her desires to protect me from her family who wished I was dead. Forty eight years later I found her holding a picture given to her when I was 3 months old. Overwhelmed with love and pride she was constantly affirming me and her decision to give life to me…and my two sons … and my six grandchildren!”

Myers and her organization work hard to educate the public on the fact that babies conceived in rape or incest do not deserve to be viewed as rejects of society or be targeted with death from abortion.

According to Choices4Life’s about us section on Facebook:

    We seek to change the world’s view of women and children of rape conception. The rapists alone should carry the shame. CHOICES4LIFE seeks to help women pregnant from rape with emotional as well as physical needs and to offer emotional support to children conceived in rape. We also help women who have regret aborting a rape conceived child or someone who has miscarried.

Back to that 11 year-old pregnant rape victim.

Choices4Life original

Founder, Juda Myers, posted this update of the 11 year old rape victim to her Facebook page:

    “Our 11 year old is in labor right now. She is 35 weeks and doing fantastic busting every myth out there! She is strong and holding on to her faith in the Lord.”

From reading Juda’s repeated attempts to explain what happened online, this young girl was raped by another child. She has decided that she wants her baby and has chosen life and Juda and Choices4Life are supporting her in that process.

But, we cannot say the same for the abortion radicals:

Get abortion

The haters are posting comments like this, “ Wow what mother would want her 11 yr old daughter to have a baby that was created by rape?! They should’ve got an abortion asap. I don’t really believe in abortion but if I was raped and got preg by that monsters baby I would def get an abortion. So young for her to go thru this tragedy. Wtf does god have nething to do with this. He wasn’t their when she got raped….smh..”

Another person, posting under the name Sean Roberts wrote this as he shared her page post, “I’m HIGHLY DISTURBED! LIKE PISSED OFF! Fyi this child was raped.”

Adding, “I just want to beat the living crap out of these people.”

Sean Roberts 12_8698946390633345415_n

Juda saved this screen grab below showing Sean Roberts writing what appears to be a threat, stating If I ever saw this woman I would seriously honestly go to jail for attempted murder.”

sean roberts go to jail 90203_7793236447720096544_n

Another person posted this on the Choices4Life page:

    “Please tell us what CPS has to say about you and your involvement in rape/abuse of minors.As a former SW, I will be reading your responses VERY carefully. One word out of place and/or one hint of prevarication and/or failure to respond will reveal you as a liar.”


Another accused her of “hating children” because she and Choices4Life help victims of rape who choose to give their baby life:

Hate children

These posts on the CHoices4Life page show what pro-choice means to abortion advocates when the victim is a raped child:

Blood on hands

And there was this lovely post:

Knocked up

Not to be outdone by this pro-choice hater who wants the girl who has courageously carried her baby to term to now lose the child:

loses baby

Juda said that she gets threats and posts like this all the time for defending both victims of rape: the mother and the unborn child.

I have to say, I knew how hateful abortion advocates could be but I had no idea the vitriol that is directed at the rape conceived.

According to Juda, no one has forced this child to have the baby – she wants to have the baby. The child was impregnated by a boy her age and authorities have been alerted. Unlike, Planned Parenthood and for-profit abortion clinics which will kill the unborn baby and cover for the rapist by not reporting it to authorities, Juda is offering loving help and support to the victim.

And, for that Juda should be applauded not condemned.

Read Juda Myers’ statement on Facebook here.

UPDATE from Choices4Life:

    The 11 yr old has given birth with NO complications and with little pain. This beautifully perfect baby is the joy of the whole family. The mom will NOT have any mothering responsibilities but will be able to watch her precious baby grow. So much better than mourning the death of her baby. This mom is already healing having better things to think about now. She is being counseled by professionals on a regular basis and doing absolutely wonderfully. She maintained honor roll even though she was studying at home because bullies forced her out of public school. Sadly abuse is everywhere for these victims. CHOICES4LIFE was able to provide a complete nursery for the family as well as many other items and will continue to be available to the family at anytime!

    The 11 yr old’s advice to others like her, “Don’t listen to all those people. That baby isn’t theirs. That baby is yours!”

    I think that’s great advice at any age!

18 Responses to “Abortion advocates lash out on group that supports victims of rape”

  1. Kristine Vollmer Says:

    The left is not for choice. They are for abortion. Just watched birth control. How did we get there. Really excellent dvd.


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Leftists complain about “rape culture” yet they have no problem with attacking a pro-life group helping victims of rape and their babies. When will we finally wake up to this foolishness?

  3. Did she have the baby? Is all ok? Anyplace we can send diapers, clothes?

    • saynsumthn Says:

      Brian – as far as I know she has not delivered yet. She is due at any time. You can send support to Choices4Life by contacting them here https://choices4life.org/ .

    • Thank you so saynsumthn for posting this. And thank you Brian for wanting to help. The baby girl has not been born yet but we’re thinking within a week. She is 35 weeks so it’s a good thing to go a bit longer. Both are extremely healthy and doing fantastic. The girl was even playing basketball up until about a month ago. Very happy very healthy and thinking about her baby now NOT the rape. http://www.choices4life.org if you donate to this 501c3 non profit please designate “L” and ALL money designated will go to her. NO admin fee NO processing fee taken out!!

