Pro-choice author: Unintended pregnancy is bad but not Abortion

Did you read that title?

Now you know the crux of this battle.

To abortion advocates the “problem” has always been the baby!

LaurEN Kacere

Thus- the reason why Everyday Feminist blogger, Laura Kacere wrote:

    Abortion Isn’t a Bad Thing

    So we shouldn’t be talking about it like it is.

    It’s not just the phrase that’s the problem, but the sentiment behind it.

    Beneath the desire to keep abortion rare, people say, is a desire to reduce unintended pregnancies, which is completely legitimate.

    Unintended pregnancies are hard, can put undue stress on everyone involved, and can be reduced in pretty simple ways, like better sexuality education and greater access to contraception.

    But the word being used here isn’t unintended pregnancies, it’s abortion.

    Unintended Pregnancies should be rare - abortions not so much

    And when people say “keep abortion rare,” they’re promoting a narrative that says abortion is inherently a bad thing.

    But abortion isn’t something bad, and it isn’t something to be ashamed of. It can actually be a positive experience for some people and is something that many people are glad that they have access to when they need it.

    It’s unfortunate and hurtful to our movement when people who identify as pro-choice continue to view and promote the perspective of abortion as a “bad” thing and something to reduce.

    The fact is, abortion is a relatively simple medical procedure and should be viewed similarly to other medical procedures in that all those who need or want it should have access to it.

Laura Kacere’s bio states that she is an abortion clinic escort. Why am I not surprised?

She goes on to say, “When there are women and girls who don’t get an abortion due to the intense cultural stigma and shame surrounding the medical procedure, that number is too low.

Too low?

In the modern ago of trying to rid the nation of “abortion stigma,” abortion advocates cannot accept that the cold-blooded murder for hire scheme of abortion is by nature BAD!

Aborted baby foot 2

aborted baby CN IMG_2931

So they create a massive diversion which is:

The teen or woman who has an “unintended pregnancy” she does not abort is “bad“!

In other words, do not stigmatize the act of killing an unborn baby in the womb- but – do stigmatize the pregnant teen or woman? And, ladies and gents, this is what the abortion lobby refers to as -PROGRESS and reproductive rights!

Kacere asks, “is reducing or altogether stopping the rate of abortion something we really want?”

I guess to Kacere and her abortion-loving pro-choice community the answer would be “no.”

2 Responses to “Pro-choice author: Unintended pregnancy is bad but not Abortion”

  1. Gary Jelich Says:

    Sounds like former President Bill Clinton was not telling the truth when he famously said that he wanted abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare”! Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson has testified that she had been to meetings where discussons were had on how to INCREASE the number of abortions done at her clinic! Satan is always so bloodthirsty for MORE and MORE innocent blood to be shed! I guess the blood of over 56.000.000 unborn babies is not enough for him!

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