IRS tax deduction to parents who kill child with abortion but not stillborn

Did you know that you can get a tax deduction for killing your own child?

H/T to my friend Ryan Bomberger over at The Radiance Foundation who tweeted this IRS list of items you can include in medical expense deductions which includes abortion:

IRS abortion deduction

The exemption is listed under the IRS Publication 502, subtitled, “What are medical expenses”

There is just one catch, according to Table 21-1. Medical and Dental Expenses Checklist the abortion must be a legal abortion.

Ironically enough, although you can claim abortion as a tax deduction, IRS Publication 501 forbids parents from claiming a stillborn child on their taxes for exemptions.

IRS STillborn Birth

So, in other words you can receive a tax deduction if you kill the child in the womb. But, if the child is stillborn – no deduction for you.

The abortion deduction has been on IRS Publication 502 since 1994.

However, the deduction dates all the way back to 1974 as this February 26th Lakeland Ledger IRS help column states:

1974 IRS Abortion deduction

Legal abortion deductible 1974

Strangely enough, it may date back even further.

6 Responses to “IRS tax deduction to parents who kill child with abortion but not stillborn”

  1. kristine Vollmer Says:

    EPITOME of EVIL!!!!!!

  2. exposesexednow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  3. deaconmike51907 Says:

    Reblogged this on News With a Catholic View.

  4. […] While Americans can deduct the expenses of aborting their baby from their taxes, the medical expenses related to a stillborn baby are not able to be deducted. As one pro-life blog notes: […]

  5. Jonathan Says:

    20+ year CPA here in the height of tax season. Article is misleading. You can take abortion as a medical expense (you’ll get benefit only IF your expense exceeds 10% of income AND the amount that it exceeds the 10% + all your other itemized deductions is over your standard deduction)…basically no-one gets a tax break for medical expense unless they’ve had a major medical disaster. You don’t get a DEPENDENCY EXEMPTION for a still born child, true, but a totally different thing. You can still take the still born child related medical expense, subject to the same rules as above. So basically the rules are exactly the same and probably neither party gets a tax break. Please get your facts straight and stop manipulating to support your agenda…it doesn’t help you. Thanks!

  6. Doodle Brandy Says:

    THANK YOU Jonathon!

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