  4. exposesexednow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  5. Reblogged this on The Value of Life and commented:
    The way that society treats girls/women who are raped and conceived and children of rape breaks my heart. Choices4Life is a Wonderful Organization. I don’t understand why the rape conceived are such a target. We have done nothing wrong. Babies conceived in rape are created in the image of God. He loves us and he knew how our conception would come to be even before we were born.

  6. Reblogged this on a disciple of Jesus's Blog and commented:
    Stunning. On many levels.

  7. Thank you everyone for sharing this article. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve filed a complaint with the police and also with the principal of the school where the woman works. If this had been done to a homosexual the whole world would be in an uproar but rape conceived have NEVER been respected on this planet.

  8. Somebody needs to tell the haters that bearing a child is not a punishment, it’s not trauma, and it’s not horrible. Bearing children is natural, positive, life-affirming, healthy, wholesome.

    But when people are defending their own right to f(*& whomever they want to f(*&, whenever they want to f(*& them, they’re not really open to life-affirming possibilities. They just want theirs, and they hate anybody who (even indirectly) makes them look like the shallow, amoral fools that they are. So…they hate. They even hate a brave 11-year-old who is doing the right thing, BECAUSE she’s doing the right thing. And they hate her mother and her counselors.

    They bow down to the god Eros. As CS Lewis pointed out, when Eros is worshiped, she becomes a demon. And her followers behave like demons as well.

    • It is part of the Leftist culture, which seeks to reverse the truth and destroy all moral foundations. It is natural for the Leftist to promote the worship of sexual immorality, because sexual morality is a pillar of Judeo-Christian culture, AND to promote the killing of the unborn, as the taking of life by one who is not G-D makes that person think they are G-D.

      This is Cultural Marxism at its most evil.

  9. Young Pro-Life Voice Says:

    I’m not surprised. The only choice, pro-“choice” celebrates is abortion.

  10. sarah leboeuf Says:

    What baffles me is that you only post a select few of the comments that make pro choicers look like ignornant, baby killing monsters. You ignored the majority of comments that expressed love and compassion for the girl who was raped and suggested that she was too young to carry a baby to term. I know, because I made numerous posts on her page. You convienently forgot to post screenshots of my comments that said what Juda does for rape victims who choose to keep thier babies is wonderful, that she puts her money where her mouth is and gives real financial help to these women. But since my posts weren’t life threatening and expressed the logic, compassion and common sense that 99.9% of the prochoice movement possess, that didn’t flow with your agenda. I think its sick to celebrate an 11 yeat old being pregnant. No 11 year old should carry a baby to term or be allowed to make that choice. She will NOT view abortion as “murder”, or be suicidal all her life if you don’t brainwash her into thinking that….a child that age is very impressionable and too young to understand the seriousness of what it means to be pregnant and have a baby. If my 10 year old, God forbid, were raped and pregnant I would march her straight to a compassionate doctor and to therapy. Shw would be told that she is indeed pregnant but that she is too young and her body not developed enough to have a baby. That she is still a baby and has a whole childhood ahead of her. I would tell her the TRUTH….that HER life matters more than a fertilzed egg/embryo/fetus. That she is what matters because she is here, right now and its my job to protect her and take care of her health, that there’s nothing to be ashamed about having an abortion. I wouldn’t do as you do and romanticize the pregnancy and tell her she’s already a mother and abortion would make her the mother of a dead baby. THAT is what messes children up! The same stigma you preach against, you place upon woman who decide that abortion is the best option for them. Being prochoice doesn’t mean forced abortion…I means that I support a woman doing what’s best for her…some woman who are raped see a baby as a blessing and that’s ok! Some women are different and can’t imagine carrying a rapists child and that’s ok too! But there is also a line I draw, and at the age of 11, a girl is too young to make that choice herself.
    Stop misrepresenting the rational prochoice side. Stop romanticizing an 11 year olds preg ancy, and if you are going to share comments from the oppising side, be a little more transparent and show them all, not just the ones that make our side look like lunatics. Once again, the “prolife” side is twisting things around to meet their misogynistic agenda. At least prochoicers tell the truth and don’t put a religious, emotional, inaccurate spin on our cause. We tell it how it is and we believe that we don’t claim to know what’s best for every woman and her unique situation. Prolifers believe that they know what’s best for EVERY woman, regardless of whether they kmow her circumstances or not. Carrying a pregnancy to term is not a one size fits all solution for everyone.
    Please, if you want to tell this story about prochoicers swarming Choices4Life….do it accurately and honestly. Instead of playing the “victim” and continuimg to falsely convince rape concieved that there is a societal stigma against them. It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    • And if your 10 year old daughter didn’t want an abortion? If she wanted to have the baby? Would you still “march her straight” to the abortion clinic? And what, just have them hold her down on the table? What do you mean, she shouldn’t be “allowed to make that choice”?

  11. […] percentage of preborn children” has not been an easy one. Myers has been the target of abusive vitriol from abortion advocates when she posts the stories of young rape victims who choose to carry their […]

  12. […] percentages of preborn children” has not been an easy one. Juda has been the target of abusive vitriol from abortion advocates when she posts the stories of young rape victims who choose to carry their […]

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