Abortion escort shakes maracas while lecturing about bringing children to protest clinic

At the A Woman’s Choice abortion clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina – an abortion clinic escort chastised those protesting child killing for bringing children to the mill while shaking a pair of maracas.

Abortion clinic escort Marraccas2

Abortion clinic escort maracas

The abortion clinic advertises doing surgical abortions up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion clinic escort Marraccas

This escort seems to be a little off her rocker in my opinion. Then again, I’m guessing that she just might be getting a wee bit convicted for what she is doing.

Two years ago, a North Carolina news station documented several 911 emergency calls to abortion clinics in the state of which A Woman’s Choice was one. Read that here.

A Womans Choice Raleigh

In 2012, an undercover group caught staffers at A Woman’s Choice abortion clinic in Raleigh encouraging the abortion of a female unborn baby because the “client” wanted a boy instead of a girl.

Live Action Gendercide investigation A WOmans CHoice Raleigh

The investigation called, Gendercide: Sex Selection in America, is a series by Live Action exposing lethal sex discrimination in abortions nationwide.

3 Responses to “Abortion escort shakes maracas while lecturing about bringing children to protest clinic”

  1. I was present during this incident. See was relatively calm in this video. What the video doesn’t show is her vulgar and profane language directed at the children and their mother. She also had the temerity to call the police to try and have somebody/anybody arrested for trespassing. However, after the police were finished lecturing her on the use of f-bombs in the presence of children she then calmed down and judiciously kept her mouth shut. And by the way, we are not “protesters” but advocates for the only person who has no say in the matter of abortion, the innocent child.

  2. Most modern day child sacrifice centers hate when God’s people (families with children included) stand in the gap at the death camps speaking up for the voiceless preborn children. The pregnant mothers (many mothers already) are more likely to speak with another mother or another woman about her sin of killing her preborn son/daughter. I encourage mothers, especially mothers of infants, to get to the killing places to show these mothers what a blessing babies truly are!

  3. […] man who drove his wife to A Woman’s Choice abortion clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina has attacked a group of abortion abolitionists after he perceived they […]

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