Pro-choice student blames skipping classes and missing quiz on abortion victim images

Listen to an abortion advocate blame an abortion victim display as her reason to skip a class and miss a quiz.

The back drop takes place at the University of Florida when a group of pro-abortion students organized a protest against the pro-life group Created Equal, which showed abortion victim images on campus.

Kimmy Kemler, who organized the protest, told her peers that she had panic attacks the day before and called the images of aborted children, “psychological triggers.”

She then explained that the demonstration was the reason she missed a class.

So, I was walking to class yesterday,” she said.

Kimmy Kemler abortion

And, I’ve had my history of trauma. And, seeing the images, I’ve seen them before. I mean, I’m a senior so I’ve seen them every year. They’re [Created Equal] here every year. But this year they were just sorta more aggressive about it. And I was more aware of myself as a person and more aware of my – you know – in the past I had panic attacks about the images. But, I never knew what was going on. I thought I was being sensitive or I thought you know – it was my job to not look. But now I realize after taking some classes about it, that these things are actually psychological triggers. And they’re used as shock value. So obviously, yesterday I sort of broke down and I ended up missing a class. I ended up not going to any of my classes. I missed a quiz. All because of these images.”

Here is another angle of these so-called victimized pro-choicers:

One Response to “Pro-choice student blames skipping classes and missing quiz on abortion victim images”

  1. Are we surprised by this? All secular and most “religious” universities are nothing but Cultural Marxism factories.

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