Woman sends 28 week old dead aborted baby to ex-boyfriend in a box

A woman who just aborted her 28 week unborn baby in Thailand, delivered the dead child to her ex-boyfriend in a box and wrapped in a white towel.

The horrific story was reported by the Bangkok Post who called the third trimester aborted child a “fetus.”

Police are looking for the 21-year-old woman who allegedly had an abortion and delivered the dead baby to her ex-boyfriend at his house in Samrong Nua district.

The woman, identified as Waew went outside the house and handed the box to her ex-boyfriend’s sister and asked her to pass it on to her brother. Waew then quickly left in a taxi.

Waew told police that when she told her boyfriend she was pregnant he kept asking her to keep the baby.

A letter allegedly accompanying the box containing the aborted baby outlined the hurtful feelings.

In the letter, the woman said the boyfriend was cruel and cold-hearted in leaving her for a new girlfriend when she was pregnant.

She wrote that she was left to go through her pregnancy alone and that she hoped the dead baby would serve as a reminder of the boyfriend’s irresponsibility.

2 Responses to “Woman sends 28 week old dead aborted baby to ex-boyfriend in a box”

  1. That is so very wrong evil mass bitch

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