Glitter bombs sent to pro-life offices across the country by abortion supporters

A series of glitter bombs have been sent by abortion advocates to pro-life groups across the country.

The latest report comes from Life News in an e-mail message:

    Our office has been bombed!

    No, we were not the victim of the kind of bombing you see on the nightly news that claims people’s lives and causes them to live in fear of terror. Instead, LifeNews has been the victim of pro-abortion glitter bombs.

    Over the last few weeks, abortion activists have sent several glitter bomb letters to LifeNews, some with threatening messages. When our staff open the letters, glitter poured inside goes everywhere and makes a huge mess.


    While these glitter bombs are insulting and intimidating rather than life-threatening — they contain an inspiring reminder: the pro-abortion side knows LifeNews is effective!

    As the most-visited pro-life place on the Internet – with almost 20 million visitors already this year – abortion advocates know LifeNews is presenting the pro-life message to people around the world and giving them the tools to fight back against the culture of death.

    The pro-abortion side knows we’re effective in promoting stories about the brave decisions parents are making every day to reject abortion, even in dire circumstances. The other side sees how we’re pushing back against their false arguments. And they know we’re helping pro-life groups pass pro-life bills to stop abortions!

Life News was talking about a number of other reported incidents where pro-life officers received what has been termed the pro-choice glitter bomb:


Earlier this month, the Daily Caller reported this incident at Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s office:

glitter bomb for choice

    A glitter bomb exploded all over the office of Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s Nebraska office Wednesday in a strikingly immature effort by abortion activists to protest his pro-life stance.

    Congrats, you’ve earned this for trying to deny women their right to choice,” a note attached to the glitter bomb read. “Mind your own uterus.”

Fortenberry’s spokeswoman Jennifer Allen told the Omaha World-Herald that unusual mail to congressional offices is taken seriously because of the potential for actual threats.

Fortenberry’s office said the glitter bomb was reported to police, the U.S. postal inspector and the FBI, Allen said.

Becka Wall

Rebecca Wall, whose Linkedin page says that she is the Digital Media Associate at NARAL Pro-Choice America posted this response on Twitter, “FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS WITH STYLE.”

SFL Glitter Bomb

Last Month, Students for Life was the recipient of a glitter bomb to which they replied, “For all the great pro-life work we are doing, abortion advocates sent us glitterbombs. We could not be more excited! Always a great thing to be recognized for protecting life and even better when it includes glitter!

Pro-life Action League has also reported receiving these messages, posting two images on Facebook, “Another delivery at our office today from “Glitter Bombs for Choice.” This time around, they used’s mailing address as the return address.”


PLAL Glitter

Then Eric Scheidler tweeted this image:

ERic Scheidler Glitter

On March 12, 2015, Nebraska Right to Life posted this:

Nebraska RTL Glitter

Got our own “Glitter B… for Choice” . Fortunately could tell something was inside so glitter attack minimal. Carry on kids.”

Iowa RTL Glitter Bomb

March 13th, Iowa Right to Life posted this, “Today’s mail brought TWO MORE Glitter-Bombs!! (Four this week!) Those “Glitter-Bombers for Choice” LOVE us obviously. One was mailed out of Nebraska and another one from Oregon. These “gifts” also included tiny metal coat hangers and sweet “love notes.”

Woot! And so we carry on for the lives of the born and unborn!”

An interesting piece published by Priceonomics spells out the history of the so-called tactic using examples all geared toward perceived Conservative individuals or groups. , writing of a glitter-bomb attack on Newt Gingrich in 2011, “25-year-old equal rights activist Nick Espinosa christened “glitter bombing,” a form of protest (political or otherwise) in which public figures are doused in a shimmering shower of copolymer plastics.”

They continued:

    Nick Espinosa, the activist who’d started the trend by peppering Gingrich, became the revolution’s unofficial spokesman; in a Huff Post editorial, he clarified its intentions:

    I am not willing to sit back and watch the right wing systematically dehumanize and strip group after group of their rights….We are standing up against those who have dehumanized, divided and conquered. We are finding creative and fun ways to expose hatred and bigotry.

    The strength of glitter is that humor is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating a message — even a deadly serious one. We use humor to give hope to ourselves and each other, while contrasting our approach with the hateful and cruel attacks on our communities.

    As long as politicians continue [this trend], they can expect the sparkly showers to continue.”

A 2011 rundown of the glitter-bomb incidents outlined by the AP at that time included:

    On May 17, Gingrich and his wife, Callista, were showered with glitter at a book signing in Minneapolis. The perpetrator was Nick Espinosa, an activist and occasional political prankster who yelled at the former House speaker, “Stop the hate. Stop the anti-gay politics.”
    On June 16, two activists from the left-wing group CodePink dumped glitter on Pawlenty while he was signing books at a health insurance conference in San Francisco. Before being led away, the activists berated the former Minnesota governor for his conservative views on gay rights and abortion.
    On June 18, an activist flung glitter toward Bachmann just after the Minnesota congresswoman finished a speech at a conservative conference in Minneapolis. The activist, Rachel Lang, said afterward that she was protesting Bachmann’s “hateful and anti-gay rhetoric.”

