Pro-life vs. abortion biz Planned Parenthood over new center

In a fight over opening a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in El Centro, California, pro-lifers are asking those opposed to child killing in the womb to post a “Save the babies” meme to their Facebook page to counter Planned Parenthood’s request that abortion supporters post I Heart PP.

Prolife vs Planned Parenthood El Centro

Planned Parenthood has began construction for the clinic on Fourth Street in El Centro, California but has been getting push-back from the community.

As I blogged the other day, one of their supporters was kicked out of a city council meeting- where 2000 pro-lifers gathered to express their opposition to the center and the fact that the El Centro Regional Hospital signed a transfer agreement for Planned Parenthood allowing them to move forward in opening an abortion clinic.

David Gibbs addreses prolifers 876_818491719871650855_o

Planned Parenthood supporter, Marcus Shapiro was accused of threatening a pro-life pastor in the meeting and was eventually escorted out of the meeting by police when he yelled, “Hail Satan” – read that here

Marcus Shapiro FB

Now, Planned Parenthood is asking their supporters to post IHeartPlannedParenthood memes to Facebook to show support for their child killing center:

    This spring we are opening the new Planned Parenthood Imperial Valley health center. But we are facing opposition from a vocal group of protesters. Help us launch an unprecedented show of support. Stand in solidarity with us and our promise to provide access to reproductive health care for the people of Imperial Valley.

    PP El Centro

    Change your profile picture on Facebook to the image below to show your support for Planned Parenthood

I Heart plannedparenthoodiv

Imperial Valley Coalition for Life published this response:

    “Let’s show Planned Parenthood that we intend to SAVE THE BABIES! They are trying to bring in reinforcements to take us on in this battle for LIFE!

    They are asking people to put “i heart PP” on their profile pictures. Let’s go viral with our own PRO-LIFE PROFILE! To make this your profile picture, click on the image, choose “options” then “make profile picture” and adjust the photo to fit the frame and “crop and save”


    Here is a link to download this picture:…/Profile%20Life.jpg… (thank you”

Kudos to them.

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  3. […] have been blogging on the community outrage that the city of El Centro, California has allowed a Hospital transfer […]

  4. […] have been blogging on the community outrage that the city of El Centro, California has allowed a Hospital transfer […]

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