Espinosa has not been implicated in the recent glitter attacks, however, he once told Edge Boston this about his targeting of so-called anti-gay Conservatives , “It’s almost laughable that people like Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee claim that glitter is assault,” Espinosa mused. “I would laugh if they weren’t assaulting people’s humanity on a daily basis, and if their constant inflammatory rhetoric didn’t produce real violence in the form of the attacks we’ve seen from abortion clinics in the U.S. to summer camps in Norway.

“The fact that they get so upset over something as fabulous as glitter just goes to show that their hateful views are heading towards extinction as a new generation shows its power — we are winning.”

Espinosa told Feministting, “I think that as a man, I need to speak out against patriarchy, and hold my community accountable. As a person who constantly benefits from a society in which my gender is privileged, I see it as my responsibility to act as an ally to women, as part of a lifelong movement toward our collective liberation. I don’t think that women should have to be the ones bringing feminist issues up. They’re not just women’s issues, but basic issues of equality and justice, and as long as we live in a world where women are oppressed, none of us are free. I would also like to see the feminist movement grow out of what has sometimes been a largely white and middle class movement into one that’s more inclusive of women of color and women from the developing world. I think it’s crucial that we see the intersectionality of our oppressions, and build movements that reflect that and build power for all of us.”

A Report by the UK’s Globe and Mail reveals how sending Glitter Bombs to “your enemies” has become a business for some:

4 Responses to “Glitter bombs sent to pro-life offices across the country by abortion supporters”

    By Samuel A. Nigro, MD July 2014

    After watching the same television ad several times, I concluded that it was the most discriminatory thing I had ever seen, even worse than Donald Sterling’s disgraceful comments about Blacks. It was an ATT ad of a young saleswoman pitching four older executive women, each of whom had a comment, while a wimpy dumb executive man at the periphery and back of the group looks stupid, says nothing and then postures himself in imitation of the women’s gestures. This mockery of men is outrageous and much more elaborate than the N word or Sterling’s private mutterings. This thing is being shown many times daily for months. Worst, the message conveyed to boys is harmful and hateful. Those responsible should be expelled from all advertising forever just as Sterling was from the National Basketball Association.

    As I reflected on this ad, several points about feminism seemed evident:

    1. Feminists are frauds when they themselves use against men the very discrimination about which they complain has been used against women (The same applies to all victimhood wackos).
    2. Feminists destroy the family when they hit on married men. In my youth, young women respected married women by never getting involved with a married man: “He belongs to her!” was the overt rule understood by all and almost universally followed. That a man is married is no longer respected as part of the female rights of his wife.
    3. Feminists have adopted male sexuality incompetently–as one hears young women complain of “rape” after placing themselves in flagrant copulation expected situations but then feel guilty needing, once sober, to deny consent and reject readily seen consequences not cared about when high or enjoying the excitement of a copulation expected situation. In a masturbatory culture with sexuality reduced to simple squirting and sliming any way every way, feminists cannot complain when they place themselves where and when it is expected and can easily happen.
    4. Feminists have destroyed the prime dictionary meaning of female as “designating the sex that produces ova and bears offspring” (For male, it is “designating the sex that fertilizes the ovum and begets offspring.”). Thus, the planetary and natural functioning of humans have been destroyed by feminists.
    5. Feminists openly demean and dis-empower males beginning in grade schools as the special needs of boys (because of their innate higher activity levels) are punished rather than converted into intellectual pursuits.
    6. Feminists consider “family” to be a problem rather than the natural traditional solution to incivility and lack of culture.
    7. Feminists want the natural traditional paternalism accompanying male strength and power to be replaced by passive transfer of the same paternalistic power to women who do not have to realize thankfully or even gratefully believe what they have convinced men to do.
    8. Feminists destroy the right to childhood by imposing adult sexuality and violence onto children so they do not learn positive life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace, freedom and death without fear (the Catholic Mass Mantra).
    9. Feminists have increased violence against women by ignoring the most common sites of such violence: lesbian households.
    10. Feminists have become a genital cult, as party to the gay cult, which has de-natured “sex” into a selfish masturbatory culture deserving mockery, instead of love based sacredness in marriage offering unity and reproduction in concert with Nature and Nature’s God.
    11. Feminists have destroyed marriage as the psycho-social pheromone for humans ever since we escaped from biological pheromones which rule in nature for the rest of the animal kingdom confining animals to sexual activity only between opposite sexed mature members of the same species at time of likely reproduction.
    12. Feminists have become promoters of “evil is good” authority-obedience of Adolf Eichmann well proven by Stanley Milgrim.
    13. Feminists are SELFISH SEXISTS and all the words imply.

    Their outrageous ad described above does and proves all this and it is not an isolated comment said privately like Donald Sterling’s. It is an ad run daily for months. It is hateful, discriminatory, a public health hazard and against the law.

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